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We care about you and our planet

Responsibility and sustainability at Ever Wallpaper

Thoughtful material selections

The papers and inks we use are carefully selected with not only you and our community in mind, but our planet as well. Where others opt to use cheaper solvent-based inks, we only print using Greanguard certified latex inks. These are the cleanest inks on the planet and do not off-gas harmful VOCs.

As for the paper, our high quality wall mural paper is non-toxic and child-safe, plus more breathable and durable than ordinary papers. What’s more, all of the paper is sustainably sourced and is 100% recyclable. We are proud to offer our customers beautiful wallpaper murals crafted with consciously selected materials.

Think Globally

Always keep our eyes on our Mother Earth

From product producing to packaging

The materials we choose to use are produced according to the highest ecological and social standards from well-managed forests or sustainable sources. All of our wallpaper are made-to-order so that we reduce the waste to the minimum level.

We know its not enough, so we have devoted greater effort in ‘go green’ and environmental protection. We have recently started to work closely with more green manufacturers to continually improve the sustainability of our products, firstly by ensuring that materials are chosen with the environment in mind and secondly by continually adapting processes to minimize waste during production.

Go green at work

We not only focusing on environmental protection from the product selecting and producing side, be also from the everyday working in our office. From using recycled paper and trash bag, to wearing recycled working uniform, we believe it’s our responsibility to make eco-conscious decisions wherever and whenever possible.

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