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Original Wallpaper Designs From Ever Wallpaper To Color Your Home Interior

Have you ever dreamt about a place that was tasteful, modern, and elegant? If your answer is “yes”, then Ever Wallpaper has exactly what you need. Their renowned local and international in-house designers produce wallpaper murals with the same attention to detail and creative thinking as a movie director would for their films. That's why you can decorate your home with unique and original designs you have never seen before!

Home is the best place to experience the beauty, color, and uniqueness of life. However, houses will look dull without adding any wallpaper mural designs. And you're right to do it. Wallpaper is a great way of making your home charming and less monotonous.

The Ever Wallpaper team is dedicated to bringing you one-of-a-kind products that will transform any room of your home into an eye-catching masterpiece! Its exclusive collection of art-inspired wall murals will take in revolutionary changes that will make your home interior fresh and new again, without having to pay thousands of dollars.

So, are you now wondering what's the best wallpaper mural to match your interior? With hundreds of images to choose from, it's hard to decide. To simplify this process, we have compiled a list of 20 original wallpaper mural designs from Ever Wallpaper that can transform your home interior in minutes. That's why take a peek at them now!


A stunning collection of forest scenes in all seasons, this oil painting wallpaper with a natural landscape design is perfect for adding a stylish new look to your living space. This contemporary pattern features a rich, vibrant botanical print with a calming forest image in green, brown, blue, and yellow tones representing the four seasons - spring, autumn, summer, and winter. This is a great design for anyone who loves nature and wants to bring the warmth of being surrounded by it into their home.

Forest Wallpaper

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Spots Flower

Abstract wallpapers are popular for being a unique and creative design for home decors. Featuring a white background with blue and yellow spots arranged in a random pattern, this abstract wall design makes a simple yet effective way to add some color and interest to any room in the house. It's a modern wallpaper with an artistic layout that matches any interior style, but especially well with vintage and minimalist themes.

Spots Flower Wallpaper

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Picasso Portrait

Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artists of our time. This abstract wallpaper is especially inspired by him and his unique art style known all around the world. Depicting a large colorful and playful image formed from various geometric shapes, this design makes up a print that reproduces the textures and tones of a realistic Cubist painting. This trendy wallpaper style is ideal for any modern decor, home office, or bedroom wall decoration with a great artistic touch.

Picasso Portrait Wallpaper

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Cartoon Space

This stunning galaxy wallpaper mural features a collection of the galaxy with different celestial elements in cartoon style. The images of rockets, planets, and stars are in bold patterns, and playful colors and were pasted on white and black background, representing both day and night space scenes. The design is very simple but still looks great on children’s rooms and nurseries' interior walls. The space galaxy-themed print on this wall mural will surely boost your child's creativity and make their area more interesting.

Cartoon Space Wallpaper

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Bloomy Branches

This gorgeous wallpaper mural is a modern take on the English floral wallpaper style. The main feature of this design is the beautiful blooming branches that are set against pale backgrounds of green, brown, and blue colors. Each wallpaper mural has a stunning floral arrangement of white flowers and hummingbirds with subtle accents in shades of green. The result is a sophisticated yet inviting look that will transform any room into something truly spectacular and brings a freshness to any home interior.

Bloomy Branches Wallpaper

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Rabbit Flowers & Girl

A charming, ethereal wallpaper with a vintage flair. This flowery wallpaper mural design offers the ideal center point in any bedroom or playroom since it shows various colored flowers encircling a big rabbit with a girl. This lovely floral wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper will make your home more luxurious due to its naturally captivating atmosphere and feminine appearance. The bunny flowers are created to appear as though they are guiding the girl from behind, giving her a big entrance.

Rabbit Flowers & Girl Wallpaper

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Cactus & Flowers

This lively and inspiring floral wallpaper design features a lovely cactus plant in the middle that is adorned with vibrant flowers, and it can be easily modified to fit the rest of your home décor! This will provide an overall wall decoration that will give your room a tropical atmosphere by combining soft cacti and flowers. It may be utilized as a decorative item or as a useful element to give your house or place of business a very distinctive touch of summer and spring.

Cactus & Flowers Wallpaper

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Flower Cluster

Designed by our creative artists to inspire your living spaces with a brilliant, bright, and modern wall mural. The inspiration behind this flower wallpaper is a combination of our love for nature, flowers, and colors that you may want to bring into your home interiors. The elements were brought together to form that cheery and inviting vibe as you stare into the wall and finished using watercolor brush pattern to create an authentic look to this oil painting design.

Flower Cluster Wallpaper

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Geometric Rhombus

The rhombus is a classic shape that can be found in many different designs, including wallpapers. With this, geometric wallpaper mural you can create an elegant and minimalist pattern to fill in your home. It can be used to decorate your walls or create unique art pieces. You can choose from different colors for this type of wall decoration, so you don't have to worry about looking at something monotonous or boring!

Geometric Rhombus Wallpaper

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Trees & Hills

Get inspired by this beautiful wallpaper mural of trees and hills. This forest wallpaper is perfect for a rustic theme in your home, whether it's a country cottage or a farmhouse. It's also ideal for those who love the outdoors and wildlife as it adds charm to any room of your house and makes it look more stylish and cozy. This is a perfect choice for any urban apartment dweller who wants to create a calm atmosphere for relaxation after work or school hours.

Trees & Hills Wallpaper

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Chasing Moonlight

Make some fun of your space with this animal wallpaper mural flaunting a cartoon koala, sloth, and rabbit with the shining moon and peaceful river behind them! The animals are shown in a relaxing natural landscape setting with tropical plants and trees in the background. This nursery wallpaper is a great way to bring some nature into your home without having to go outside, especially for kids who are fond of the outside lifestyle but also enjoy staring at colorful cartoon patterns.

