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10 Abstract Leaf Wallpaper Ideas to Bring Seasons to Private Spaces

The calming powers of nature are indisputable; from the jaw-dropping beauty of a sunset to waves lapping the shore, nothing imparts peace to our harried lives as much as the natural world. What could be more calming than gazing at walls covered in leaf-themed wallpaper and murals inside our homes every day, getting lost in their simplicity and graceful symmetry?

At times like these, when many of us are now telecommuting from home for good, it's important to feel surrounded by as many natural elements as possible as we spend most our our working lives within our four walls.

In addition to adding that vital natural element to our indoor environments, leaves will simply never go out of style, unlike so many other motifs that can come and go, lending that timeless touch to your decor.

Leaf-themed wallpaper patterns can fit any home decor scheme, whether your taste tends to  

    • Bold patterns that will determine the entire decor of the home
    • Subtle backgrounds that are more appropriate for the bedroom or bathroom wallpaper
    • Establishing or continuing your home's midcentury theme, harkening back to the 1950s

Let's take a look at the best abstract leaf-themed wallpapers on the market today. 

Bold wallpapers that aren't afraid to make a statement

Decorative Leaves

This leaves wallpaper is in tones of white, black and chartreuse. Not only does this abstract design have that midcentury look that is so popular now, it has a transparent feel to it as well, since the leaves overlap. Use as an accent wall for just a pop of natural decor in any room in your home, or make it the theme of a major living space, It's all up to you

Transparent Banana Leaves

Featuring abstract banana palm leaves outlined in bold black lines, it imbues a tropical air to the home that is unmistakably dramatic. Perfect for an accent wall, it makes a statement while imparting the timeless theme of the natural world in your dining room, hallway, living room or even a bedroom wall.

Geometric mid-century looks

Abstract Leaves & Dots

Geometric prints with bold blocks of color and striking lines are all over this gem. With hues of peach playing against celery green with a scattering of polka dots and abstract fern motifs. It’s so versatile that can be used as almost wall mural in any place, especially kitchen wallpaper.

Colourful Leaves

In tones of chartreuse, lilac, orange and amber, this colourful wallpaper will give an overall feeling of lightness to any room without overwhelming it, since the leaf patterns are completely transparent. Forming graceful, oversized shapes on an accent wall, they will give it a fresh, springlike atmosphere at any time of year.

Splicing Colourful Leaves

Oversized, ombre ferns in tones ranging from amber to teal form striking patterns in this multi-coloured pattern wallpaper mural from Ever Wallpaper. The sky is the limit for those who have to have just the right touches for that all-important home decor that will form a backdrop for their lives for years to come.

More subtle patterns that still are striking to the eye

Large Line Leaves

This green coloured wallpaper depicts the veins of leaves in oversized patterns that are easy on the eye. In shades of olive green, the overall color is restful. This wallpaper pattern will give a bit of a more formal feeling to a room or accent wall, with its intricate, lace-like patterns that the eye will never tire of resting on.

Lively Leaves

Poplar leaves outlined in hues ranging from dark green to red, against an ombre background of soft greens and yellows, are part of the show-stopping wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper. Like all products from this company, extreme attention is paid to all the details, with vivid prints and accuracy in colors their hallmark.

Multi-layered Leaves

Ferns in all their glory are portrayed in hues of forest green to wine red, against an ombre background ranging from white to teal in the pattern called "Multilayered Leaves." A bit more simple of a pattern than the overlaid leaves of the previous wallpapers, this will appeal to those desiring a more minimalist look to their indoor space while keeping that feel of the outdoors in their homes.

Dreamy wallpapers for bedrooms and bath

Leaves Shadow

This pastel coloured wallpaper features delicate white leaf outlines against a dreamy blue background that is reminiscent of a Spring sky. Recreating the effect of leaves used in sun prints, one can never tire of this look. While it may be ideal for bedrooms, this wallpaper pattern can be used to good effect anywhere in the home.

White Leaves

In glowing, soft pink with pops of sunny yellow in the background, "Pink Transparent Leaves" is a wallpaper that will give a feminine touch to a bedroom without being cloying or over-the-top. With its delicate, lacy white patterns depicting the veins of leaves, it is a background no one will tire of for many years.


Leaves remind us of the glory of nature even when we are indoors; with their graceful shapes and intricate lines, they envelop us in their peace and serenity. Having one -- or more -- of these leaf-themed wallpapers in your home can create a backdrop for a number of furnishing styles and will give it a natural touch that you will delight in year after year.