Children's Wallpaper

Children are the future. Fill your kid’s room with infinite possibilities with our wallpapers. Whether you want a fairy tale style and a cute animal style for your baby girls, or a cool space or colorful style for your baby boys, or a neutral style wallpaper, you will always find a perfect one for them. Start to create a dreamy nursery room for your kids from the very beginning, let these classic, lovely, modern and colorful elements strike more sparks off each other to decorate the wall.
  • Milk Cats
    Milk Cats Wallpaper Mural Room

    Milk Cats This naughty cute cat will...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Forest Animals
    Forest Animals Wallpaper Mural Room

    Forest Animals Easily bring a beauti...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Star Fetcher
    Star Fetcher Bear Mural Wallpaper Room

    Star Fetcher Take a look at this dre...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Animal Band III
    Universe Roaming Animals Wallpaper Mural Nursery Room

    Animal Band III Enjoy a wonderful mu...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Purple Dream
    Moon and Star Nursery Room Wallpaper Mural

    Purple Dream Take a look at this ado...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Alpaca
    Cool White Alpaca Wallpaper Mural Nursery Room

    Alpaca Adorn your wall with this coo...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Did you know?

    If you are not sure how a certain wallpaper will look in your room, you can send your room photos to us. We'll send you a simulation effect picture to help you make decisions for FREE!

  • Sweet Ocean Animals
    baby wallpaper boy

    Sweet Ocean Animals Full of cute, se...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Sweet Cat
    Sweet Cat wallpaper mural

    Sweet Cat Take a look at this cute a...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Cute Whales
    wall murals wallpaper

    Cute Whales This adorable wall mural...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Balloon
    Balloon Wallpaper Mural Room

    Balloon Create a fresh sense of open...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Funny Cats & Dogs
    Many Animals wallpaper mural

    Funny Cats & Dogs Full of adorab...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Exotic Alpaca
    Cool Yellow Exotic Sheep Cactus Wallpaper Mural

    Exotic Alpaca Adorn your wall with t...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Alpaca & Cactus
    Colorful Green Background sheep and cactus wallpaper mural

    Alpaca & Cactus If you want a cu...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Pilots
    Animal Pilots Cartoon Wallpaper Mural

    Pilots Travel in the sky for fun wit...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
    The Nursery Room Wallpaper collection

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  • Tree House
    Tree House Wallpaper Mural Room

    Tree House Open up your kids' imagin...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Coffee Cats
    Cocoa Cats Mural Wallpaper Room

    Coffee Cats Bring a spectacular vibe...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Doodle Funny Cats
    Doggy Portrait Cartoon Mural Wallpaper Room

    Doodle Funny Cats If you or your kid...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Cartoon Beasts
    Cute Tigers and Cats Cartoon Mural Wallpaper Room

    Cartoon Beasts Adorn your walls with...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Sweater Cats
    Sweater Cats Wallpaper Mural Room

    Sweater Cats Start the winter season...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Line Drawing Cats
    Line Drawing Cats Wallpaper Mural Room

    Line Drawing Cats Are you a vet, who...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Naughty Cats
    Naughty Cats Animal Mural Wallpaper

    Naughty Cats Don’t miss one of the c...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Bow Tie Cats
    Bow Tie Cats Mural Wallpaper Room

    Bow Tie Cats Bring a joyful spirit t...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Siamese Cat
    Siamese Cat Pattern Mural Wallpaper Room

    Siamese Cat Do you love cats? aren’t...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Mr Cat
    Mr Cat Mural Wallpaper Room

    Mr Cat Your Kid loves Cats? compleme...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Raining Cats & Dogs
    Raining Cats & Dogs Mural Wallpaper Room

    Raining Cats & Dogs Add a lovely...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Rabbit Lovers
    Rabbit Lovers Cartoon Mural Wallpaper Room

    Rabbit Lovers Spread the love vibes ...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Flower Basket
    Flower Basket Cartoon Mural Wallpaper Room

    Flower Basket If you love cute home ...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Harvest Rabbits
    Harvest Rabbits Mural Wallpaper Room

    Harvest Rabbits Feel the fluffiness ...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Flower Holder
    Flower Holder Rabbits Mural Wallpaper Room

    Flower Holder Are you waiting for a ...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Fish in Forest
    Fish in Forest Wallpaper Mural

    Fish in Forest Contemplate this outs...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • City of Stars
    Cartoon City of Stars Wallpaper Mural

    City of Stars Enjoy the connection a...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Whale & Shooting Star
    Whale & Shooting Star Wallpaper

    Whale & Shooting Star unleash yo...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Virtual Forest
    Virtual Forest Mural Wallpaper Room

    Virtual Forest Enjoy stepping into o...

    Custom-fit mural £25.00/m2
  • Cartoon Dog Portrait
    Cartoon Dog Portrait Wallpaper Mural Room

    Cartoon Dog Portrait Vibe up your ki...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Toy Cars
    Toy Cars Mural Wallpaper Room

    Toy Cars Make a lasting impression i...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Cat Art
    Cat Print Wallpaper for Home

    Cat Art You'll have a purr-fectly de...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Brown Cats
    Brown Cats Wallpaper for Kids

    Brown Cats Do you love cats? Want so...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Cartoon Cats
    Cartoon Cats Wallpaper for Kids

    Brown Cats Give your kid different d...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Animal's Birthday Party
    Animal's Birthday Party Wall Murals Room

    Animal's Birthday Party Have the cha...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Mermaids & Fishes
    Sleeping Mermaids and Fishes Mural Wallpaper Room

    Mermaids & Fishes Mermaids, fish...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Astronaut's Astral Journey
    Little Astronaut's Astral Journey Mural Wallpaper Room

    Astronaut's Astral Journey Little As...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Giraffe & Balloons
    Bashful Giraffe and His Balloons Photo Wallpapers Room

    Giraffe & Balloons Give a child'...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Bears in Love
    Bears in Love Photo Wallpapers Room

    Bears in Love Our Bears in Love Mura...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2
  • Curious Sloths
    Curious Sloths Wallpaper Mural Room

    Curious Sloths Curiously cute and cu...

    Custom-fit mural £21.00/m2

GIve your children, the best of the space.

Do you want to transform the look of your kid's home with lively wallpapers? Don't worry; we at Ever Wallpapers have it sorted for you. Be it a wallpaper design for your living space, washroom, bedroom, or children's room, we have something for every one of your needs. Choosing wallpaper for your kid's room can be arduous, as you have plenty of options, depending upon their age or tastes. We have a wide range of collections of different wallpapers, all suitable for your kid's room.   


 Your kids are what's to come. Occupy your child's room with endless outcomes with our backdrops. Be it a style that comes out of imagination or an animated creature for the young ladies, or a great space or brilliant style for your boys like a football or spider man, or something neutral, you will always find a perfect one for them.  Begin to make a marvelous living space for your children from the earliest, let the walls of their rooms reflect what they are and what they want to be. 

We are renowned for offering a variety of designs for everyone with different tastes and preferences. From something as creative as a wandering fox design to making lively dinosaurs on the walls, we know how to bring that wall and that room to life.  All our wallpapers are proven to be long-lasting and made up of top-notch materials. We ensure that the wallpapers go well with the aesthetics of your room and that it fits nicely onto the wall.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best wallpaper experience and helps you choose the suitable wallpaper for your needs. 


So, call us today, or visit our website,, for a free quote, and get the wallpaper of your choice at the best possible price.