7 Modern Minimalist Wallpapers To Create A Unique Males Bedroom Design

Who said wallpapers are only recommendable for women? Modern wallpaper designs come in varying styles so, men who would want to transform their rooms or house walls; wallpapers are also good alternatives. The good thing with wallpapers is that they come in different styles and colors to choose from. So, as men are minimalists and love toned down colors, there are wallpapers with these designs and colors.

Still, there are women who are not into bold colored wallpapers or wallpaper that have bright details. For such, they would definitely settle for wallpapers with minimal details and toned down colors. In this article, we will look at the most recommendable wallpapers that work well with different men's bedroom designs.

What kind of wallpapers do men prefer?

    • Toned and earthy colors

Many men do not like their house walls painted with bright colors. So, for such homes, getting wallpapers with cool colors and features can help balance the colors on the wall. If the room has dull colors, wallpaper made with brighter colors like blue and white works magic in adding a brighter view in the room.

    • Contemporary look

Most men would go for wallpapers made with modern to contemporary designs, since they are easy to blend with most home designs and furniture. It is hard to find fixtures made with statement details like crystals in men's houses. So, wallpapers that blend with their cool homes work perfectly for them.

    • Fewer details

Unlike a woman who can go all the way to get wallpapers made with flowers, men would prefer the geometric, ocean or forest-inspired wallpapers. Such wallpapers have a masculine feeling to them.

The 7 best minimalists bedroom wallpapers for men review:

Bionic Gray

If you are looking for a more toned color of wallpaper maybe to match with the bright colors on your wall, here is a good example. This wallpaper can work for different rooms like bedrooms and even the bathroom areas. The design of the wallpaper stands out such that, no one can easily notice it is wallpaper and not a built wall.The patterns on this wallpaper feature stone and concrete features, plus the wallpaper is made in a grey color to mimic an actual concrete built wall. Due to the colour and the features on this wallpaper, it looks awesome with white walls or a room with earthy features. So, even a woman who is into unique home designs would love this wallpaper for their room.

Bionic Gray Wallpaper Mural

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White Painting Wall

Another beautiful wallpaper that has the concrete feature design great for men's rooms. This wallpaper is suitable for different bedroom designs, living rooms or if you have a section of your corridor that you would love to create a natural wall look. It has a faux white painting, again, to ensure it does not look off with other wall painting. Generally, this wallpaper gives an unfinished look to a part of the wall, which is quite attractive. Contemporary to modern-contemporary home finishing work well with this wallpaper.

White Painting Wall Wallpaper Mural

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Geometrical Line

Imagine walking in a bedroom or living room with geometric mural on the wall and good lighting? Of course, it would look elegant without taking away the masculine energy in the room. So, this wallpaper is a good option for men and women looking to transform their walls or section of their walls. The wallpaper features two neutral and well-toned colors of grey and black. The geometric lines are in black drawn on a gray background that really stands out, while blending with other parts of the house.

Geometrical Line Wall Mural

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Cool Geometric

Do you want to go bold on home decoration maybe with wallpaper, while still maintaining a good color blend in the room? Well, you need to get this wallpaper. It has geometric features in different angles and shapes that create a statement on the wallpaper. The wallpaper may have a bold design, but the colors are well-toned; as most men don't like bold colors. So, it is wallpaper that screams bold while still blending with other cool colors of the room. You can install the wallpaper on part of the living room, or bedroom.

Cool Geometric Wallpaper Mural

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Blue Gradient Texture

Blue is generally known to be a man's color, but this is a different blue that adds a calm and unique style. The wallpaper features blue with white color details to break the monotony. So, whether you have white or blue furniture in the room, this wallpaper would do magic in blending with any of these colors. This wallpaper is good for the bedroom or a part of the living room wall.

Blue Gradient Texture Wall Mural

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Foggy Woods

If you are a man who loves natural details in the bedroom, I bet you will be wowed by this wallpaper. It has colors and details that bring in a natural vibe to your bedroom. The wallpaper has woodland with trees in a foggy background. So, if you put this wallpaper on the side of the bed headboard, it would look like you are sleeping in the foggy forest setting. The wallpaper also has a calm and blissful touch to it something we all need in our bedrooms.

Foggy Woods Wall Mural

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Misty Mountain

The bedroom is where we rest after a long tiring day, and the settings highly determine your sleep and entire aura. Well, this is awesome wallpaper that brings in beautiful natural touch to your home for that calming effect or feeling. It has deep blue and white waves to create a mountain view in the area you fit it. The wallpaper is hand-painted with water colors, which makes it look more natural.

Misty Mountain Wall Mural

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Whether you want to add decor features to your room, or tone down the bright colors on your bedroom, these are great wallpapers to get. Some of the wallpapers features the peel and stick installation modes, others have the heavy and medium, depending on the texture of the wallpaper. The above-reviewed wallpapers come in different colors and feature perfect for men, and maybe women who need unique minimalistic wallpapers for living rooms or bedrooms.

For those who need statement features, go with the colorful and bold wallpapers. Those who are looking for a more toned color, choose wallpaper with plain colors or details. The above wallpapers are quite affordable and ship in most states, so you can order from different states and have them delivered to your home.