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7 Stunning Feature Wall Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests

Would you like the feature wall to reflect a sense of your personality? Do you like the marvellous wall décor ideas to inspire you and rejuvenate your home? A statement accent wall is a perfect way to add life to the room if yes. Few addictions can make your space more attractive. There are many ways to give the statement wall the wow factor.

A wallpaper mural idea is an excellent option for a creative interior designer. Mural and paint play a critical role in home decoration. When it comes to creating something outstanding, you can add the wallpaper mural to the home decoration project. Murals are artwork that is effortlessly applied directly to the ceiling or accent wall. 

There are plenty of mural collections with different textures, colours and designs. You can decide the best wallpaper, which fit your taste, and wall colour. You cannot do better than hanging a wallpaper mural to give your home a unique interior design. Those who desire to turn a naked and boring wall into elegant centrepieces can continue reading the article. 

What is a feature wall?

The feature wall is a statement wall and accent wall that stands out from the crowd. It enables the individual to draw attention to the single wall in the home. In addition, the accent wall offers enormous opportunities to try out patterns, colours, shapes, designs, and textures. 

In addition, individuals might have exceptional architectural items such as a floating fireplace, large sash window and others that increase the home's beauty. Some interior designers flight the statement wall is unnecessary in the house, but the accent wall can impact positively. There are many reasons for choosing the feature wall décor option. 

    • Statement feature wall provides an instant way to give life to your space based on your chosen material. The wallpaper mural is cost-effective and suitable for all places, from living and bedrooms to study rooms mural
    • All walls in the home are decorated in a similar pattern and colour that make cohesion sense. But after that, the home interior looks dull and plain. Don't worry; you can change the room mood by identifying the feature wall and providing a bolder colour. 
    • Feature walls in the entryway or living room can introduce design, colour and texture. Without crushing your space, you can inject the correct amount of energy and interest into a room using a subtle pattern. 

Create the immediate feature by choosing one wall and applying the mural in different designs. Those who don't like to use thrilling damasks, more vital shade or modern murals can keep them to a single wall for your scheme. 

Which wall should be a feature wall?

The lovely feature wall is perfect for creating a new look for your space. It establishes the existing focal point in the room. To accent a wall, you must choose the perfect wall. Where is your eye drawn when you are entering the room? Toward the television wall? Bedhead? Up to the ceiling's peak? Or fireplace? Featuring the wall, which grabs your eyes naturally, would be a perfect choice. But ensure you consider the wall background. Let's choose a wall to be an accent wall:

    • Choose a single wall to make the statement feature. Then, when you need to pop, you can choose a wall opposite the entryway to the room. Thus, everyone is wowed by the wallpaper mural you hanged. 
    • There are no set rules about choosing a feature wall, and it's wise to be adjustable in the selection process.  
    • In your home, where guests look frequent, create an accent on the wall and increase the focal nature.

7 different wallpapers for a feature wall

Whether you need to change your home look or have planned to move your home, the mural can help you. Murals are available in heavy, medium and small, so you can measure the wall size and buy the perfect wallpaper online. Feature wall offers a hassle-free and instant method to transform the look of your interior. 

Adding wallpaper on the accent wall is a fun and affordable way to transform your space's appearance instantly. Now, you can find thousands of wallpaper murals for an accent wall in various colours and sizes. Choosing the most fantastic wallpaper for your space is essential to impress visitors. 

It does not matter what style you choose; here are some wallpaper murals that can amp up your accent walls and bring your taste out. But, first, let's take a look at seven famous wallpaper murals for feature walls that draw everyone's attention:


Hydrangea mural is the perfect option for the bedroom, entryway, kitchen, living room and dining room wallpaper. Those who like floral stuff can try cheaper murals for their accent wall. It is easy to install without a professional and clean the mural with a dry cloth to maintain its beauty.  

Describing hydrangea flowers in light shades will make a gorgeous design on the accent wall. The living room wall will look fabulous with the privileged background, and flowers will provide a calm aura to your space. This tone will keep the room cool and offer a breezy look.

Lotus Flowers

The ideal way of refreshing the home is by concentrating on the feature wall. Makeover your room looks with the floral wallpaper mural. Fresh and beautiful lotus flowers make the fence look dreamy and stylish. You can hang this wallpaper in the bedroom or living area. The mural is eco-friendly, suitable for human beings and the environment. 

The Lotus flower mural makes your child and visitors feel like a princess. Having the stunning lotus and leaves decorates your space in watercolour for a pleasant effect.

Woman Pop Art II

This mural brings the vibrancy and feel of retro into your space with the pop art mural that catches visitors' attention. You can use it as living room and bedroom wallpaper mural.The dot work of the design is made of different colours such as orange, bright yellow, green and others.

Women Pop Art is famous for its bold colour, sense of retro and fussy design. Explore the collection of woman's pop-art murals and choose the best strategy, from irreverent street art to stunning pop portraiture.