Chasing Moonlight Wallpaper

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Modern Lady

Bring this animated wall mural with you if you want a little bit of everything! This wallpaper is the perfect illustration of the ideal classic and contemporary wall décor, with old hues and forms yet with newer styles and accents! The design has a wonderful vintage-inspired pattern and texture that is ideal for modern houses. It is simple to make a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art for any decor and to give your home a high-end appearance with this unique feminine layout.

Modern Lady Wallpaper

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Reading in the Woods

Featuring an array of trees, mountains, clouds, and other creatures from nature, this forest jungle wallpaper is excellent for adding some color and life to any space in your home. The main theme of this wallpaper is reading in the woods and has also been inspired by the idea of reading at home, so it's perfect for those who like to spend their time reading in their own environment. Meanwhile, the background colors used are in neutral shades, which helps create an atmosphere that is both natural and calm to give off a relaxing ambiance.

Reading in the Woods Wallpaper

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Flowers Filled Hills

This floral wall mural was inspired by the lovely outdoor world and the settings of your favorite books! The design of this bedroom wallpaper was inspired by the beauty of the natural environment and its simplicity. It offers hills with a lovely picture of nature, where you can discover many bright and fascinating flowers and trees filling your space. It will be a wonderful complement to your interior design ideas, especially if you want aesthetics that are soft yet vibrant-looking.

Flowers Filled Hills Wallpaper

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Elegant Queen

For the fans of the royalty lifestyle, this art deco wallpaper is a must-have for your home decor. Featuring a vintage image of a graceful queen in a regal gown, this design has an overly gorgeous, elegant, and feminine motif sure to suit any interior style and personality. The soft shades of light and dark brown hues are used to add a more classic detail to the design with red and black accents for that touch of bold yet perfect color contrast. This will definitely make your kids happy as they will be able to express their creativity when decorating their rooms.

Elegant Queen Wallpaper

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Cool Cat

A funny and fiery cat who loves to be surrounded by the cool breeze of summer! This cat wallpaper mural flaunts an adorable print of our favorite furry pet in its most comfortable outfit for the heat: shades and hoodie! The sunflower, plants, and wide open windows in the background add to the whimsical image featured in this artistic wall art. It will also make you feel good because the warm and cozy feeling of your room will be different when there is this cute cat on your wall as opposed to just plain old boring walls!

Cool Cat Wallpaper

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Oil Painting Forest

This forest wallpaper mural makes a beautiful throwback to the golden age of oil painting! The painting style is reminiscent of the Dutch Masters using dark shades and abstract images with a realistic and natural feel to it. The rich colors add warmth and depth to any space, making it the perfect backdrop for living rooms or bedrooms. This oil painting wallpaper mural is suitable in your home, office, or wherever you want to showcase your love for art and nature inside your living space!

Oil Painting Forest Wallpaper

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Little Cartoon Trees

A group of vibrant cartoon trees is displayed on an off-white backdrop in this design of amusing, contemporary, and creative nature wallpaper. The two seasons that are important for tree flowering are brown and green, and these colors are also accessible for this pattern. This wallpaper is ideal for any room in your house and will add character and charm to your interior, especially if you have any nature-inspired decor.

Little Cartoon Trees Wallpaper

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Mountain Village

A nice, playful, and vivid wall mural featuring a cartoon mountain village with colorful houses and trees on the mountain top! This multi-colored wallpaper can be used as a perfect backdrop for photos or artwork in your home decorating ideas. It will bring a lot of joy and happiness to your child as it enhances the beauty of the decorating theme of your home.

Mountain Village Wallpaper

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Colorful Tropical Leaves

A great design for anyone who loves plants, flowers, or nature in general. This multi-colored wall has vivid colors that are sure to brighten up any room while the abstract style makes it perfect for modern homes or those looking to make their home look more sophisticated. The tropical leaves are made from different shades of bright hues, which create a pleasant atmosphere. This leaf wallpaper design is available in different sizes and a wide range of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your interior design style perfectly.

Colorful Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

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Ultimately, if you need a boost of inspiration in your home decor design, these unique wallpaper murals are just what you need. These murals are a great way to completely transform all walls of interior space, and the effect that they create will be practically impossible to replicate with any other home decors. Because with Ever Wallpaper, you can give yourself the power to wake up and turn your walls into something new each day!

Decorate your Walls With Original Wallpaper Murals from Ever Wallpaper

The concept behind Ever Wallpaper is simple: to decorate your home interior with unique and original wallpaper designs. Here at Ever Wallpaper, we hope to revolutionize the home decor market by providing individualized, one-of-a-kind wallpaper murals for your home. Our talented artists' creativity combined with their handmade artwork is what makes these designs stand out. It doesn't matter if they're abstract, minimalist, or cartoon illustrations, they can be the centerpiece of the room! Choose from thousands of patterns in a wide variety of categories and transform your interior with exclusive layouts!

Each design is carefully crafted together, allowing you to preserve its fine details. Through Ever Wallpaper's innovative approach, we are changing the way we look at home decor and how we can impress our guests while also representing our unique tastes.

Home decor is a big deal. It touches on comfort and coziness, which is something we all deserve to have in our lives. The right wallpapers will bring the vibe that you want your interior to have. This can be serenity, mystery, artistry, or shimmer; whatever vibe you want your place to have, there's a wallpaper out there that has it. Don't settle for tattered old posters on the walls or lackluster wall paint jobs. It's time to shake things up and infuse your interior with creativity and originality with these wallpaper designs!