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Shopping Experience of Kathrin Bachrack

Recently, Kathrin Bachrack installed DIY closet kits in her coatroom, but the closet is still far from the one in her mind. What’s the problem? The wall!

Then she found Ever Wallpaper.

Ever Wallpaper has great varieties of wallpaper murals in medium, heavy and peel & stick, which is the reason Kathrin chose us.

This is the mural Kathrin chose, blooming flowers in bright colours.

Since she has wallpapered laundry room with peel & stick wallpaper, this time she bought heavy wallpaper for a new try.

The real texture and quality of the mural just suprised Kathrine, and she found that it was easier to install that peel & stick wallpaper.

Simple tools could get beautiful walls. The tools Kathrin used is just a bottle of wallpaper adhesive and an install kit.

To share the applying experience with people in need. She launched a video on YouTube and detailed information in words.

When it came to a more difficult part: wallpaper around the window, she also handled it quite successfully.

Once she positioned the wallpaper and smoothed it into right place, she then cut off any overhang with a sharp utility knife.

She lined up the edge of the mural to the line she’d marked before, and then smoothed it down. At the same time, she used a smoother to get out all the air bubbles.

Now, let’s see her final renderings!

What’s more, Kathrin also commented on our website with her happy shopping experience.