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How to Create A Nursery Room: 3 Important Aspects You Need to Know

All parents want to offer the best to their children. However, many of them don't know how to  design their children's rooms or what to consider that can create a better environment conductive to children growing up. Don’t worry! This article will introduce you some useful tips that you could take into consideration when you want to DIY your kids rooms.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is no doubt the most important things you need to consider for your room decoration.

Child room with round chairs

1. Children's room decoration materials, both hard and soft furnishing materials, should be environmentally friendly.Avoid using any harmful heavy metals and benzene chemical solvent  wall painting.

2. Choose the right furniture, furniture corners should be rounded. And as for some small low cabinets or bucket should be fixed and can not be easily moved, so that they will not smash down and hurt your kids.

3. Make sure the room has good lighting and air circulation as well as low noise, so that children will feel more comfortable to live in.

4. Remember to install protective fences or anti-theft nets for the room window.

Color Scheme

When decorating, color selection is particularly important and attention must be paid to the color scheme of the room, which also has a beneficial effect on the development of the child's personality.

Nursery room for kids

Children's rooms now use a lot of low saturation colors and when finished it has a very high quality texture with its own filtering effect high-grade colors can be matched with high-grade grays, pinks, greens and blues.

The room really doesn't need to contain a lot of colors or high saturated colors, pure color or pastel color with some cute animal or flower wallpaper also works very well, they will create a soft, adorable and calming effect in your kid’s room. If it is a girl's room, the walls can be painted with pink latex paint or choose pastel pink tone wallpaper. Remember not to choose colors that are too bright or too dark , because they tend to be aesthetically fatiguing. If the walls are white, you can create a pink princess room by starting with other matching furniture and decoration, such as curtains for the bed and so on. If it's a boy's room, the walls painting or wallpaper tone could be soft blue or mint green for a more lively, vibrant look.

Childrens Room Wallpaper

It is best if you can involve your child in the process of designing the room and choosing their favorite colors, as every child's preferences are different and, generally speaking, try to create a children's room that is bright, relaxing and pleasant.

Space Layout

The layout of the children's space also has a lot to do with developing good habits for your children.

Kids room cute bunny wallpaper

For example, hang a whiteboard on the wall or buy a special small drawing board to satisfy your child's habit of drawing on walls, desks and other blank spaces. By letting your child know that there is a fixed place to write and draw, you can develop a sense of tidiness and interest in your child. Green plants can also be gradually transferred from the adult room to the children's room. Appropriate placement of green plants in the children's room can, to a certain extent, play a role in purifying the air and removing pollution, as well as cultivating the children's habit of caring for nature and flowers.

Flower Wallpaper for Girls Bedroom

Furthermore, as kids grow, parents may need to keep changing the space and furniture. Many furniture products are now designed to meet the needs of flexibility and changeability, such as adjustable length beds, height-adjustable tables and chairs, and bedside footsteps made up of a small box, which makes reasonable and wise use of indoor space.