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Design Your Baby's Room with These 15 Fun and Colourful Nursery Wallpaper Decor Ideas

From animals to cars, we've rounded up the best nursery room ideas for you with 15 wallpaper murals that are fun, bright, and colourful. With these designs, you can create a magical space where memories will be made and childhood dreams will come true.

There's nothing more exciting than welcoming a new baby into the world. But it can also be overwhelming, especially when figuring out how to decorate the nursery. I know how you feel! There are many decisions to make, from picking out a crib and changing the table to figuring out what kind of paint color you want for the walls. One thing that can make this process easier is choosing wallpaper murals for your baby's room. These 15 lovely wallpaper murals and wall decals are super adorable, so that you can choose a good one for your nursery room.

Cartoon Animal Nursery Wallpaper Mural

Bring the animal kingdom to your nursery wall with this animal wallpaper mural. With cute cartoon designs and a colourful, joyful tone, your little one will feel surrounded by friendship, adventure, and security whenever they take a nap. The design is perfect for your baby's nursery or child's playroom, where they can keep tabs on their favorite animals. This whimsical animal pattern can add an adorable, fun, and colorful look to your space.

Animal Reunion Wall Mural

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Watercolor Woodland Animals Wallpaper Mural

This woodland animal forest wall mural creates a soothing and relaxing bedroom environment. The watercolor woodland forest animals have a calming effect on children, especially in the nursery. This watercolor wallpaper features an array of woodland animals and plants, like deer, bunnies, foxes, mushrooms, and patches of grass. The easy-to-install wallpaper will create a magical space in your child's room that they will enjoy for years. Gorgeously colorful and entirely customizable for the area, this forest wallpaper mural is a nursery essential for little adventurers!

Forest Animal Wall Mural

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Colorful Animal Map Wallpaper Mural

Inspired by the simple joy of children's imaginations, this multicolored wallpaper mural features a colorful fresh animal design. This cartoon map wallpaper can unleash the child in you while bringing nature into your home. Excellent for kids' playroom, nursery, or bedroom and for creating a jungle or an ocean, the bright colors and playful animals are sure to inspire! Get a beautiful nursery wall art design today!

Animal Map Wall Mural

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Pink Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper Mural

Nursery wall murals can be a great way to give your child an exceptional environment they can explore while learning. This animated cartoon wallpaper features an image of a colorful hot air balloon floating against a pink backdrop and is ideal for making your little one’s oasis. This pink wallpaper mural will help your child sleep better and create a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect accent for your baby girl's room.

Pink Hot Air Ballon Wall Mural

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Toy Cars Little Boy Wallpaper Mural

Designed to transform your little one's room into a modern space full of joy and happiness, this blue wallpaper mural features toy cars that will set your kids' imagination in motion with vivid colors and bold design. This aesthetic little boy wallpaper mural has car images that will make their room a vehicle of fun and an adorable background that will make every playtime even more fun. This nursery wallpaper mural is an excellent choice for anyone who dreams of racing down the road in their favorite car.

Toy Cars Wall Mural

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Sketch of Animals in Forest Wallpaper Mural

With this woodland animals wallpaper mural, you can create a zen-like atmosphere in your home. The simple design has a whimsical hand-drawn effect that gives a cute touch to any space. This jungle scene wall mural also displays a selection of animal characters creating an enchanting atmosphere perfect for a little one's bedroom or playroom. With its fun jungle sketches, this gray wallpaper will make your kids feel like they're exploring the wild side of nature.

Sketch Forest Animal Tropical Wall Mural

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Sea Fishes Nursery Decor Wallpaper Mural

This beautiful ocean wallpaper mural with sea fish and creatures design evokes the peaceful beauty of a tranquil sea scene. The design features an array of life on the ocean floor, including sea fishes, starfish, and colorful coral that will bring elegance to your child's room. Placed over a white background, this fish wallpaper mural makes a fantastic marine decoration that instantly transforms your room into a fabulous underwater adventure!

Colorful Ocean Fish Wall Mural

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Bubbles and Cat Wallpaper Mural

Our cat wallpaper mural is a unique nursery decal that makes a cheery addition to your space. Whether you're a cat lover or appreciate their beauty and personality, the adorable wallpaper will capture children's attention everywhere and is sure to be a favorite. This pastel wallpaper mural has a fluffy Russian blue cat interspersed with pastel bubbles to boost its visual impact.

Cute Bubble and Cat Wall Mural

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Dinosaur Park Watercolor Wallpaper Mural

Inspire a love of dinosaurs in your little one with this delightful dinosaur park in a watercolor wallpaper mural. Since kids love dinosaurs and animals, this animal wallpaper will help them develop an interest in the natural world. It will bring a fun, bright splash of color and joy to any children's room, playroom, or nursery and turn it into an exciting environment.

