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2022 Cat Wallpaper Ideas for Interior Design & Home Decors

The Wallpapers installed in our rooms not only makes it look beautiful but also changes the ambience of the room completely. The wallpapers can be installed on all four walls or a specific wall which also has a unique name to it, the wall murals. The Wall Murals are basically the main highlighter of a room and are sometimes a tad bit costly than normal wallpapers. The wallpapers are mostly used to avoid colouring the walls, as getting such detail and texture is a big task and also can be costly. The main advantages of wall murals are that they can be easily peeled off after a period of time and new ones can be installed without much effort as no residue mark is left from the previous wallpapers.

What is cat wall murals & why cat wallpaper is suitable for kids grown-up space

The cat wallpaper, when installed on the wall of a kid’s room, is bound to make the kid happy as kids are normally in love with cats and kittens. The car murals are actually installed on one of the many walls in a room as murals are normally used to highlight one single wall and the rest of the wall can complement each other. The wall murals to be installed in a room would sometimes need expert advice from architects, whether the room is suitable to flaunt a wall mural on it. In case, the room isn’t planned in such a way to have a wall mural installed, some necessary changes could be made to it in order to accommodate one, get something else installed, wallpapers for that matter.

The wall murals are best suited for places where a considerable amount of open wall can be seen, only then the beauty of wall murals would come out. Mostly, bedrooms have a lot of furniture and decorative items which doesn’t leave us with a lot of open walls to play with. Hence, it is a better idea to get it installed on dining rooms or living rooms to get the most out of it. Kids are as always very playful just like little kittens and if both can be combined together, there would be wonders created. The little girls who have just got a room of their own, would always want her room to look beautiful and decorated with items she loves the most. Keeping a handful of kids away, most of them are in love with cats and obviously kittens. Hence, designing a kid’s room with cat murals will never go out of fashion.

7 Recommended Wall Murals from Ever Wallpaper

There are a lot of trendy and happening designs of cute cat wallpaper from Ever Wallpaper, which are displayed on their website to choose from. Out of so many options, we are recommending 7 Best Sellers for people to make their selection from.

1. Asleep - This shows a sleeping cat, which seems to be happy and smiling while asleep. This would make a wonderful decorative item for the kid’s room.

Sleeping Cat Wallpaper Mural

2. Cute Fat Cat - This features a fat and fluffy little cat that is looking straight at you in a mischievous way, as if it has caught you doing something wrong and would now go and complain to your elders.

Cat Wallpaper Mural

3. Cartoon Cats - This cartoon cat wallpaper would show all the cats being featured in various cartoons, all in one sitting side by side like clicking a group photo. All the cats in their characteristics look like they are watching over you.

Cartoon Cat Wallpaper Mural

4. Cat & Dog - No better match than a cat and a Dog, they are both friends and foes at the same time. They seem to be happy sharing the same space together in this wonderful wall mural for the kid’s room.

Cartoon Animals Wallpaper Mural

5. Cat & Dinner - It’s dinner time and the fluffy white cat is ready and decked up for having yummy and tummy full of dinner. This is wonderful wallpaper for both kid’s bed and dining rooms.

Cat Wallpaper Mural

6. Funny Cats & Dogs - This is a rare sight where cats and dogs are all smiles and looking towards you. This is surely going to uplift the mood of the kid who would have such awesome wallpaper installed in their room.

Cat Wallpaper Mural UK

7. Sweet Cat – As the name suggests, this shows a cute little cat smiling all the way and looking at you making funny faces. Cuteness overload for the kids who are in love with their furry friends.

Blue Cat Wallpaper UK

Now, by coming to the quality of the paper is being used to make cat print wallpaper for the kid’s room. There are three types of materials used to make the cat wallpaper for home namely, Medium, Heavy and Peel & Stick. All of these are non-toxic and fire-proof and produce outstanding colour vibrancy and can as well be cleaned with a soft cloth after getting it slightly rinsed. These are very durable and when peeled off, leave no residue whatsoever.