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Here’s How You Can Select the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

No matter how minimalistic you are, there is no way you can’t be fascinated by a wall with stunning artwork on it. While hanging unique art pieces is one way of decorating your wall to life, another widely popular option is to furnish it with wallpapers. 

Wallpapers are wonderful for creating unique spaces with a special and personal touch as per your desires. Moreover, wallpaper makes you feel at home by creating a warm and cosy environment in conjunction with other beautiful interior elements already in place.

However, we understand that sometimes coming up with ideas and choosing the best ever wallpaper for your interior space can turn out to be a daunting task. So let’s see how you can choose ideal wallpaper combinations for your home. 

We will touch on key points and ideas of inspiration to streamline the process. We are excited to help you choose the best pattern for your home or the interior project you are working on. Let’s dive right in.

Go Along with the Flow

As we will be discussing ideas from a general perspective, you might as well try to visualise ideas and jot down the best ones concurrently.  Some ideas are best executed when it’s implemented fresh.  

To do so, you must first divide the different spaces that you want to decorate inside your home. You can list down the type of rooms and their requirements according to your needs and desires. While dividing the space into sections, try to associate each part with possible use cases. Doing so will help you recognise if your choice will work fine for the long term. By the end of this post, you will have a myriad of style combinations to choose from 

The Look & Feel 

Once you’re done with the divisions, you will end up with an average of 3-5 segments to work with, depending on the size and vastness of the respective interior space. The goal here is to design and build trendy interior focal points using several elements to achieve the desired look and feel.  Let’s begin with the living room of your home.

Enter the Living Room: The first space where anyone would walk in gets to create the first impression and set the mood. You must make sure your living room space doesn’t work against your personal characteristics to put you off by providing a boring experience. 

Every person will have slightly different to explicitly unique characteristics. These characteristics will seriously influence their choice of interior accents, such as the kind of living room wallpaper or furniture. While some might prefer a minimalistic approach that features a simple texture wallpaper, others might go for a more artistic touch like art deco or custom mural wallpaper.

Dine in Style: Many people would agree that there’s nothing worse in the world than something that can kill your appetite. This justifies how much restaurant owners spend on their restaurants’ interiors. They know their business depends on it. 

Likewise, the same logic applies to your home. A successful dining setting does its job well before the meal starts. Just like the colours red and yellow are known to infuse a setting with liveliness, an apt dining room wallpaper along with supportive interior elements will help you enjoy your mealtime to the most of it. 

Study with Serenity: While not every house features a study, it’s necessary to have a space where you can work or peacefully read if not in the bedroom. While workspaces used to be bland for ages, the last decade saw a heavy surge in demand for the shared modern workspace style in the real estate industry. For instance, the whole idea of WeWork was to create an entirely opposite experience-based work environment. 

Similarly, there are a ton of interior design features that you can include in your study or home office to create a calm and lively environment that creates positive energy and boosts productivity. A great way to do this is to put up wallpapers that match your taste and enhance the room's visual appeal.  

Rest Sound and Cosy: The bedroom is a very sensitive part of your home. A place where peace and calm are expected. Neglecting bedroom decor can lead o poor quality sleep that will further lead to potentially worse problems. The lack of proper rest and your health are interlinked in a myriad of ways. One of the main culprits that can contribute to such negative experiences is a poorly set up bedroom. 

It is imperative that you feel at home when trying to get some rest. So mindfully decorating your bedroom can provide you with immense cosiness, comfort and joy. Combining excellent furniture with things that are dear to the heart can go a long way in creating a restful bedroom. Now, imagine an amazing bedroom wallpaper art that invigorates you every time you see it. Couple that with great lighting, a relaxing scent, matching furniture, indoor plants, and you will feel at peace.

Enjoy Showers with Waterproof Art: There are bathrooms and bathrooms. Only the latter is a place that provides you with a lasting experience. You know the bliss you feel when you enter the bathroom in a luxury hotel. While that may be out of a common person’s reach, there are many ways you could set up a bathroom that will provide you with near similar joy. 

