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Wallpaper Murals for Teenagers’ Bedrooms: How to Create a Cool and Engaging Space

If you are the parent of a teenager, you know that they can be a bit challenging to please when it comes to their bedroom décor. They want something cool and stylish, but they also want it to be comfortable and reflect their personality. Discover some tips on how to create the perfect teenager’s very own oasis.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your teen’s style is. Are they into sports? Are they into video games? Do you want to go for a “gender-neutral” theme?

Once you know their style, you can start to look for bedroom furniture and décor that reflects that. For example, if your teen is into sports, you could look for bedding with his/her favorite team's logo on it or wall art that has to do with sports.

If they’re into video games, you can incorporate that into the bedroom décor as well. You can find video game-themed bedding, posters, and even furniture. For example, you can find a gaming chair that he/she can use to play his favorite games in comfort.

If you want a more gender-neutral bedroom them then you can go for bedding with fun patterns and colors. You can even add some sparkle with wall art or furniture. For example, you can find a bed with a canopy that has brighter lights around it.

Once you have an idea of what kind of décor you want to use, it's time to start shopping! You can look for bedroom furniture and décor online or in stores. If you are looking for something specific, like video game-themed furniture, you may need to look for it online.

Blue Wallpaper Murals For Your Developing Teen

One challenge parents face when their children reach their teenage years is how to create a fantastic and engaging space. For teens, this often means incorporating elements of adventure and excitement into the design. Teeanger room wallpaper murals can be a great way to do this, as they can add interest and personality to any room.


When it comes to choosing a wallpaper mural for a teenager’s bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    • First, you want to ensure that the mural is something your teen will enjoy looking at. It should be youthful and energetic without being too juvenile. Second, you want to choose a mural appropriate for the room's size. A large mural will make a small room feel even smaller, so it is essential to select something that is in proportion to the space. 
    • Finally, you want to make sure that the mural is easy to install and remove. This is especially important if your teen’s taste in art changes over time!

Once you have selected the perfect mural for your teen’s bedroom, it is time to start styling the space. 

First, look at the mural's colors and use them as a starting point for choosing bedding, window treatments, and other accessories. You can also add fun elements like glow-in-the-dark stars or string lights to make the space pop. Finally, don't forget to include some personal touches that reflect your child’s on's interests and hobbies. By following these simple tips, you can create a calm and engaging bedroom that your teen will love for years to come. Check out Everwallpaper’s blue teenager wallpaper mural collection below:

Animal Map

Looking for a fun and educational way to liven up your child's room? Then check out our Animal Map Wallpaper Mural! This mural feature cute animals from all around the world, set against a colorful map background. Not only is it eye-catching and sure to delight your little one, but the Animal Map mural also a great way to help them learn about different countries and cultures. So why not give your child's room a makeover that's both stylish and educational?

Animal Map Wall Mural

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Space Station

Space is a fascinating place and kids love learning about it. With the Space Station Wallpaper Mural, they can bring this interest to life in their own room. It's a great way to encourage their imaginations and make bedtime or playtime more fun. They'll love listening to stories of different galaxies and planets while looking at the bright and colorful design. The cartoon wallpaper is easy to install, so you can quickly transform their room into an intergalactic adventure. Plus, it's a great way to encourage their interest in science and space exploration!

Space Station Wall Mural

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Blue Watercolour Fish

Bring the underwater world into your living space with this Blue Watercolour Fish wallpaper mural. Featuring an array of vibrant blue hues, this watercolour wallcovering is perfect for creating a tranquil and relaxing ambiance in any room. Whether you want to make a bold statement in your living room or add a touch of whimsy to your nursery, the Blue Watercolour Fish mural is sure to make a splash. Plus, installation is a breeze – just peel and stick to apply. So dive into something new today and transform your home into an underwater oasis!

Blue Watercolour Fish Wall Mural

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Group Houses

Splash some color to your interiors with this blue hand-painted Group Houses wallpaper mural. This delightful blue design is perfect for injecting some life into any room, and is bound to become a talking point amongst guests. The intricate houses are all different sizes and shapes, giving the mural an organic feel. Each one has been hand-painted with care and detail, making the Group Houses wallpaper mural a truly unique piece.

Group Houses Wall Mural

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Underwater World

Come explore the Underwater World with this exciting ocean wallpaper mural. The Underwater World is perfect for creating a nautical atmosphere in any room. It features lovely shades of blue and green, and an underwater world full of fascinating sea creatures. The school of fish swimming through the mural is sure to add a nautical atmosphere to your teen’s bedroom.

Underwater World Wall Mural

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Letter Age

If you're looking for a wallpaper mural that's both stylish and unique, look no further than our Letter Age Wallpaper Mural! Composed of bold letters and symbols throughout the panel, this cool mural is the perfect addition to your dorm room or teen's room. Plus, it's sure to start some interesting conversations - after all, what does these letters stand for? Is it a kiss? A secret message? Only you will know!

Letter Age Wall Mural

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Designing a Teenage Bedroom on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

One of the most critical rooms in a teenager's life is their bedroom. This is where they will spend most of their time, and it should be a place that they can feel comfortable in and call their own. If you are on a budget, don't worry! There are many ways to design a teenage bedroom without spending a lot of money. Here are tips and tricks that will help you save money while still creating a room that your teenager will love.

One way to save money when building a teenage bedroom is to shop for secondhand furniture. You can often find great deals on used furniture at garage sales, thrift stores, and even online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Another option is to ask family and friends if you could use any unwanted furniture.

Another way to save money is to DIY some of the elements in the room. For example, you can paint an old dresser or desk to give it a new look. You can also make your own artwork for the walls using stencils or free printable. There are many tutorials online on how to do this.

If you're not able to find any secondhand furniture, don't worry. There are still plenty of ways to save money on new furniture. One option is to look for sales and clearance items at your local home improvement store. Another option is to purchase affordable furniture from online retailers like IKEA or Wayfair.

Finally, don't forget to accessorize! This is where you can really let your teenager's personality shine through. Look for items that reflect their interests and hobbies. For example, if they love music, you could frame some of their favorite concert posters or hang up vintage record album covers. If they are into sports, you could frame a jersey or put up a collage of their famous athletes.