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7 Cool Boy Wallpaper Designs That Will Grow With Your Child

Your little boy's bedroom is the ideal space for him to explore creative ideas, and one of the best ways to inspire your boy's imagination is through wallpaper murals. In a way that paint can't, boy bedroom wallpapers can bring vibrant visual stories to a room. Whether you're looking to create an outerspace interior, mechanical theme, or a style that kids won't outgrow, our collection of boy bedroom wallpaper ideas is sure to inspire you. 

Take a look at Everwallpaper's boy wallpaper collection for your boys' bedrooms. These designs are guaranteed to complement various interior schemes and styles. Choose from our Art of Line wallpaper designs for a stylish and masculine style, or go with the Astronaut Halo motif for a more creative boys' bedroom design. Most designs may be customized in terms of color, so if you find something you like but the color isn't quite right, contact us, and we'll help you create the best interior you could give to your little boy!

Art Of Line

When it comes to boys' bedroom wallpaper, subtlety is often the key, especially if you want it to be a space they can grow with. Prepare to be impressed by our Art of Line wallpaper mural. This work of art, which combines simple black and white lines and circles, will undoubtedly make a strong visual impact while creating a super cool effect in our interior area. As a prominent wall in your living room or dining area, this sophisticated Art of Line wallpaper mural exudes charm and elegance.

Art Of Line Wall Mural

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Bloody Codes

The Bloody Codes Mural Wallpaper instantly enhances your space and displays your child's fascination for computers. The Bloody Codes is the ideal alternative to a plain white wall with an all-over contemporary design in blood red and black. This blood-red pattern wallpaper is perfect for adding a sense of art and intrigue to a desk, cabinet, or even an entryway. This artwork is specially made for teenagers and young adults who live in urban city apartments.

Bloody Codes Way Wall Mural

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Astronaut Halo

Reach for the stars with this whimsical space-themed boy wallpaper for bedroom that twinkles with dreamy accents. A space-themed bedroom creates a relaxing bedtime environment and encourages your child to dream. Why not be bold and paper the ceiling for a lovely night of stargazing?

With the Astronaut Halo wallpaper mural, you can inspire your kids and help them define their aspirations. The space-themed wallpaper mural depicts an astronaut landing on the moon's surface for the first time, with Earth in the background. This mural's darkness will work well in either a boy's or a girl's room, with some decorations and add-ons to brighten it up. You could even decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars to make it truly extraordinary. Order this stunning wallpaper mural to the total size of your wall and discover how it can transform your child's imagination.

Astronaut Halo Wall Mural

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Square Metal

With this magnificent Square Metal wallpaper mural, you can create a room that is of this world. This Square Metal wallpaper mural depicts an exceptional moment that you can proudly display on your wall and is ideal for children's bedrooms, offices, and game rooms.

Square Metal Wallpaper

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Mechanical Gear

With our Mechanical Gear Wallpaper Mural, you can give your child's interior décor a techy feel! This accent wall idea will appeal to your boy's interest in mechanics. You can instantly lift any homeroom by using mild black tones that give the décor a lighter feel. The simple gray tones allow the shapes of the screws and wheels to take the center stage, allowing your home décor to reach new and unique levels.

Mechanical Gear Mural Wallpaper

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Monochrome Grain Concrete

Get lost in the misty shades of grey created by the iconic black and white combo in this Monochrome Grain Concrete mural wallpaper. This Monochrome Grain Concrete will provide you with a wide range of possibilities for decorating your space. These beautiful hues of grey and black, with hazy whites in between, are a fantastic match and color transition. You can design it with white adornments and solid white drapes for more contrast. This design's unique feature makes it simple and sophisticated, and it surely goes with any decor and furniture.

The Monochrome Grain Concrete is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, or offices. We are confident that this mural will enhance any space. If you want elegance coupled with modernism, this should be at the top of your list.

Monochrome Grain Concrete Mural Wallpaper

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Glitch Brush

Looking for a modern mural wallpaper to complete your design? Here is the most suitable option for you. When looking at the Glitch Brush wallpaper mural, the combination of black and white provides a sense of relaxation. Adding white and black furniture will give your room and area a beautiful appeal. Furthermore, adding a splash of color to the room can give it a festive feel. Get this Glitch Brush wallpaper mural today to get that masculine appeal for your boy's bedroom.

Glitch Brush Mural Wallpaper

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How do I choose the best wallpaper for my boy's bedroom?

There are no restrictions when choosing wallpaper for a boy's room. In fact, the more daring and brave you are, the better. Don't be hesitant to use pattern and color to transform a space instantly; it'll take your boy's room to a whole new level.

What Wallpaper is in? What is on-trend, what is not?

Many parents and homeowners today opt for gender-neutral colors. These days, the selections are significantly more diverse, and the color combinations are limitless. Traditional themes and patterns like 'seaside' and 'stars' still work well in a classic boys' bedroom; nevertheless, on-trend pattern-themed wallpaper murals are making a comeback, Glitch Brush, for example.

Creating an Accent Wall For Your Boy's Bedroom

Don't decorate the entire room if you want a more subtle makeover for your boy's room; instead, pick one wall and make an accent wall to dazzle guests. You can add some excitement to the bedroom without entirely overpowering the preferences of your child. The Bloody Codes wallpaper mural is a terrific idea to give your boy's room a cohesive color scheme. This option will make it easy for you to choose matching bedding, drapes, and other decors to match the mural.

Match the Design To Your Little Boy's Interests

Allow your son to adorn his room with some of his favorite interests or passions. A mural like the Astronaut Halo is a beautiful concept for decorating a bedroom if they're into Science or Astronomy. By choosing cool wallpaper for wall design, you can easily add pops of color to the room.


Children are inventive, artistic, and full of life; therefore, it's only natural that a child's wallpaper should be fun and energetic. You can turn your child's bedroom into a lively atmosphere with our unique cool wallpapers mural, from codes and astronauts to their interests in mechanics and art. You can design something extraordinary for your little guy by using one of our cool wallpapers you'll never see again.