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Welcome Forest to Your Home: Make Your Home Fresher with 8 Misty Forest Wallpaper Murals

What comes to your mind when you hear about wallpapers? Most people use floral or colored wallpapers to decorate their great homes! But, you can go above and beyond when it comes to selecting wallpapers that suit your home. For instance, if you love nature and would like to incorporate natural features in your home, how about you check out the forest wallpaper? The forest wallpapers bring a beautiful and calm feeling to the room and come in different styles, including the mist forest wallpapers.

These wallpaper murals evoke beautiful forest scenery for those looking for rich natural looks with trees in parts of rooms like the bedroom. For people with rustic and farmhouse furniture styles in their home, the forest wallpapers are also a good choice as they blend well with dry wood looks. 

While that can be fun, you need a base to start planning your interiors. One such one-time investment for your interior spaces is decorating your walls. While many are enthusiastic and have the time to paint murals, let’s look at some ready-made options like beautiful wallpapers. 

Below we review the top 8 best misty forest wallpaper murals for home decoration.

Misty Forest

This misty forest wallpaper is perfect for most rooms like bedrooms, dressing rooms, and even living rooms. The visual of the mist in the forest creates a calm and natural feeling in the room. The wallpaper mimics an actual forest such that it looks almost like a natural forest. The deep green color from the trees ensures the wallpaper blend well with other green or neutral colors like grey, and beige, in the room. If you want the wallpaper to stand out in the room, you can match it with white walls.

Misty Forest wallpaper mural

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Foggy Forest

Have you ever imagined yourself camping in a foggy forest and wondered how the experience would be? Well, doing this in real life is a bit hard, but you can bring your imagination to life with this wallpaper. This wallpaper mural has unique features, but the foggy and trees design brings a calm and natural look to the room. This is a wallpaper you can install in your bedroom, living room, dining area or your study room if you want to create a natural look in there. You can combine this wallpaper with other toned colors for colour matching or bring it more to life by installing it on your white walls.

Foggy Forest Wallpaper Mural

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Mist Forest

Your bedroom wallpapers can create a significant mood for the entire room, depending on the colors or the features available. If you need to create a calm and natural feel in your room, this wallpaper mural is designed for that. People who are naturally adventurous and love the outdoors will enjoy having the wallpaper in their room as it reminds them of their adventures like hiking or hiking in the wood. The wallpaper makes you feel like you are waking and sleeping in a forested space with fog and mountains. This mist wallpaper looks excellent when paired with rustic furniture or rooms with toned colors like beige and grey.

Mist Forest Wallpaper Mural

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In The Forest

The goal of this wallpaper is to make one feel like they are sleeping or relaxing in a forest. It is made with long forest trees and shrubs that cover the entire wallpaper frame such that if you opt to install it to a whole side of the wall, the house will look like it has a forest on that side. The wallpaper also has a misty touch that showcases morning weather in the woods. So, every time you wake up in your bedroom, you will feel like you are waking up in the woods or stepping into the forest early in the morning. Other than installing this wallpaper in your bedroom, it is also safe for the choice of a  living room wall mural.

In The Forest Wallpaper Mural

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Misty Woodland

This is a unique wallpaper mural that features forest but only shows the lower parts of the trees. The background of the wallpaper mimics the misty weather that you would view when you walk into a woodland forest in the morning. The good thing about this mist woodland wallpaper is that it fits the principal rooms in the house. So, if you want to create a calm and natural texture in your bedroom or living room, the wallpaper will work magic. Also, it has the woodland forest occupying from edge to edge to give the wall a clean and natural finish when installed.

Misty Woodland Wall Mural

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Morning Fog

Every time you check this wallpaper in your bedroom, you will get a vision of how foggy mornings in the forest with animals that you can barely see look like. It would be best to consider for a beautiful bedroom or dining area wallpaper. The wallpaper does not have many trees or animals illustrations to make sure you get an accurate view of the areas people would enjoy outdoor adventures like; hiking, camping, and even trekking with friends and families.

Morning Fog Wall Mural

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Forest Mist

A foggy, misty surrounding a long thick pine forest is the illustration found on this wallpaper. This may be just wallpaper, but it oozes a calm and relaxed feeling in the room that you install it in. Also, the wallpaper has a natural look to complement other natural decors in the room. If you don't want to decorate plants in your living room, this wallpaper can be a great alternative.

Forest Mist Wall Mural

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Foggy Woods

Create an airy texture with trees and foggy features using this beautiful wallpaper. I love this wallpaper because it brings in that natural and forest look in the room, without adding too much greenery in the area you fit it. The landscape is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and even the dining areas. So, you know, this is what woodland looks like early in the morning with beautiful fog that covers the trees and a lovely calm feeling to the surrounding.

Foggy Woods Wall Mural

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Misty forest wallpapers can never go wrong as they bring in beautiful natural features that accentuate the house. The wallpapers come with different textures, including mists, fog and thick trees. The above-reviewed forest wallpapers are cut in various sizes, so whether you want to cover a small part of the room or an entire wall, you can get the right size. These wallpapers match rustic and other toned-down neutral colors like green, beige grey and others. The wallpapers can be fitted in the living room, bedroom or dining room, depending on the areas you wish to focus on. So, check out our review to find the suitable wallpaper for your space.