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Making Home More Luxurious With Everwallpaper’s Floral Wallpaper Mural Collection

Bring fairytale into your home with these fresh floral wallpaper murals. Our modern floral wallpapers are available in various styles, allowing you to use beautiful flowers to beautify your walls — wallpaper of exceptional quality and style that compliments your color scheme or the overall space design. Everwallpaper's floral designs have something for everyone, suited for every room.

It's impossible not to be smitten by these colorful floral wallpaper designs. They always work with both color-filled accessories and even inside a monochromatic area, ideal for a youthful and vibrant living room or even a bedroom with a dash of girlish charm. Flowers have long been a subject for many artists in history. Floral wallpapers have made their way into our homes and workplaces in various forms, from the most realistic reproduction to the most abstract. Take a look at Everwallpaper’s floral wallpaper collection below:

Floral Spring

Floral Sparing is as bright as a summer meadow, with various colorful flowers on a creamy white background. With its ericaceous, almost spherical inflorescences, the gorgeous red clover bursts out among many other wildflowers in blue, white, and yellow, creating a uniting feature. Floral Spring wallpaper mural can be paired with white or one of the pattern colors to create a stylish overall look.

Watch these pink roses bunched together to grow into your living room, symbolizing pure grace and joy. The many shades of pink excite the design and break up the monotony of your home. Consider using Everwallpaper's Floral Spring wallpaper mural as a statement wall either in the living room or your girl's space to express your child's femininity.

Floral Spring Wallpaper Mural

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Various Flowers

The Various Flowers wallpaper mural is striking, elegant, and classic, and it will undoubtedly bring elegance and class to your bedroom. If you've gone grey with your interior design and feel your home is missing something new, the Various Flowers wallpaper mural could be the answer.

Making your area your own is one of the most enjoyable aspects of moving in or even altering up what you already have if you've lived somewhere for a while. Consider using colors that speak to you, such as this wallpaper design; imagine this stunning mural with a light for your hallway grey velvet seat in front of it. Thanks to its floral pattern, it also adds instant eye-catching appeal to a variety of indoor arrangements.

Various Flowers Wallpaper Mural

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Pink Flower Bush

With this charming Pink Flower Bush wallpaper mural, you may embrace pure charm and elegance. The pink petals are beautiful emblems of feminine beauty and tenderness. The gorgeous flowers blooming in watercolor tones of pink and white, coupled with the evergreen giant leaf motifs make up this design.

This floral wallpaper takes things to a whole new level, going from dramatic to a full bloom design. This Pink Flower Bush wallpaper mural creates a spin on conventional flower wallpaper that will give a specific area more appeal. If you pair this wallpaper mural with old furniture or a modern appearance, the mix of styles will look great in every situation. Other than that, this wallpaper is suitable for use in a variety of commercial settings and many areas of your home.

Pink Flower Bush Wallpaper Mural

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Spring Flowers

With its massive scale, the Spring Flowers wallpaper mural transports you to a garden in full bloom and immerses you in a sensory feeling of light, warmth, happiness, and optimism. Sunshine, heat, and openness permeate the space, giving your room more possibilities in terms of design.

The oscillation between areas of focus and detail and vast expanses of soft, abstracted color and openness that indicate the presence of vegetal forms and sunlight droplets separates this flower print from the others in our collection. Spring Flowers wallpaper mural has an increased and uplifting sense of dreaminess and delicate femininity, thanks to the soft color palette and a sense of warmth. This wallpaper mural envelops you in a peaceful, contented, dream state garden world when applied to your walls. 

Spring Flowers Wallpaper Mural

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Flower Cluster

The flowers that appear on the Flower Cluster wallpaper mural bring spring freshness and carefree lightness to your Scandinavian or Country home design. With Flower Cluster, you can improve the appeal of an area by putting it together with a piece of romantic furniture. With its soft pink, purple, red blossoms, and dark, dramatic background, you can have a bedroom that isn't only aesthetically appealing but will leave your guests in awe as well.

With this exquisite wallpaper mural, you may create a flower cluster in your home office or bathroom. The vibrant roses give an elegant vintage feel. The roses are saturated with color so that the design is given an unmistakable sense of luxury.

Flower Cluster Wallpaper Mural

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Be bold with Everwallpaper's Chloe wallpaper mural. For a darker, more stunning use of colors but still offers a lot of warmth, Chloe wallpaper mural is for you if you want a room that is genuinely enchanting and classy. This wallpaper mural has been hand-painted with great care, and the attention to detail can be seen throughout. Set against a black background, the flowers contrast nicely with the subtle pink tones within the blossoms across the tiny branches. Without a doubt, this flowery mural demands to be seen. This distinctive design would work well in various business settings, including restaurants and hotels. It's also created with fibers from sustainable sources and printed with the highest quality inks. 

Chloe Wallpaper Mural

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Things To Avoid When Designing Your Room With A Floral Wallpaper Mural

Floral patterns, particularly the kind we're used to seeing in our grandma's living room, can make a home appear too old. Choose a more fashionable, colorful flower arrangements to keep your area invigorated with Everwallpaper's floral designs. Pair a floral sofa with a modern coffee table to keep your area modern. This will make your sofa appear more elegant and unique than a prop from a 90'ss daytime sitcom.  

Maintain a consistent floral pattern. Combining jungle and floral prints can make an area appear too playful. Instead, limit yourself to one image per room. Additionally, only use solid-color wallpaper if you're aiming for a feature wall to help the print stand out.

In your home, avoid using too many floral decorations if you already have floral designs up your walls. If your sofa has a floral design, try to select a matching color palette and limit it to one accent or feature wall to avoid the room looking too cluttered.

Furthermore, begin by imagining different colors. The color scheme will influence your floral design choices and serve as the foundation for putting your plan together. Consider the scale of the flowers in the patterns when incorporating flowery prints into your house. Stick to daintier designs to create space in small rooms since large images can make them appear even smaller.

Keep in mind that Floral wallpaper murals aren't just for the ladies. For a more fluid or versatile design, try bolder prints in neutral colors. Don't be afraid to try new things! Indeed, floral wallpapers will bring your creative genius to life!


Floral wallpaper murals are trendy and in demand in many homes and office interiors. They are loved by many homeowners as well as designers since they can be tailored to a variety of areas, whether vintage, retro, or contemporary. These modern designs have raised the bar in style and have made it simple to incorporate lovely flowers into your decor.

Everwallpaper has continually drawn inspiration from flowers and nature, and you can see that in our floral wallpaper collection. Our wallpaper collections feature a wide range of flower motifs in various styles to suit any space. Our wallpaper collection includes everything from painterly renditions of country garden flowers to dramatic blossom branches to a more modern and abstract collection of flowers. 

So whether you want feminine flowers for a bedroom or stylish blooms for a a more luxurious sitting room, we have the wallpaper pattern you need, and it's all available in a wide range of colors, from soft, delicate neutrals to vivid tones and everything in between.