For instance, you might fancy a bathroom with exquisite marble flooring and walls. Since the cost of marble can burn a hole in your wallet, consider an equally pleasing marble wallpaper solution. Floor the place with matching marble textured tiles and Voila! You got yourself a marble bathroom. Just make sure the paper is waterproof when you make the purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Wallpaper Materials

Wallpaper today doesn't essentially mean that they’re made from just paper. There are several other materials used for better durability and finish. Let’s look at a variety of wallpaper materials  that are aesthetically pleasing as well as cost-effective.

Fibreglass: This is a wall finishing solution that is not necessarily wallpaper. But we’re mentioning it because sometimes it is used as a final touch and does the same job as wallpapers. It is also generally known as liner or lining paper. 

Fibreglass is a very strong material that can practically last forever with or without exposure to natural elements. The structure of small boats and even luxury yachts are created using fibreglass. As for interior walls, it helps finish a smooth surface that you can later on paint to achieve a natural fibre texture that hides wall irregularities and other simple defects.

Water-Based Printed Wallpaper: This is the most widely used and readily available wallpaper in the market. While true to its name, this traditional wall finishing choice has existed for ages. Any impressive interior work you might have seen in the movies or old mansions probably featured this type of wallpaper. Today with advanced printing technologies, similar-looking digitally printed wallpapers provide a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional hand-printed ones. 

Finally, a  couple of things to consider with these water-based print wallpapers. Without proper care, they can be torn easily, and you must also avoid using these in your kitchens or bathrooms, where water damage can be an issue.

Mylar Mix: This type is essentially the same old printed wallpaper neatly wrapped with polyester film. While this makes it easily removable and washable, it will give you a glossy specularity which in turn could easily spotlight defects on your wall. 

However, you could suppress this effect with some prior paper lining. It is also important to avoid creasing while trying to install the wallpaper. This option is generally added as special extras for bathrooms and kitchens along with regular print wallpaper orders for the rest of the home.

Vinyl: This is yet again another better and slightly expensive waterproof and durable solution in variation to the wallpaper type mentioned above. With the same old paper with layered vinyl, the quality and durability are directly proportional to the thickness of the vinyl coating. Again, this kind of material gives you a waterproof wallpaper solution that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about steam and water damage.

Flock 3D: A relatively complex and much more expensive wallpaper type. This specific three-dimensional velvet finish wallpaper solution is a special type of fibre that is printed onto a base made of paper. Despite being an advanced, expensive and relatively new entrant in the wallpaper market, it is known to be high maintenance. In contrast to the luxury it provides, flock wallpapers aren’t washable nor easily removable. However, despite the complexities mentioned above, you might go for this type of wallpaper because of its aesthetic. In this case, it is recommended that you use flock wallpaper in spaces like your living room or master bedroom, where usage is relatively lower than in other rooms. 


So let’s recap. Despite wallpapers being one of the major finishing touches, it is recommended that you plan the look and feel you want in the end ahead of construction. It is always good to go according to plan. 

For instance, if you were planning to have a dining room with wallpaper art that requires enough sun to show its full potential, you do not want to end up with a room that gets little natural light. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to apply wallpaper to the insides of an existing property, we recommend you follow the process of dividing and organising your space into segments according to your decor needs.

Be clear with what kind of collective end result you are looking for. Like we mentioned before, you might have a look already settled according to which you applied the wallpaper. Also, let’s say that you saw the room getting enough light. However, if you neglect matching other elements such as furniture and other decorative objects to the set theme, you might end up ruining the overall outcome. 

For instance, if you have a contemporary theme going on, you can’t place furniture that includes wing back chairs and Gabriel legs. Also, try to match up little things like lamps, stands vases, choice of flowers etc. People even sometimes go to the extent of a matching scent. 

Nonetheless, there’s nothing to sweat. You could always swap little things without much fuss. But why not go along with the plan, right.

Finally, make sure you carefully choose the wallpaper material according to the exact styles of usage and type of room you are to apply the wallpaper. For example, never ever at any cost apply wallpaper that isn’t waterproof inside your kitchen or bathrooms. You can use the segment list you prepare for helping you with this.