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What Should I Put on My Apartment Walls? 7 Wall Mural Ideas May Help You

While blank walls can offer a sense of balance to a room, they're often overlooked as décor potential. They're the perfect canvas for sharing your life's adventures and offering visitors a glimpse into your personality. On the other hand, blank walls might be complex for the same reasons. If you've been setting off filing your empty wall space because you're unsure what to do with it, now is the time to come up with some ideas and check them off your decorating to-do list.

Some people feel that photo frames, artwork, and framed posters are the only options for wall décor. Wall décor ideas nowadays, however, go well beyond the traditional gallery wall and aren't limited to store-bought objects. Instead of hanging anything, you can use textured fabric wall hangings or even paint your accent wall painting.

When it comes to filling in walls, there are many options. The apartment wallpaper murals listed below will help you transform uninteresting, barren walls into appealing galleries, stunning collections, and eye-catching decorations in your living space, above your bed, and elsewhere.

Dried Flower Bushes

Do you get tired of flowers in vases? We offer the solution in the form of our flower mural wallpaper, which you can put on your walls! Dried flowers and leaves are printed onto wallpaper in this beautiful wall covering for a modern aesthetic that will surprise and enchant. This flowery pattern is made with natural dried flowers and leaves and gives rustic appeal. This beautiful painting offers a cheerful, fresh vibe in your kitchen or bath by resembling a rich, green countryside with dried flower bushes that bloom in the spring.

Dreamy Element

Feel soothed and stress-free with this sparkly pattern, which features brownish shapes and sparkling dots. This stylish design features brown and light blue tones. The watercolour design is light and airy, giving the impression of more room. It is one of the most basic designs that will add elegance and simplicity to your modern home. Use the design in your bedroom, living room, kids' room, or even your clinic to create a relaxing atmosphere. Don't forget to decorate with nude or brown colors; a brown carpet will look great and provide an excellent contrast to the overall look.

Large Cactus

Enjoy the pastel tones of one of the most fashionable and contemporary mural backgrounds of long cactus. The combination of green techniques creates a pleasing degradation that is pleasing to the eye and relaxing. Although the cactuses are thorny, they are embracing each other. With a degraded color palette, we inform you that this green wallpaper will look fantastic as your workplace, bedroom, or living room wallpaper with light mint green chiffon curtains and brown to off-white furniture, making the space upscaled and fashionable. The wallpaper will give off a modern vibe, but it may also be utilized with semi-classic decor, and it will look great both ways.

Creamy Shadow

In this charming simple painting of creamy hues blended and embraced to make this creamy shadow mural wallpaper, feel the warmth and softness of the brush. This light pink mural wallpaper has a calming effect and may be used in any room of your home where you want to feel quiet and straightforward. The pastel color pallet is quite fashionable and modern. The mild tints of purplish-pink will convey a sense of calm and tenderness. The design is so simple that you may pair it with quiet and simple decor for a peaceful theme and eye comfort while avoiding overcrowding the space with too many elements and maintaining the mural's simplicity.

Cat Hill

This amusing cat hill wallpaper mural, a creative and entertaining design, will provide a great mood to your home. Our animal wallpaper is timeless and would make a great feature wall in your child's bedroom or playroom. It's a great mural for new babies up to teenagers.

Watercolour Marble

This elegant Blue & Pink Swirl marble wallpaper mural is sleek, attractive, and ultra-modern, making it the ideal marble feature wall for any room! With our watercolor swirl mural, you can create an eye-catching space in your house that will delight anybody who sees it.


Our Wood Effect collection will provide some natural style to your home decor. In your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even bathroom, the burlywood tone in the verticle pattern design makes the wallpaper look like actual wood paneling. It will go with both traditional and modern furniture and decor.

How can I brighten my old apartment?

From adding plants to covering the cupboards, here are 17 simple ways you can instantly brighten your home.

    • Hide horrible tiles.
    • Curb your curtains.
    • Go to IKEA.
    • Cover the cabinets.
    • Paint it white. White is the most reflective colour of all.
    • Clean your windows.
    • Use dark for contrast.
    • Seek out shiny things.

How to Decorate Without Hanging Anything on Your Walls?

    • Add plenty of texture.
    • Add height to your decor.
    • Don’t forget to use your floor space.
    • Place plants everywhere. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it one hundred more times, but plants give a space life.
    • Lean things against the wall you would normally hang.


A well-placed mirror will make a space appear larger and brighter. A mirror might be the answer if you're stumped in a particular area. Mirrors can help cover faults in addition to creating the illusion of space. A full-length leaning mirror is a lovely addition to any apartment bedroom or living area.

Add a Lighting

One of the essential parts of a room is light. It is the aspect that influences the ambiance and vibe of your home. Lamps are an excellent way to make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable. Table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps (also known as sconces), and pendant lights are all available in various forms.


Curtains are the final touch that completes your apartment's polished appearance. They're not only a great way to add style and color, but they're also a handy accent item. Curtains provide seclusion, darken the space, and even help keep the heat in. Like carpets and pillows, Curtains give charm to a compact, one-room apartment when the wall color may be limited. Curtains will instantly make your apartment feel cozier if it has a sliding glass door to the balcony and floor-to-ceiling blinds.


Don't be frightened to hang things on your walls because you're a tenant! One of the most critical aspects of building a personal, personalized, welcome, and comfortable house is to decorate the walls. If holes aren't allowed, or you don't want to fill them, use one of these cheap, simple, and effective ways to hang your decorations. Are you looking for additional renter-friendly wall ideas? Check out these creative ideas to use art to decorate! Check out more methods to arrange your flat without upsetting your property manager if you need extra renter-friendly décor ideas!