Customer photos

Shopping Experience of Clare Veritiero

Clare Veritiero, a residential designer of Caroline Campbell designs ideal rooms foe her customers. Recently, she found us to finish one of her clients’ project and she wanted to order sample first.



After receiving the samples, Clare’s client likes its performance and decided to place the mural on a trapezoidal wall. Then they sent us the specific size.



To see the performance of the mural on the wall more visually, we suggested she sent us the photo of the wall, so that we could make mockup for them.



As soon as we got the photo of the wall, our designers started to make the mockup and sent them to Clare within 24 hours.



Finnally, Clare’s client prefered the Gorilla, but they wanted the size of the gorilla could be smaller.



Then our designer made the adjustment according to the requirements and eventually make Clare and her client satisfied.




As for the last step before printing, we sent the cutting diagram of the mural to Clare. After ensuring everything is correct, then the mural started to print.



Clare sent us the picture of the mural on the wall and we’re so happy that our mural fullfilled their expectation!