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4 Shimmery Wall Murals to Enhance Living Room

Our living room is considered the heart and soul of every home. It's a place where conversations and good laughs happen most of the time. It's a relaxing haven where we feel comfortable and safe. A place to chill and create good memories with our friends and families. An area that connects all the places in a house, a center of attraction in the household, indeed. Having said that, it is just right to give utmost importance and rightful appreciation to our living rooms. And as a reward, an upscale in one of the most used and utilized places in our house is a must. A makeover is a great gift but ensures to make it more special. Let us set aside the paint for a moment or get rid of the old and traditional wallpaper as we are entitled to something greater and better. We are the sparkling stars in our house and so as the shimmering wallpapers in living rooms that are undeniably a good match.

A wallpaper mural is an absolute eye-catcher that will surely captivate the attention of guests and visitors the way it does with the rest of the households. It's more than a wallpaper mural but also a home decor of aesthetic visual at the same time that can easily attract and effortlessly charm us. And here are the 4 shimmery wallpapers for the living room that would surely lighten and brighten our mood into shimmering splendid!

Watercolour Sparkle Wallpaper

The Sparkle Pattern Modern Wallpaper Mural is truly a scene-stealer for the simple and modest visual images that are superficially attractive. The light, soft, and neutral color perfectly blend if you are looking for a minimalist and classic contemporary style with an upscale twist and modern elements of soft, slightly wavering, and subdued flickering light illusion at its humble form. Similar to the glitter and flicker of the constellation of stars in the galaxy, the planets in the universe, and the moon above, the radiance of its beautiful features will naturally flash right before our eyes.

Imagine a living room inspired by infinity and existence, you'll never go wrong. A wallpaper that sparkles and will transform a living room into liveliness and high spirit. Indeed, this wallpaper knows its job perfectly!

Blue & Golden Glittery Dots

An abstract is timeless and classic and so is this Dreamy Elements Abstract Wallpaper Mural. Dreaming is not just in the bedroom but everywhere and the living room is no exemption at all with this wallpaper that never dares to stop day and night dreaming represented by the glittery and golden rays of abstract inspired by the elements of dreams. The lines are thinner and the dots are smaller but big enough to be noticed and adored. The touch of yellow and gold when dwelling together results in commanding shades and tones of flicker. Gold is the color of dreams and this wallpaper mural ensures that this is obviously evident and visible in this modern abstract and arts called wallpaper. Dreamy but does not grow weary and our living room will never be the same again!

Brown Glittering Spheritis Wall Mural

This is the wallpaper mural in its simplest form as a pleasing result of abstract in various lines and doodles highlighted with creative inputs and patterns. The spheritis wallpaper uplift the spirit of positivity, wholesome colors, and pleasant ambiance for the living room. The ivory white background creates the perfect tone for a suiting atmosphere that perfectly blend with the stroke of lines and dots of various size, thus giving us modern vibes and feel. The yellowish golden shades of color elevate this wallpaper into a certain class and taste. A beautiful abstract can give that much clarity and pureness, isn't it amazing? That's the power of art and wallpaper when combined and certainly, this wallpaper never fails to deliver!

Colourful Dreamy Blocks Wall Mural

The distinct watercolor geometric block wallpaper mural will not ruin the block but will splice it with pride and admiration. The light, soft, and smoothing color demonstrate a confident level of peace and quietness that can be felt from outside and within. The connecting and interweaving blocks reflect strong bonds between families and friends having a cup of coffee and good conversation in the living room. The subtle mixture of colors speaks nothing but the volume of comforting traits of each block with respective shades and tones wrap up by a blink of thin and uneven line.This wallpaper with a series of huge and uneven blocks just exudes optimism and assurance. It screams for modern art with classical artistry redefined by this splicing blocks wallpaper, without a doubt!

Wow! That was emotionally satisfying. It feels good and surreal that wallpaper can have such an impact not just on our living room but on the way we see life in general. But come to think of it, it should really be that way. Ourselves is connected with our house that makes a house a place we called home. And each place of our home has a warm and inspiring story to tell and if only the walls can speak, they would be thanking us endlessly for giving the upscale and new look that our living room & the rest of the house deserves!