Dinosaur Park Animal Wall Mural

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Cute Fox Pilot with Colorful Clouds Wallpaper Mural

This adorable fox animal wallpaper mural is an excellent addition to your child's room. The design features a cute fox pilot with colorful clouds background, making it a perfect addition for any airplane fan! Kids will love looking at this cheerful decoration every day with a bit of whimsy. The cloud design adds a sweet touch to the fox pilot portrait, making it ideal for a baby boy.

Fox Pilot Animal Wall Mural

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Balloon Cartoon Kids Wallpaper Mural

Pop art style to your baby's room with this neutral wallpaper mural flaunting simple yet fun hot air balloons, abstract moon, and mountain design that will make any little one feel like they are in another world. The cheerful pattern will look great as a focal point in your room, especially if it's done in warm, soft shades. Catch the attention and imagination of your child with this kid's abstract wallpaper mural that is baby-friendly throughout.

Hot Air Ballon Cartoon Wall Mural

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Animal Band Kids Wallpaper Mural

Thanks to this cartoon wallpaper mural, a kid's room will become a musical jungle. The design gives young children an engaging, immersive experience by showing colorful creatures performing instruments on a white background. Your child's room is likely to be exciting with the addition of a magnificent nursery mural with a wildlife scene and animals enjoying music.

Animal Band Kids Wall Mural

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Flying Animals Wallpaper Mural

Capture your little one's imagination with a unique take on the classic child room wall mural. Featuring colorful motifs of flying animals with balloons and a blue sky backdrop, your little one will love crawling around on their wall in this whimsical and dreamy space. It highlights a design filled with happy and colorful animals flying throughout the sky. Perfect for those enchanting early nights, it will transform your little one's space into a whimsical hideaway.

Flying Animal Cartoon Wall Mural

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Panda and Bamboo Wallpaper Mural

This adorable panda and bamboo wallpaper mural make your nursery a delightful wonderland. The design features a panda holding onto bamboo plants against a green backdrop, lending an Asian accent to the overall look and feel of the room. A warm and welcoming scene, it offers the perfect setting for a new baby's first days. A great way to add interest and inspire creativity in kids' spaces, this green wallpaper mural will bring the joy of a panda's life to your child's nursery.

Panda and Bamboo Wall Mural

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Forest Party Animal Wallpaper Mural

Add a forest-themed 'popping out of the walls wallpaper mural to your child's room. There are so many elements and details to this 3D wallpaper mural that it would be hard to find something more detailed or beautiful. With a deer, fox, bear, and rabbit, each with its own personality, this animal wall mural will help create a unique, colorful play area.

Forest Party Animal Wall Mural

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Why Choose Wallpaper Murals for Your Nursery?

Wallpaper murals are a great way to transform your baby's nursery, and there are many options for you. You can get creative with the design or go for something more traditional. Whether a bold geometric pattern or a funky animal mural, wallpaper murals can make your baby's room look more grown while still maintaining its sense of whimsy.

When searching for a wallpaper mural for your baby's nursery, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Choose one that suits your baby's taste. If you think they will be attracted to the design, it's probably worth buying!
  • Ensure the wallpaper mural is safe for use in the nursery. You don't want anything toxic around your little one! After this, consider how easy (or difficult) it will be to clean up after messy feedings or diaper changes.
  • Choose something that fits in with the rest of your home decor. If you have neutral tones throughout most rooms but bright colors elsewhere, stick with something neutral if possible because they can clash when placed next to each other on walls (especially if they're right next door!).

As you can see, there are many great options for wall murals in the market today. If you're ready to start decorating your nursery with a wallpaper mural and need some inspiration, these tips will help! We know it can be overwhelming when picking out just one design. But remember, no matter what style or pattern you choose, it's all about having fun designing your baby's room together—so don't stress too much over the details!

Enliven Your Walls with Incredibly Breathtaking And Colorful Wallpaper Murals For Nursery Decor

When it comes to decorating your nursery, you've got a lot of options. You can paint the walls, use a bold wallpaper pattern, or even fabric if you're brave enough for that undertaking. But we've got an idea that might blow the rest out of the water: wallpaper murals!

As a parent, you want your space to be filled with bright and bold colors, exciting patterns, and almost anything to pique your child's interests. Wallpaper murals for nursery decor offer precisely that kind of sensory experience—and it's also customizable! This is an exceptional opportunity for you to have some fun with color, but it will be up to you to figure out which one fits your personal taste best. With that, it will be time for you to upgrade your home decor with cartoon nursery wallpaper murals!