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We Use Sustainable & Ecofriendly Materials

Recycled Paper Process
The materials used in our wallpapers are derived from a sustainably conserved forest. If the wood used in manufacturing paper is obtained from sustainably conserved forests, then it can be deemed a renewable resource. Carbon sinks (eco-friendly forests) aid in alleviating the effects of carbon dioxide by absorbing excess carbon dioxide in circulation. Paper is a worthwhile resource capable of attaining the needs of a future circular economy, provided the sourcing procedures and production methodologies used in its manufacturing are environmentally friendly.

We Use Sustainable & Ecofriendly Materials

We normally manufacture wallpapers based on the demands of our clients. Our producers mainly focus on minimizing its negative environmental impact, and this principle is entrenched in all aspects of the company.
Since our production is based on demand, we rarely have unused supplies in our stores, leaving us with little to no materials to dispose of. The ink deployed in printing wallpapers is eco-friendly and contains no toxic solvents or chemicals. Also, we contribute to the global conservation of the environment by using harmless inks and sustainable wallpaper.


An alternative to viny; and PVC products.

Sustainable Material

Raw materials like sustainable wood, polyester & post-consumer recycled content.


Murals can be recycled to make other paper products.

Green Ink

Greenguard-certified HP latex inks emit the lowest VOC.

We Use Environmental-Friendly & Non-Toxic Inks

We normally use recyclable and sustainable inks in all our operations. The inks we use in production of wallpapers are eco-friendly meaning they have no negative impacts to the environment and users.

When deciding on the most appropriate inks to use, we normally factor in all aspects unlike other wallpaper producers that use economical inks depending on solvents, we solely use latex inks that are Greenguard accredited. These inks are ecofriendly and don't emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We Are Proud of Our Recyclable Mural Wallpapers

Besides being reusable, our wallpapers are compliant with the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 12. Using reusable, eco-friendly, and sustainable wallpapers is the first step to kickstarting the green economic recovery process. Investing in recyclable materials is effective in environment conservation efforts. As Sustainable Development Goal 12 seeks to reverse this, we at Ever Wallpaper have taken the necessary measures to contribute positively to the environment.
Recycled Paper Process

The mission of our company is to invent techniques to ease the far-reaching effects that plastic inflicts on our environment by producing recyclable wallpapers. One small step for the individual, one giant leap for society.