Customer photos

Shopping Experience of Anna Colclough

Anna Colclough found us to do mural customization. Yes, Ever Wallpaper provides customers with customization service.

This hot ballon wallpaper mural is the one Anna is interested with, wich is also one of our best-selling mural. Due to her dark room and other brilliant white walls, to make the whole room decoration more harmonious, Anna would like to change the palate, which is to add white clouds at the bottom.

After the customization payment was done, our designers redesigned the mural at once and then sent the first version to Anna.

But this one wasn’t the most optimum, so then our designers made adjustment again according to Anna’s requirements.

This time, based on the original mural, our designer chose a whiter colour as the sky and added clouds sea at the bottom of the mural.

However, the second version didn’t meet the expectation in her mind. Then Anna provided us with more concrete requirements, which gave our designers a right direction.

Finally, after the last version was sent to Anna, we received her approval and the mural was on its way home!