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5 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas For a Stunning Cooking Space

Say goodbye to those plain white walls of your kitchen which expresses nothing about the glory of food or your artistry in cooking.Why not infuse with colorful wallpapers even just one wall surface of your favorite place in the house? Once you're inspired, keep on covering the other kitchen walls with quality wallpapers (until all vertical surfaces are filled up) which convey the message that hungry humans live here! While you're browsing the catalogues, let us help you with this task by recommending 5 stunning kitchen wallpaper ideas which will surely brighten up the place:

Flower Wallpaper

This type of flower-themed wallpaper reminds many people of their kitchen in the rural areas of their youth. The vine and flowers combination imposed on a sleepy white background reminds us all of our mothers who cook our meals for us with a pretty apron tied around their waists. This PVC free wall material is guaranteed eco friendly and is made from the highest grade of materials available for making wallpapers. Free paste comes with your purchase.

Pastel Flower Vine Pattern Wallpaper Mural

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Terrazzo Textured

Orange terrazzo tiles are transplanted to your kitchen as a wallpaper mural. This design which is trending this days gives you a soothing ambiance for your kitchen. The atmosphere makes big appetites even bigger because they make the cakes and the food you prepare even look more delectable because of the relaxed mood that is relayed by your kitchen walls.

This design lends an Italian or Mediterranean vibe to your kitchen walls. If you're fond of preparing steaks, pizza and pasta, while Italian tenors are belting out heart pumping music from your speakers, then this kitchen wallpaper design perfectly complements the whole picture!

Orange Terrazzo Textured Mural Wallpaper

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Tile Textured

This kitchen wallpaper is a yellow themed floral tile wall mural which fits into your modern themed kitchen. The yellow floral theme with an off white hue background matches well with any modern, sophisticated or contemporary furniture. The yellow tone always brings with it a sunny impact to your kitchen walls. It's as if you're bringing the pleasant outdoors into your home. Choose from permanent paper type or in peel and stick. All with child proof inks. Get ready to be surprised with a pleasant kitchen interior!

Yellow Floral Pattern Tile Textured Wall Mural

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Brick Effect

We all know that white matches with anything. So, you'll never go wrong with this clean looking white brick textured wallpaper which makes your cooking and baking space look oh so sanitized. It is a simple design that suits a wide variety of aesthetic tastes of homeowners. Whether you own modern, academic or rustic looking furniture or cutlery, this wallpaper theme can surely adapt into what you have in mind for mixing and matching.

What's more, the white tone makes a small kitchen look bigger spatially and will upscale the property value of your home. They're not real bricks, but the sense of warmth that the brick image brings with it to your kitchen walls gives your home an overall astute sense of stability.

Faux White Brick Textured Wallpaper Mural

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Other Creative Designs

Make your kitchen walls interesting through the installation of this timeless character of light green maze pattern. It's a wall mural that's easy on the eyes and also easy on the appetite of all those who dare venture into your kitchen to see what's cooking and baking! Because it looks like a maze, they will remind your guests of all the maze patterns they have solved in their lifetime, and this will make them very hungry for the food that you will prepare.

This kitchen wallpaper design adds a touch of glamour to your kitchen space. It can easily be paired with a lot of furniture concepts to make your kitchen an inviting space to hang out or to simply cook and eat.

Light Green Maze Pattern Wall Mural

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If you have a small kitchen, go for the wallpapers with the lighter colours which make your space look larger. But if your kitchen can stand on its own in terms of space, opt for wallpapers which enhance your chosen theme for your furniture, cutlery and equipment for your kitchen. Make your chosen kitchen wallpapers flow with everything else until all the delicious food are served up and everyone had a good time. With your wallpapers as your backdrop!