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10 Elegant Watercolour Mountain Wallpapers to Grace Your Space

Mountains are beautiful places on earth, so why not have those breathtaking mountain ranges in the living room to gaze at daily? The watercolour mountain wallpaper trend has been rising in popularity at present. The main reason is that they can add an elegant touch to your space. Moreover, installing the watercolour mountain wallpaper offers a stunning view for all age groups. 

If you consider changing your home look but don't want to spend more money and commit to a solid colour, you can try mountain wallpaper. Bring beautiful mountains inside the room effortlessly to install a trendy mural, and don't miss out on the fantastic view. Hanging the mountain mural is a budget-friendly method to remodel the space and give it a modern look.  

Satisfy your sense with the stunning collections of the watercolour mountain wallpaper. There are numerous styles and designs of wallpaper murals to select from. Mountain murals have returned in force in recent years, no doubt. This post will explore the top ten watercolour mountain wallpapers and why it is so famous for interior decoration.

Why are watercolour mountain wallpaper themes so popular?

The watercolour mountain wallpaper design makes for a natural wall design. Luxury finishes, quality materials, and unique shades make this wallpaper mural popular among homeowners and renters. You can use this mural to create a great accent wall. It can also bring a relaxed and positive vibe to your space. Let's see why you should use the mountain wallpaper mural:

    • Atmospheric design

The mountain wallpaper comes with fruit trees, different plants, hilltops, cloudy sky that creates the atmospheric wall design. It triggers the pleasant feeling that invites residents to dream. Everything is possible in this mural design, from rivers, Tall Mountain, and colourful flowers to your room. 

    • Luxurious look

This kind of wallpaper mural motivates the sense with the lavish look that relies on the blend of unique components. You can hang the colourful mural in the living room and bedroom to add a luxury and calm touch. In addition, the wallpaper is made of quality materials that can last for a longer time. 

    • Bring positive vibe

Watercolour mountain mural can bring a positive vibe that keeps you relaxed. The unusual colour and effect of the mural can change the home look entirely in a few seconds. You can use a light tone mural to add texture to your space. The watercolour mountain mural is timeless, so you don't want to change it frequently. 

    • Art for accent walls 

The wallpaper is created with multiple colours that look like wall art. A Mountain mural is an exciting way to present beautiful art on the accent wall. Every processing step is carried out with supreme accuracy with innovative technology. So, you can get the high-standard and beautiful wallpaper mural that provides extra value to your space. Feature wall plays a vital role in the room that draws visitors' attention. 

    • Tropical paradise at your fingertips

Creating tropical heaven in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and hallway is easy. The hanging mountain wallpaper mural immediately transforms the dull space into a sanctuary. Pattern elements such as mountains, rivers, tropical fruits, palm trees, and plenty of birds contribute to this outcome as they offer a pleasant and good mood.  

10 beautiful watercolour mountain wallpapers

With the watercolour mountain wallpaper, you can showcase the stunning texture and colour splash. Moreover, it adds the real wow factor to your home due to its elegant design. Featuring the modern design is suitable for the traditional and contemporary home. Besides, you can add the hand-painted element to the living area and bedroom with the watercolour murals.

The watercolour mountain murals are designed to create a cloudy flow, reminding you of the river. There are numerous collections of mountain wallpaper murals, so you can choose the best one which suits your taste and décor theme. Let's find out the top 10 fantastic watercolour mountain wallpaper murals:

Olympus mountain

The blue and green mountain space creates an ultimate sanctuary for soothing. Bring the mountain to your bedroom wall by hanging the watercolour mountain mural. The designer uses excellent watercolour techniques to create the custom-made mural. Decorate your space with the beautiful watercolour wallpaper.

Watercolour River

Hang a watercolour river wallpaper mural to add a natural look to your space. Hand-drawn black wallpaper mural is suitable for bedrooms, home offices, hallways, and sitting areas. It helps to add a touch of comfort to your space. Besides, you can see the river from the comfort of home in the mural.  

Rolling Mountain

Light up your space within a few minutes by hanging the soft blue and creamy yellow mountain peaks wall mural. The rolling mountain mural adds a soothing feel as the living room and bedroom wallpaper. Pair the mural with a modern wood furniture for dramatic effects.

Pink & Blue Mountain

Those who love the landscape scenery can choose the colourful mountain wallpaper mural. Multi-colour wallpaper mural will add a soft and calm touch to your space. If you need to design the kid's bedroom or study room wall, you can choose it. This wallpaper will make the room more spacious, and its shade will create a calm atmosphere. 

Green Forest Watercolour

If you love to sleep under the tree, you can install the forest wallpaper mural in the living room or bedroom. It will provide the natural home look in a stylish and trendy way. Brown and green watercolour forest mountain mural creates the greenery theme at the office or home. The green background in the room brings out an energizing spirit that helps you finish the job faster. 

Misty Mountain

Do you want to create a calm them in the bedroom? Well, hand-painted blue watercolour mountain wallpaper can help you! The mural design is versatile and will work perfectly well in all styles and rooms. You can create a refreshing atmosphere in your home by hanging the blue watercolour mountain mural.


It is not simple to create a peaceful environment in the home or office. But the hand-painted neutral grey and blue mountain mural help you to create a calm atmosphere within a few seconds. In addition, the versatile design of the wallpaper will work well with any room. 

Hallowed Hilltops

A hallowed hilltops wallpaper mural brings the mountain and birds to your living room. You can see the mural after a long working day and relief from stress. The watercolour effect of the cloudy sky and birds create a peaceful environment in your space. With its simplicity, the hilltops wallpaper mural adds life to your wall.  

Mountain River

Decorate the room with the mountain river mural that offers a relaxing atmosphere. Fast-flowing Mountain River with white water, the mural increases the home's beauty. It will look great as the bedroom, hallway, dining room wall mural. You can pair this wallpaper with the soft velvet fabric. 

Sea Of Clouds

Do you need to create a wonderful place in the home for relaxing at the end of the day? Well, you can use the sea of cloud wallpaper mural! It is developed with watercolour techniques that add extra beauty to your space. Bring the attractiveness of sea and mountain to the living area wall with a sea of cloud wallpaper. 

Which rooms are suitable for watercolour mountain murals?

    • Well-designed watercolour mountain mural fills the space with unique effects. This effect adds value to the home and allows people to relax after a long day. 
    • Peace needs an environment that reflects the part of the house owner's personality. The watercolour mountain pattern is perfect for a bedroom that addresses your style favorite. 
    • This wallpaper is suitable for a workspace that keeps employees calm and concentrated on the job. In addition, you can create a custom mural with a slogan that motivates the workers. 
    • These days, the hallway is the representative area in the home and office. It is a good space for a fashionable design mural that catches the visitor's eye. While entering your office, the client gets a good first impression that boosts your business profit.  
    • In addition, you can apply the watercolour mountain mural in the study room and school. When children see this wallpaper, they can feel pleasant and focus on their studies. A light-coloured mural is ideal for a study room to create an enjoyable environment.


We hope this article will guide you to adorn your home with the mountain wallpaper. It adds green colour to the living room and bedroom that look wonderful, balancing with modern wooden furniture and nominal décor. In addition, the watercolour mountain wallpaper mural has a stunning look and adds multiple colours to your space.  

The design and tones of the mountain wallpaper mural turn not only your interior space fashionable but also a tranquil theme. Besides, hanging the luxury watercolour murals in your room inspires pleasure and enjoyment in anyone who visits and sees it. This wallpaper offers an excellent sense of being at the hilltop without leaving home.