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Why Can Skeleton Be a Kind of Wallpaper?

You can use any design for skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration. In fact, having wallpaper is a standard room transformer. It's not difficult to apply, and there are many designs you can choose from.

It is the fastest way to give your lounge, room, restroom, or lobby a new look and feel. It is also more sturdy than paint, with an average life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Wallpaper should be maintained and clear well to continue to look great.

When did a skeleton wallpaper start?

It was during the 16th century that people started using wallpapers. Before, it was only used in small rooms, unlike today where we want every room with its skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration. As for the skeletal theme, it is here even through the ages.

Here is the major characteristic of this kind of wall decoration.

  • Free Match - This wallpaper does not have another pattern you need to follow. You don't need to repeat strips.
  • Straight Match - These wallpaper designs have two different strips to paste consecutively.
  • Drop Match - Just like the straight match, you need to adjust the next strip according to the design of the former wallpaper.

Why is it always a classic & on-trend wallpaper?

Regardless of your home stylistic theme style is, the skeletal wallpaper can be amazingly flexible. The early people also used skeletons in their wall prints and documents, which may be because it is common. Until today, we see that the designs have just evolved, and we still use the same mural, only modernized.

In addition, skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration can change the shape of your room and expose its covered-up potential. The right paper can stow away or possibly mask blemishes on the divider finish, and it can absolutely control the feeling of the room.

It also adds warmth, aliveness, character, and magnificence from many texture and shading choices. Little prints can assist with quieting a significant room, like a room, and enormous patterns camouflage the actual size of a little room.

The reason why some people choose this pattern as a wallpaper mural?

Skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration are commonly dark, but lighter versions appear as of this writing. Most of us choose dark wallpaper because it is beneficial to our eyes.

If the surrounding is dark, our eyes focus more on things around us. Moreover, we often do not like too much light in our personal spaces. And that is because most of the time, we go inside our houses to relax.

How will skeleton wallpaper mural work?

Having a skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration is already funny, but improvising on where to put them could be more fantastic. You can try putting them on your roof, in your stroll-in closet, inside cabinetry, in washroom clothing, and in lobbies.

I bet you have not to think about putting a mural in tiny spaces such as dividers! You can use skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration to make for your bedhead divider, splashback, virtual library or nursery, a view, or even to cause to notice a window detail.

Seven skeleton wallpaper murals

Contrary to you, skeletal wallpapers do not always look frightening. In fact, some skeletons' wallpaper is made to be funny and lively. Here are seven wallpaper you might just love.

Blue Skeleton

Blue skeleton wallpaper has a modern look for its dazzling blue painting backdrop of skeleton design. In addition, it does not look scary. In fact, because it has a light color and it uses more thin lines, it can give your room a relaxing feeling.

This is so popular thus tone for the young ladies and young men's room. It works with grownups and children who love secrets with a naughty side. The skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration is so stylish because of its dull blue and grayish colors. Feel free to add white draperies for an additional enhancement because they can appear elegant if combined with light tones.

Blue Skeleton Wallpaper Mural

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Dancing Skeleton

On the other hand, this wallpaper has black, white, and orange white circles like bubbles around the skeletons. This is suitable for a spacious room without much furniture because it can make the room appear small.

Despite being 50% black, it does not have that frightening feeling, and the skeletons which appear to be dancing do their job of illuminating the room. Adding light tones draperies will work fine!

Dancing Skeleton Wallpaper Mural

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Skeleton & Butterfly

Although boys would like it, it is more suitable for teenage girls. The butterfly adds a transforming effect while the skeleton talks about a secret. This is perfect for teenage girls learning to keep some secrets while working on their growth.

Skeleton & Butterfly Wall Mural

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Skeleton Pattern

This design is for fun people. This could be good for grownups who try to face every new day with positivity despite having challenges. The smiling skeletons could be awkward at first, but seeing them with a smile and vibrant colors would change the way you feel about them.

Skeleton Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Skeleton & Rose

Flowers, especially roses, won't go wrong. This looks like the Skeleton Pattern, but it was laid out in a black background rather than white. Moreover, the skeletons do not appear to be smiling. This type is suitable for a game room because it has that playful vibe.

Skeleton & Rose Wall Mural

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Skeleton Head

While this may be for both genders, too, it uses colors that are more likable to girls and women. The color used is white, red, and black. This skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration is suitable for an art room, gym, and lounges.

The smiling skeletons would definitely get anyone to work on their fitness goals. If you are also waiting for someone, you won't get sleepy because of its color.

Skeleton Head Wall Mural

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Skeleton Head II

This type is for both genders. However, teenage boys too young male adults would love this more. It only uses three colors and that is white, gray, and black. Do you agree that boys love to play with these colors?

Skeleton Head II Wall Mural

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In the end, whatever feel you want for your room should go according to your taste and not from someone who won't even go to your room. Furthermore, using skeleton wallpaper mural wall decoration is no longer related to bad people and vices, unlike in the past. Just make sure you are ready to get some pasting and cleaning done before getting your murals.