Customer photos

Shopping Experience of Alan

After chatting on ‘chat’ with our customer service, Alan finally turned to our official Email to buy his ideal wallpaper mural.

At the meantime, Alan sent the pictures of bathroom to show the complex size of the wall. To make the mural be perfectly applied to the wall, Alan stated a more exact and correct number.

And of course, Ever Wallpaper will add extra 30mm for every piece of your wallpaper, which would help avoid accidents when you applied it.

Precise size of your wall makes satisfactory mural performance, thus, any uncertainty won’t be missed.

Having the precise size, our designer made the order image lickety-split and then sent to Alan for suggestions. Luckily, Alan was satisfied with the effect. After being printed, the order started shipping.

However, something unexpected happened. The mural was shipped to a wrong place. We totally understood how anxious Alan was! So we contaced the Fedex again and finally fixed it.

Finally, the ‘Pastel Lotus’ arrived at the right destination smoothly and Alan was quite satisfied about the mural!

Then let’s see how the lotus ‘blooms’ in Alan’s bathroom!