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The 9 Most Popular Animal Print Wallpaper for You And Your Kids

Wallpapers are meant to enhance the beauty of the room where they are installed. They are either used on single wall or the entire room for that matter. If the wallpaper is of a scientific place, like some snow-covered mountains or a lake with mountains in the backdrop, then only one wall is enough to make the room look beautiful. In case it contains some patterns, then covering the entire room with it also looks good. This depends on the client who is purchasing the wallpapers in order to get it installed and it varies with people and their choices.

Why is animal wallpaper great for home decor/interior design?

The animal print wallpaper is a great option for interior design or home décor because they can make the room looks great with beautiful pictures of different kinds of animals. These wallpapers are mostly liked by people who love nature and want their room’s to look naturally beautiful with all these animals on the walls. The animal wallpaper installed, with some soft lighting inside the room, a hot coffee mug on a rainy afternoon would really set the mood and one would surely get lost in the jungle while being at home. Due to deforestation on a larger scale, we are losing forest at an alarming rate; hence in the urban jungle we are left with these options, without a choice.

Why animal print wallpaper is suitable for kids grown-up spacg>e?

The kids are always learning about new things, about nature, the animals, birds, the food chain and much more. They would be highly facilitated if they have wallpapers installed in their room with animals printed on them to make them understand these things in a much better way. The animal print wallpaper would suit the wall of a kids room the best, if the favorite animal of the kid is used for the purpose. Kids, who love watching National Geographic or Discovery Channel on their TV, would really love to have animal wallpapers installed on their walls. If the size of the room is small then by installing animal wallpapers, it might seem spacious and in turn the children would love to be in such a room.

9 animal wallpaper we recommend from

There are a lot of wallpaper options to choose from when it comes to animal wallpapers from the best place in the market, With the increasingly busy schedules of people all around the world, they hardly get time to get close to nature, as they are always working. If they are not able to go towards or anywhere near to nature, they can bring it to themselves. That’s the exact reason a lot of people are opting for nature inspired wallpapers for their living space or even bedrooms and study rooms. Although a tough task, but these are the 9 best-selling animal print wallpaper from the house of

1. Dog and Paw Prints – In the animal wallpaper UK, Dog wallpapers are a great hit among kids and are considered one of the best-sellers as they love puppies and this has dogs and paw prints in abundance.

Dog Print Wallpaper UK


2. Dinosaur Wallpaper – Every Kids favourite is the dinosaur wallpaper as it takes them to the wonderful journey into Jurassic Park.


Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural


3. Little Animal Wallpaper – These wallpapers are basically an amalgamation of multiple animals such as cat, dog, bear and rabbit, which are printed in a smaller scale to fit in more animals creating a good design that kids would love.


Cats & Dogs Pattern Wallpaper Mural


4. Jungle Portrait Wallpaper – Jungle portrait wallpapers with koala hanging from the tree and dinosaur running around are selling in large numbers.

Jungle Animal Wallpaper Mural

5. Small Puppies Wallpaper – These too are in high demand as who would love a small puppy making a cute face and staring back at you all the time from the nicely printed wallpaper.

Cute Cats & Dogs Wallpaper Mural

6. Unicorn Wallpaper – The mythological animal is mostly liked by little girls who are in love of fairy tales.

Unicorn Wallpaper Mural UK

7. Giraffe Wallpaper – The little kids who love visiting the zoo would always choose a giraffe printed wallpaper which makes them happy and jolly all the time.

Giraffe Wallpaper for Kid's Room

8. Elephant Wallpaper – Name a kid who would not love to have Horton the friendly elephant as their roommate in the form of wallpaper.

Elepahnt Print Wallpaper Mural

9. Animal Band & Concert – This cute and dramatic wallpaper featuring animals holding a wonderful concert is definitely a scene for a kid’s room.

Animal Concert Wallpaper Mural

The animal wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper is available in different sizes, which is customizable as per the requirement of the customer. The shape and alignment of the wallpaper might change in case the room size differs, these changes are made by experts of the team and the outcome looks absolutely stunning.