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Trendy Wallpaper Murals For Your Home Bathroom Decor

Every day, you spend time in your bathroom. It is your very own sanctuary. With these picturesque bathroom wall murals by Everwallpaper, you can have a beautiful bathroom that you will surely enjoy. The right décor is vital in any bathroom, from a large spa-like main bathroom to a bit of powder room meant for speedy in-and-out use. No one likes to use a bathroom devoid of outdated decor. Because of the intimate nature of restrooms, guests may see the space as dirty or unsuitable if they see old, shabby décor. A well-designed bathroom wall mural would go a long way toward ensuring that the area is well-decorated and attractive for guests.

You don't need a high-priced interior designer to decorate a modest place like a bathroom! You may get the job done for a fraction of the cost and more to your liking with some cleaning, suitable aesthetic bathroom wallpaper, and elegant accouterments. Take inventory of what should be maintained and removed from your current bathroom space. Use anything you keep as a starting point for the rest of your space's decor. Performance and beauty. Everwallpaper's unique murals are not damaged by humidity or mold because we use breathable, environmentally safe woven fabrics.

Is wallpaper on-trend for bathrooms?

Right now, wallpaper is a significant bathroom fad. Wallpapers are increasingly being used in bathrooms as designs become more suitable for high-traffic, humid environments. Plus, they're becoming more popular as we get more daring with our bathroom design in general – black and white is no longer the norm, with color and pattern replacing the classic neutral colors of the past. Below are our bathroom collection you might want to use in your bathroom space:

Gray Terrazzo

This lovely Gray Terrazo wallpaper mural will give your walls the basic look of terrazzo tiles. This popular and graceful gray terrazzo wallpaper will add simple grace not just to your bathroom but also to your living room, bedroom, dining room, and children's room by creating a relaxing effect. The Gray Terrazo is your ideal wall mural that goes with any bathroom decorations.

Gray Terrazzo Wall Mural

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Woman In Bath

TAn actual work of art for your home's exquisite room décor. The Woman In Bath is a chic feminine wallpaper mural that will add an excellent theme to your bathroom, girls' bedroom, hair salon, office space, and various areas. The Woman In Bath wallpaper mural can be styled with a rosy color palette or off-white to achieve the girly look for your bathroom space. This wallpaper will seem very trendy and appealing with an elegant touch. The modern and graceful woman image on the wallpaper will fill your room with grace, giving your bathroom a playful atmosphere.

Woman In Bath Wall Mural

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Square Marble

The Square Marble Wallpaper mural will make your home brighter, relaxing, and elegant. The intricate and colorful large squares come in a variety of designs. With the Square Marble wallpaper mural, you can make any room more stylish. Any contemporary design will fit well with this design. The many colors in the Portuguese-inspired tile design come in enormous sizes and can complement bold and statement-making environments.

Square Marble Wall Mural

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The Dandelion wallpaper mural will give your bathroom or your child's room a bright, rural feel. The textured dandelion design provides a rustic appeal, giving it a breezy and modern atmosphere. The Dandelion wallpaper mural features enticing views, fine lines, and delicate lines of dandelion seeds. So, get creative and use this lovely layer of nature to decorate your walls to achieve a scenic image.

Dandelion Wallpaper Mural

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Blue Ink

You can achieve that wonderfully imperfect effect with Everwallpaper's captivating Blue Ink watercolor paint wallpaper mural. This detailed blue-toned mural has a grunge art style that will give your home decor a unique artsy look. The Blue Ink wallpaper mural is a great way to add a special touch to your home. This wallpaper design can easily be paired with any furniture option and is ideal for a bedroom, living room, or office with a blue color palette. Whether you want a modern or traditional design, the Blue Ink wallpaper mural will make a good option for your home.

Blue Ink Mural Wallpaper

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Colourful Ocean

With the Colorful Ocean wallpaper mural, you can achieve an eye-catching bathroom in your home. This blue artistic pattern is trendy and abstract, and it will undoubtedly liven up your interior space and excite anybody who sees it. The Colourful Ocean wallpaper will also make a good option for your home office, bedroom, or hallway.

Colourful Ocean Mural Wallpaper

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Beautiful Peony

Install this beautiful Peony II wallpaper mural in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and dining hall. You can surely make these spaces more relaxing due to the natural atmosphere this mural provides. Decorate your bathroom walls with vibrant flowers in pastel with Peony II. This stunning wall painting will instantly refresh your space and impress you and your visitors.

Beautiful Peony Mural Wallpaper

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Dark Red Brick

You might choose this industrial-style Dark Red Brick wallpaper mural if the nature-themed design isn't your thing. Interior design professionals and homeowners widely value the timeless trend's authenticity and current essence of brick designs. Exposed faux stone walls make a good mural option depending either on your home or office bathroom. While there are many possibilities, you'll need to strike the proper balance between them to revitalize your space and give it an unmistakably urban feel.

Dark Red Brick Mural Wallpaper

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Is it safe to put wallpaper on your bathroom walls?

Installing wallpaper in your bathroom may appear to be a crazy idea. It's natural to worry if you should put wallpaper in this area because the steam from your bathtub and shower will cause the wallpaper to peel over time.

In many bathrooms, installing wallpaper is entirely safe. Some lifting is likely due to the humidity and high weather, but Everwallpaper assures you that this is nothing to be concerned about.

Bathrooms, tiny baths, or powder rooms can be challenging to furnish. However, your bathrooms are also a perfect space to be bold and use a graphic wallpaper to give a lot of excitement to a small room. Everwallpaper pays close attention to the latest decorating trends. If you want to refresh your bathroom with a new wallpaper mural, our team has a massive selection of colors and textures for a budget-friendly price. Do you know exactly what you're looking for? Excellent! Customized items are our specialty. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or want to share an idea with us.