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  • Vintage Flowers Wallpaper Mural
    vintage flower wall mural for bedroom design
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Animals in Forest Wallpaper Mural
    animal wallpaper mural nursery interior design
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Vector Chinese hills and Pavilions Wallpaper Mural
    Custom-fit mural £139.00 /Roll
  • Yellow Flower Blossom Wallpaper Mural
    yellow flower blossom wall mural living room decor
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Soft Pink Blossom Wallpaper Mural
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Golden Blossoms Wallpaper Mural
    Aesthetic Golden Blossoms Wallpaper Mural for Living Room Decor
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Flowering Branches Wallpaper Mural
    Wallpaper Mural with Appealing Flowering Branches, Perfect for Decorating the Living Room
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Moonflowers Vine Wallpaper Mural
    Moonflowers and Vines Wallpaper Mural for Use in Decorating Bedrooms
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Energetic Mountains Wallpaper Mural
    Wallpaper mural featuring energising mountains for use in decorating a nursery
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Birds on Branches Wallpaper Mural
    birds on branch vintage wall mural for bedroom
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Animal Leisure Wallpaper Mural
    animal wallpaper mural living room design
    Custom-fit mural £179.00 /Roll
  • Colourful Swirl Marble Wallpaper Mural
    Stylish Pink Swirl Marble Wallpaper Room
    Custom-fit mural £39.00 /m2
  • Vintage Flowers Wallpaper Mural
    Custom-fit mural £43.00 /m2
  • Vintage Flowers II Wallpaper Mural
    Custom-fit mural £43.00 /m2
  • Merry Bird Wallpaper Mural
    Custom-fit mural £43.00 /m2
  • Giant Octopus Wallpaper Mural
    Giant Octopus Wallpaper Mural for living room
    Custom-fit mural £43.00 /m2
  • Blue Heron Wallpaper Mural
    Blue Heron Wallpaper Mural Hallway
    Custom-fit mural £39.00 /m2
  • 3D Balls Wallpaper Mural
    Abstract Balls Wallpaper Mural Room
    Custom-fit mural £37.00 /m2
  • Noble Wallpaper Mural
    industrial golden marble wall mural living room
    Custom-fit mural £39.00 /m2
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    Don't Just Take Our Word

    Communication was brilliant - parcel tracking through FedEx - design needed tweaking before production and this was done expertly - took approx 10 days delivery but worth the wait - brilliant

    Jenny Braybrooke See all reviews

    I bought 2 murals from Everwallpaper. I thought they were a little bit expensive but once they were up on the wall they well worth the money. They look beautiful 😍

    Brigitte Ferlet See all reviews

    The @swyft_home Model 02 armchair in Vine is gorgeous! 😍 I really do love them against that @everwallpaper_official wallpaper in this client’s office (that’s supposed to look like a living room 😅). Together they make the perfect sitting area for 1:1 therapy. 😌

    Aisha Watson

    Excellent product very easy to use I would recommend products my daughter is over the moon.

    Deborah Smith See all reviews

    I usually don’t write reviews, but I couldn’t pass out of this one! The picture does it no justice. The wallpaper is absolutely stunning in real life! The panels are repositionable and extremely easy to install. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product!

    Kathrin Bachrack