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Vintage Wallpaper Ideas for An Elegant Living Room Space

Choosing to design your home or part of it on the vintage style is one of the best decisions that you can go for. We all know that retro style is on trend and it is coming back strongly. Vintage wallpapers will make your place speak up with more trendy vintage vibes that will show how exceptional your taste is. Going vintage is not limited on the style that looks only old. It can go with the mid-century, industrial age designs. Old design wooden furniture or decoration, and also the French country side design and the retro mode. So, it is so important to decide which mood your place will look like and what type of vintage you are looking to adapt? In the coming lines we will introduce from our experience some ideas to create a charming vintage living room that will totally change the whole look of your welcoming area of your house.

Having a house on the vintage style is so chic but having just one room on vintage is not an easy as it looks, it has to be vintage and on the other side it has to go with the rest of the house at the same time, today we will help by giving you ideas about setting a living room on the vintage styles with its different modes, but first lets take a look on what defines and make the vintage style unique and on trend lately.

What defines the Vintage interior design?

  • It is known by authenticity.
  • It focuses on large scale designs.
  • It focuses on the authentic colors that define the age effect.
  • Most of the designs are more to go with classic decorations.

We believe that we can help, so we suggest some vintages ideas that will make you inspired about the old style:

When you are about to renovate or create a place that you spend most of the time at specially if it is your living room, where it is not just you who enters it, it is the family and friends and it is the heart of the house you need to note that; The most important styling step is when you decide what type of decorations and shape you want your place to have. So, you will need first to choose a period for your styling. Is it going to be up to date styling? Or Is it going to be bohemian with no specific time frame? Or Is it going to be vintage that comes with authenticity and give us the feeling of going back by time?

Golden Flowers

Our Golden flowers mural wallpaper and a spellbinding taste will fill your living room with this dark maroon wallpaper with the golden vintage flowers with the large scaled butterflies faltering between them. The design makes the space so authentic and adds a taste of elegancy, the mixture of the two colors the gold and the marron are a combination that provides warmness and Chamness at the same time. The design is perfect for a living room and a cozy office area. The design matches the nude palette to make a contrast with carpets and curtains, the nude beige palette is a unique choice for old fashioned designs and adds more strength to the vibes.

Golden Flowers Wallpaper Mural

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Dark Lotus

This piece of art with the dark designed background and the large scaled flowers in gold are one of the rich designs that can fit both the modern style and the Vintage style, yet it fits perfectly in a living room with leather couches in caramel shade and wooden middle table. The dark wallpaper mural is ideal if you want to have focus on the design and attract the sight from the first look. The carpet has to be plain and it will be so elegant if it is black, so the contrast will be full and the focus will truly be the incredible design and the choice of colors. This Glowing Dark lotus design is one of the design that makes the place look cozy and elegant yet it keeps its charm. Large Flowers trend is on the list these times, in different sections of styling. It is continuing to appear in the French country side, and also the retro designs.

Dark Lotus Wallpaper Mural

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Pink Vintage

Have a chance to look at this lovely charming Pink Vintage wallpaper mural design and enjoy filling your living room with calmness and tenderness. Feel the whispers of birds and the crane having blessful time between the trees. The dusty pink mixed with light purple in the background gives the impression of the sunset and adds the vibes of the country side that takes us to the old simple countryside tat used to visualize it in the vintage designs. This design can take your living room to a totally different level with a golden classic couches and plain carpet in beige.

Pink Vintage Wall Mural

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Music Records

I bet you smiled when your eyes saw these posters. These are our memories, aren’t they? No matter your age, you must have experienced anything of those, or even heard about it! Those 80s and 70s styles of advertisement that is now on the way back to rock and to resurrect. A design of retro posters of Music Records in wallpaper mural that will make you feel you are in the mood of the 80s. the mural wallpaper combine The rock and roll music, The pop music that was so trending at that time and so unique. Have a chance to enjoy this piece of music stars, and get the gate to connect to the memories that will make your space look spectacular and different.

Music Records Wallpaper Mural

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City Life

Oh! How fascinating was the Old Paris! and the vintage life. The old City life, mural wallpaper that shows the Seine river just holding the buildings and the lover’s secrets. This design shows how chic and calm it was in the past, although the bridge at the back might not be very clear because of the sky disturbance during the industrial revolution! A mural that takes us back when was no crowded roads, people were enjoying all their times. Riding their riding their horse carriages or moving freely with their horses. Couples, and families spending times by the Seine taking and walking by the river. The design shows how life was simple, before the technology takes many lovely things away. It is a perfect fit for a vintage style living room with warm colours.

City Life Wall Mural

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At the end of our Journey in setting up the best vintage living room, we really recommend looking at different styles when you are about to choose your living room style, and same goes at any style in your home but specially the places that you will feel connected to most of the time and the place that you spent the majority of your time at, so you won’t fell bored. It is always the home! It is always this warmness and safety that we find it in our homes. The gathering the sharing and the talks and laughter.

Using any of the above mural wallpapers will take you to different level. Each type and each taste of them will add a complete change to your living room. It all depends on how vintage you want to go? is it the funky vintage that will motivate you and boost the memories level up to the sky? or the vintage style that keeps its calmness and authenticity? Keep your home filled with what you love and design your favorite spaces with what you love and inspires you and your home will always be your destination that will call you to have peace.