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7 Vintage Floral Wallpaper Mural For Adult Bedroom

Vintage floral wallpapers are a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your bedroom. Depending on the kind of floral design you'd like to have, you can create elegant sanctuaries in your home wherein entire rooms are immersed in the pattern's serenity. You can also limit your vintage floral to one wall, which is common in applications where a more significant or bolder flowery pattern serves as an essential and bold feature. Regardless of where you place your floral wallpaper, there are a few simple strategies to avoid floral faux pas that can overpower a space and some inventive ways to incorporate this nature motif into your house in the most effortless ways.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas offer a stunning amount of alternatives. The color, pattern, and texture of vintage florals can deliver calming and creative ambiance to various areas of your home. Wallpaper may be a fantastic component of the room design, whether your room ideas are to create a calm sanctuary, a modern space, an elegant traditional impact, a comfortable refuge, or anything else. These wall décor ideas for bedrooms we have listed for you will inspire you whether your style is classic or modern, your preferred color palette is bold or muted, and you prefer large motifs or tiny scale patterns. Check out our floral collections below:

Bird And Floral

The Blue and Floral Wallpaper Mural, with its fresh tones and delicate blooms, is ideal for making a trendy yet peaceful adult bedroom. This unique design takes the splendor of the outdoors in, embracing nature, with magnificent floral blossoms that appear to be blossoming out of your ceiling. Birds are generally associated with the onset of spring and new beginnings, and you can bring that feeling into your own oasis with this assortment of the Bird and Floral wallpaper murals. The combination of soft green and blue tones, as well as a light concrete texture, give the design a modern air that can be placed in your home office, living room, bedroom, and even in the hallway.

Floral Bird Art

Everwallpaper's Floral Bird Art design exudes majesty and charm. The dreamlike wallpaper design is further enhanced with gentle colors and a peach palette of warm green tones. As a result, they're great for adding a meaningful design touch to your home's interior decor. You can duplicate this pattern on as many walls as you wish. Make Floral Bird Art wallpaper mural the focal point of your gorgeous bedroom, adorable nursery, or fashionable living area.

Pink Petal

Decorate your walls with this lovely floral wallpaper mural. Watch as this Pink Petal wallpaper mural enchant you with its beauty. Allow the Pink Petal wallpaper to flourish in your room, living room, or eating area and instantly brighten your decor. The design's adaptability allows you to try out different furniture types.

Classic Rose

With the lovely red, pink, and dark floral wallpaper mural, you can create a gorgeous, elegant area in your house. With its huge rose images that are toned and saturated in color for a classy vibe, this Classic Rose wallpaper design provides your bedroom with a vintage effect. If you want a vintage floral wallpaper for a room in the home, this delightful floral pattern will give you a dramatic effect that is traditional and moderate rather than overbearing. Match this wallpaper with classic furniture and deep colors to finish the look in a nursery or bathroom.

Yellow Vintage Floral

With this lovely Yellow Vintage Floral wallpaper mural, you can now give your bedroom a vintage feel. Watch as the huge yellow blossom bloom casts a spell on you with its splendor. Allow this Yellow Vintage Floral wallpaper to flourish in your bedroom, living room, or eating area and instantly brighten the atmosphere. The design's adaptability enables you to explore various furniture types.

Petal Pattern

The Petal Pattern Wallpaper Mural will bring cool retro air to your absolutely beautiful and lively home. This simple chunk color floral design pays tribute to '90s fashion trends in a tasteful way, with a peachy pink backdrop and minimal daisy graphics. This cheerful Petal Pattern wallpaper will exude happy sentiments throughout your home and would make a gorgeous accent to any classic living room or even children's bedroom. It offers a fresh, modern twist on floral design.


Open up your room to the beautiful nature of the Bloom Wallpaper Mural, a real one-of-a-kind design that will give your bedroom walls a vintage and dramatic atmosphere. The bright colors and design will work as a stylish and eye-catching feature wall, allowing you to play it safe with complementing furniture or explore with colors and patterns to create a place that expresses your personality.

Choosing A Vintage Floral Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

Decorating doesn't have to be difficult and intimidating. Using wallpaper is also not as out of date as you might believe. Here are a few quick tips you might want to consider when choosing a floral wallpaper for your bedroom:

  • Use it in unexpected places.

Suppose you fall in love with a floral wallpaper but are hesitant to cover a full wall with it, don't! We suggest you use it in unexpected areas, such as the powder room or the closet.

  • Maximize Lighting

Look for a decorative wall that will reflect light around the room. Pick designs with smooth surfaces that reflect the most light. Dark shades absorb light, making the walls appear closer together, and the space appears smaller. Textured surfaces also make a wall appear darker.

  • Hide Flaws with Texture

Grass and string cloth, burlap, foil, stretched vinyl, and even fabric are examples of patterns having actual tactile surfaces. Other papers have the appearance of marble, wood, leather, fabric, and even animal skins.

Floral Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home Decor

Below are quick ways you can include a floral aesthetic wallpaper in your interior design:

  • Improve The Study Area With a Vintage Floral Wallpaper

Floral themes can make your work-from-home setting or study desk environment more interesting. It can help maintain the area fresh and colorful, allowing you to spend a long time working.

  • Create A Statement In Your Bedroom

Floral wallpapers can be an excellent method to create a focal point in the bedroom. Keep the furniture simple and go for an ornate wallpaper design to attract attention to the wall while maintaining decor harmony.

  • Improve Your Bathroom Design

Floral designs can also be utilized to improve the look of a drab bathroom.

  • Build Creative Spaces With Darker Floral Designs

A darker floral wall mural for aprtment room wall can be ideal for creating a melancholy atmosphere in your house. For a melancholic vibe, use dark-themed wallpapers and dark wood furnishings.

Final thoughts

Floral wallpapers make it easy for homeowners to keep their bedroom walls looking charming and elegant. You can select from a wide range of colors and designs that will undoubtedly complement your character or, at the very least, the ambiance of your bedroom. Using bold flowery wallpapers on your walls will provide a modern touch, while soft tones or pastels will bring an elegant, chic, and classic flair.