Multi Flowers

Make your space lively, bright, happy and vibrant with a flower mural! Adding the multi-coloured wallpaper to the feature wall can bring a smile to your guest's face and boost the mood.

Buy the perfect flower mural which complements your colour system. The adaptability of the mural design enables the individual to trial diverse furnishings styles. Floral wallpaper adds style, peace and glamour to your space. 

Art Painting

The High-quality, fantastic design and vibrant colours of the designer art mural offer a strong visual impact on the home.

The masterpieces of art include in the artwork painting that offers a solid visual to the guest. Art painting wallpaper is all paste-the-wall that provides a hassle-free installation process. It eliminates the mess and trouble of soaking the art painting mural. In addition, art painting mural makes your guest feel engaged with the artwork.

Classical Beauty

The collection design will let the person style eye-catching and attractive space with the fantastic feature.

Grapefruit red backgrounds beautify your space instantly with their unique texture and grace. You can install it as the living room, bedroom or kitchen wallpaper mural and allow the young girl to keep companionship.

Yellow Spot

Do your feature walls need immediate transformation? Well, you can apply the yellow spot wallpaper mural. It adds a fun and pleasant feel to your home and provides fresh touch to the style of the interior.

Whether you are planning to set up an entertaining and fabulous feature in your living room, entrance, a yellow wallpaper mural will suit your interior decoration goal perfectly. 

How to choose your feature wall?

Have you decided to create a feature wall in your home? If your answer is yes, there are many things to consider, such as what colour to use, which partition to pick for a feature wall, what image to choose and more. It would be best to have an accent wall to match your home décor and taste. A feature wall is a smart option for decorating industry. The following are two critical criteria that make the feature wall unforgettable:

    • Focal Point 
    • Right Colour  

Remember, the statement wall is a single wall in the living room or bedroom, painted unique colours from the rest of the areas. Let's discover everyone: 

Catch the appropriate attention:

First of all, you should choose the right wall to create a stunning feature wall in your home. The focal point is not, at all times, the wall you see while walking in. Instead, pick the wall you need to catch visitors' attention since it's distinctive. Poor wall choice does not provide a better result. Any wall you select in a room, be confident and sure that it draws proper attention. There are no rules for choosing the feature wall. Therefore, it is ideal for any space in your home.  

    • If you have exclusive artwork, a beautiful sofa or other decorative pieces in your space, you can feature the wall behind it. It will guarantee that the statement wall is an anticipated focal point. 
    • Choose the symmetrical wall that offers a great look. Don't select the wall which has windows and doors. If you have a window with scenic views, it is not suitable for accent. This is because the sunlight from the window can modify the look of the paint colour on the wall, so you never get the desired result.  
    • The perfect wall to feature is the first one that everyone sees while entering the home. Hanging the wallpaper on that wall to increase the mood of your space.  
    • If you have a long room, you can select the small wall that balances the room shape. Avoid featuring long wall because it makes them feel longer and don't balance the room off.   
    • Creating the feature wall in your room, you see regularly is a good choice. The person will use the natural sightline of your space to boost the accent wall's focal point. 
    • If the feature wall is hidden by furnishing such as window treatment, furniture, artwork and others, it would not add something interesting to your space. Thus, you need to select the open wall to create a feature. 

Pick the right colour:

The feature wall offers flexibility with the colours and vision that make it popular. When creating the accent wall, you should select the right colour. There are endless paint collections to choose from. Vibrant colour works effectively for the feature wall. However, if you are looking for a bold statement colour like red or orange, you should think carefully before plunging. 

    • Those who need to make the small wall look longer can paint a feature wall in cool colours such as green, blue and others. Instead, paint accent walls in warm colours like yellow, red and others to make the long fence look small and balanced. 
    • When looking for an unusual and bold colour for your accent wall, you can consider a mute shade of a particular colour.  
    • Avoid selecting the bold colour for the feature wall. Some people think they need to pick a unique colour that shades off from other parts of the walls.  
    • Different colours convey various energy in space, which can significantly affect human beings. Vibrant colour works well in the room where you need to create animation, such as a playroom, etc. On the other hand, choose light colours like green, blue for the restroom.  
    • The temperature of colours plays an important role, which means warm tones can create different vibes than more fabulous colour shades. So, get an accurate colour for feature walls that overdo to catch guests' eyes!

You should keep the texture and colour of the wallpaper mural to blend with the surrounding decor when using it as an accent wall.


We hope this article will give you an idea to add a great accent wall to your residential place. There are endless options to decorate the feature wall, so whether you pick graphic splatter, mural wallpaper or others. Self-adhesive wallpaper mural patterns are available to suit everyone's taste. Choose an accurate colour mural for your feature wall to catch your guest's attention.

Wallpaper is removable and reusable simultaneously, which makes it a popular option among interior designers. While changing the wallpaper, you can remove it carefully to avoid tears and install the mural in another room in your home. Self-adhesive wallpaper is reinstalled; likewise, it was applied for the first time. Create an exquisite accent wall to your home with a mural to amaze your guests!