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12 Modern Minimalist Wallpapers To Create A Unique Males Bedroom Design

Cool Black Male Room Decor Ideas

Who said wallpapers are only recommendable for women? Modern wallpaper designs come in varying styles, so men would want to transform men's bedrooms and interior walls into an art house. The good thing with these men's panel wallpapers is they come in different styles and colors to choose from, making an achievable peel-and-stick DIY home decor that is self-adhesive. When it comes to interior design preference, men usually prefer minimalists and toned-down colors, making them more inclined to damask and wood effect patterns, commonly in monochrome shades.

Still, some women are into bold-colored vinyl wallpapers or interior design with bright details. For such, they would definitely settle for metallic wallpapers with minimal details and muted hues. In this article, we will look at the most recommendable wall decor with peel-and-stick wallpapers that work well with different men's bedroom designs.

What kind of wallpapers do men prefer?

    • Toned and earthy colors

Usually, men do not like their house walls painted with bright colors. So, for such homes, getting panel wallpapers with cool colors and features can help balance the tones of on the wall. But If the room still has dull colors, a vinyl wallpaper with vibrant hues like blue and white works magically in adding a brighter view in the men's room.

    • Contemporary look

It is hard to find fixtures made with statement details like crystals in men's art houses. This is because most men would go for peel-and-stick wallpapers made with modern to contemporary designs since they are easy to blend with most home decor and paintable furniture. Hence, wood panel wallpapers that blend with cool interiors are definitely on men’s wishlist of must-have bedroom wallpapers.

    • Fewer details

Unlike women who can go all the way to get floral wallpaper, men prefer geometric, ocean or forest-inspired wallpapers. Such feature wall wallpaper decor have a masculine feeling to them, ideal for men's bedroom

The 12 best selling minimalists bedroom wallpapers for men review:

Bionic Gray Wallpaper

If you are looking for a monochrome color of men's bedroom wallpaper to match the bright hues on your wall, here is a good example! This grey wallpaper can work for different rooms like bedrooms and even the bathroom areas. The design of the textured wallpaper stands out and no one can easily notice it is a peel-and-stick wallpaper and not a built wall.The patterns on this wallpaper feature stone and concrete features, plus they are designed in a grey color to mimic an actual concrete built wall in an art house. This will look awesome on white walls with earthy elements, and even a woman into unique home designs would love this striped wallpaper for their room.

White Painting Wall Coverings

Another beautiful self-adhesive wallpaper that has a concrete feature design great for men's rooms. This aesthetic wallpaper is suitable for different bedroom designs, living rooms, or if you have a section of your corridor that you would love to create a natural anaglypta wall look. It has a faux white painting, again, to ensure it does not look off from other wall paintings. Generally, this vinyl wallpaper gives an unfinished look to a part of the wall and makes it more attractive. Contemporary to modern-contemporary home finishing work well with this feature wall wallpaper.

Geometrical Line Wall Mural

Imagine walking into a men’s bedroom or living room with a geometric mural on the wall and good lighting? Of course, it would look elegant without taking away the masculine energy in the room. So, this monochrome wallpaper is a good option for men and women looking to transform their walls or section of their walls into an art house. The wallpaper features two neutral and well-toned colors of grey and black. The geometric lines are in black drawn on a gray background that really stands out, while blending with other parts of the house.

Cool Geometric Wallpaper

Do you want to go bold on home decoration while still maintaining a good color blend in the room? Well, you need to check out this wallpaper. It has geometric features in different angles and shapes that create a statement in the design. The colors are well-toned, as most men don't like bold ones. So, this is a wallpaper that screams bold while still blending with other cool colors of the room. You can install this wallpaper with sticky back plastic on any part of the living room or bedroom.

Blue Gradient Textured Wallpaper

Blue is generally known to be a man's color, but this is a different shade that adds a calm and unique style. The wallpaper features blue with white and teal accent details to break the monotony. So, whether you have white or blue furniture in the room, this wallpaper would do magic in blending with any of these colors. This wallpaper is good for the bedroom or a part of the living room wall.

Foggy Woods Wallpaper Mural

If you are a man who loves natural details in the bedroom, I bet you will be wowed by this wallpaper. It has colors and details that bring in a natural vibe to men's bedrooms. The wallpaper has woodland with trees in a foggy background. So, if you put this wallpaper on the side of the bed headboard, it would look like you are sleeping in the foggy forest setting. The wallpaper also has a calm and blissful touch to it something we all need to check out for our bedrooms.

Snowy Forest Effect Wallpaper

This contemporary leaf wallpaper will make you feel as though you have stepped into the center of the forest and are surrounded by nature inside your room. It has a snow-covered forest with trees and leaves all over the wall. The design in this green wallpaper uses a combination of bright colors and a white background with tiny details of snowflakes to simulate the genuine look of snow falling on the landscape. This forest jungle mural will provide light and brightness to men's bedroom and is certain to go with any home style.

Blue Letter Age Retro Wall Wallpaper

With its striking color scheme and abstract pattern, this elegant English alphabet-inspired letter wallpaper is a great addition to any modern and minimalist bedroom. The bright lettering on this design is employed to add contrast and interest to the room's walls. This art deco wallpaper's vibrant hues make it the ideal choice for adding a splash of color to your neutral walls. To give your home a coherent appearance, this peel-and-stick wallpaper has been created to coordinate with the other pieces of furniture in your living space.

Misty Mountain Valley Wall Coverings

Offering a simple but strong ombre color palette, this landscape wallpaper is perfect for any interior design. This mountain valley landscape design has been created with a bold and vibrant blue and orange ombre effect to give your walls an ethereal look while creating an amazing visual impact. The green wallpaper has a contemporary feel to it, which makes it perfect for creating a unique male bedroom design and should be added to your wishlist.

3D Effect Mountain Scene Wall Coverings

A perfect layout for those who appreciate minimalism but still want to give their spaces a unique paintable appearance. This 3D wallpaper of a mountain peak in shining brilliant dreamy colors offers you the opportunity of creating an original design for your bedroom. This mural with geometric patterns has a simple but sophisticated look that will blend perfectly with any other design elements you already have on your feature wall.

Blotted Python Skin Wall Wallpaper

A magnificent animal skin wallpaper that will give your room an old-world charm. This subtle red and metallic silver mural features the pattern of a large blotted skin of a python, making it ideal for the bedroom of boys who adore this reptile animal. The result of this animal-inspired textured wallpaper is very modern and fashionable, with a huge coverage, so they will look great even if you use them as artwork or posters and don't place them right against the wall or ceiling.

Textured Dark Python Skin Wallpaper Ideas

The pattern on this animal skin wallpaper is distinctive and appears to be an abstract skin design on the wall. This black wallpaper imparts a sense of warmth and comfort that is ideal for creating a casual yet fashionable men's bedroom. It features huge skin blotches over a black background and is repeated throughout the layout. To spice up your bedroom wall decor, use this pattern as a border on your headboard or above your bed.

Whether you want to add decorative features to your room, or tone down the bright colors in your bedroom, these are great wallpapers to get. Some of the wallpapers feature self-adhesive installation modes, while others have heavy and medium finish, depending on the texture of the wallpaper. The above-reviewed wallpapers come in different colors and feature perfect for men, and maybe women who need unique minimalistic wallpapers for living rooms or bedrooms.

For those who need statement features, go with colorful and bold wallpapers. Those who are looking for a more toned color, choose wallpaper with plain colors or details. The above wallpapers are quite affordable and ship in most states, so you can order from different states and have them delivered to your home.