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10 Leaf Wallpaper Murals That Brings Nature To Your Home

The wallpapers are decoration items and people have been enhancing the looks of their house for ages. The basic-coloured walls are pretty boring to look at and are kept aside for the ones who are miser enough to not spend any money in the beautification process of their house. The wallpapers come at different prices and are manufactured and sold by different organizations all over the world, very few of them have made a name out of it. Wallpapers from Ever Wallpaper have excelled in making a statement to the customers who they have sold their products to.

Green Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Mural

Wallpapers sold by this company are of extremely good quality and the material used is top notch. They have an inventory full of wallpapers which are of various themes, cartoon characters, textures and you name it. Due to the vast collection of wallpapers, it sometimes becomes very hectic for the customers to make a choice and finalize a product. Thereby, it is always advised to check the recommended section to get a brief idea about the best-selling leaf print wall murals from the sea of wallpapers.

Abstract Leaves Wallpaper Mural

The Top 10 Leaves Wallpapers for Dream Room

Nature lovers are in abundance these days and people always look for decorative items for their home which are calming in nature and would relax their senses when they return from their offices after a long day of work. Nature derived wallpaper murals are the first things that would come to someone’s mind when they are looking for something that would help them unwind. Have a look at these wonderful leaf wallpaper murals which accentuates the beauty of every room where it is installed:

Green Leaves Pattern Wallpaper Mural

1. Fragrance Leaves – These are wonderful looking leaves wallpaper with light green colored background that enhances the tranquil essence of the room after these are installed. There are multiple colors in which these mural wallpapers are available.

Leaves Print Wallpaper for Home Interior Design

2. The Blue Trumpet – The trumpet flowers are known to cause extreme hallucinations when consumed, but in this case the flower mural wallpapers are bound to make someone spellbound with the overall texture and finish of the product.

Blue Trumpet & Leaves Wallpaper Mural | Ever Wallpaper UK

3. Love Spray Bottle – As the name would suggest, these contain the bouquet of flowers with different cute shapes which adds to its overall beauty. The background in forest green colour makes the design of the wallpaper pop out even more.

Art Deco Flower & Leaves Wallpaper Mural

4. Art Leaves – This perfectly defines the name of the wallpaper, the off-white background and the artistic patterns of the leaves are bound to make the room where they are installed, enthralling.

Leaves Deco Wallpaper Mural for Home

5. Fresh Leaves – Fresh Leaves wallpaper murals do what it is supposed to do, give a fresh look to the room where it gets installed. It is advised to choose a lighter shade on the remaining walls or else this wallpaper would not look good.

Green Leaves Wallpaper for Interior Design

6. Pink Leaves Line – These aesthetic wallpaper murals consist of pink coloured leaves and these leaves in particular are close-up shots where the veins are visible and this attention to detail is what makes it so very special.

Pink Leaves Wallpaper Mural for Wall

7. Green Maple Leaf – Maple Leaves are always magnificent to look at, but when these are used as wallpaper murals it increases the aesthetic value of the room where it gets installed.

Green Maple Wallpaper Mural

8. Dried Leaf – These are made up of dried leaves, but the colour of the leaves look splendid, that makes the complete design stand out. These look best when installed in the study and living rooms.

Leaves Wallpaper for Living Room

9. Vitality – These are made particularly for the people who love splash of colours everywhere. These would surely make that person happy no matter how bad their day was.

Colourful Leaves Wallpaper Mural

10. Leaf Petals – This is dark shade wallpaper and should only be installed in bedrooms or living rooms, after the other walls have lighter colour on them, else these wallpapers would make the whole room dull.

Dark Leaves Deco Wallpaper for Wall

Wallpaper murals should always be used on one of the four walls in a room and not on all the walls. If installed on all four walls, they would make the room look clumsy and no one would actually love to walk into one of these rooms. Don’t have to wait anymore, choose one of the above-mentioned mural wallpapers from Ever Wallpaper and revamp your dream room.