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Building A Productive Office Space With Calm Blue Wallpaper Murals

You have the liberty when it comes to decorating your home. If you intend to resell your home in the future, you may be extra cautious about wallpaper patterns, but in general, your home is your playground. Decorating an office, on the other hand, can be more restrictive. You must evaluate how the environment will feel to your staff and clients, as well as how properly your brand will be represented. This will differ based on your industry, but most companies desire to be perceived as professional.

What should you think about before installing new wallpaper in your business building?

You deserve more than just a metal desk and an extra chair jammed into a spare corner, whether your home office is a specific area for running a business, your remote workstation, or simply a place for paying bills and arranging your schedule. Why? A workspace that mirrors the decor and convenience of the rest of your home is where you'll want to stay up late. Below is Everwallpaper's collection, perfect for your office:  

Blue Marble 

With our white and blue marble wallpaper mural, you can create a one-of-a-kind area in your house with this elegant marble design. This light faux design is a stunning departure from the typical colors we associate with classic marble - the addition of delicate blue and white veins lends a touch of relaxing color to a space. The Blue Marble wallpaper mural will look great in a dining room, kitchen, or bathroom and is likely to impress you, your staff, and your visitors. Mix and match classic and contemporary furniture and decor to get the desired aesthetic.

Blue Wood Chips  

Take some time to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of this Blue Wood mural wallpaper's design. The design looks like waves in black with a light blue background that will make your office appear more expansive than it is. The Blue Wood Chips design is a simple mural that is perfect for a few decoration ideas. You can install this design not only in your office but also in your bedroom with caramel-leathered furniture, a living room with velvet couches and light curtains, or a bathroom for a very stimulating atmosphere. The design's color palette is soothing to the eyes and will provide you with tranquil slumber and a charming, pleasant vibe throughout your space.

Blue Sweater Texture 

You'll feel absolutely cozy when you're enclosed by this Blue Sweater Texture Mural Wallpaper on your office walls. This attractive striped wallpaper is a trendy pattern for your space, showcasing a vintage cardigan's gentle knitted blue sweater texture. The Blue Sweater Texture is a design that was created specifically to replicate the realistic stenciled look of walls from centuries ago. The pattern shines out brilliantly against light or wood-toned colors.

Blue Ridge

Everwallpaper's Blue Ridge Wallpaper Mural is a stunning design representing a spectacular mountain top view, ensuring that you have that magnificent feature wall in your office space. If you're searching for a stunning feature wall and a one-of-a-kind focal point, go further than this exquisite Blue Ridge wallpaper mural. Beautifully subtle, the saturated tones in this design produce a mural that will complement any color palette and look great in your office and various spaces at home.

Blue Morning Glory 

With Everwallpaper's Blue Morning Glory Wallpaper, your staff can come to the office to witness a beautiful floral view every day! This design is composed of a print of a sunny blue morning glory flower on a stunning natural palette of ocean blue and deep lavender. The Blue Morning Glory wallpaper is intended to add a sophisticated and subtle touch to various spaces. Its lovely and realistic floral design is ideal for any walls and ceiling in your home, as well as study rooms, offices, powder rooms, and living rooms.

Snow Scenery At Dawn

Forget about the urban maze for a few moments and get lost in the picturesque magnificence of Everwallpaper's Snow Scenery At Dawn. This wallpaper mural will look fabulous in your office space because its aesthetic features would draw attention and serve as an excellent backdrop for your modern furnishings. The Snow Scenery At Dawn wallpaper mural has a stunning view with hints of snow and a nearly deserted area that leads to adventure. The wallpaper would be an excellent motivator for you to get away, even if only for a bit of time, to de-stress.

Dubai Gulf

Dubai, a renowned tourist destination and one of the world's fastest-growing cities, is an ideal design to entirely alter your home or workplace. With this Dubai Gulf wallpaper mural, you can incorporate the ultra-modern metropolis with the world's tallest structure into any interior design project. Take in the metropolitan skyline from above in this city with systems that stretch into the clouds.

Blue Circles

Your office space is transformed into an abstract art exhibition with our Blue Circles wallpaper mural. This one-of-a-kind geometric pattern has large forms with smooth lines in a timeless black and white color scheme. The circles combine to produce a compelling sense of movement and modernity that will capture your office's attention as the center point. The elegant, simple tones go well with a wide range of color palettes and designs, whether you like a modern, masculine, or minimalist style. Make Blue Circles the new focal point in other spaces such as your living area, bedroom, dining room, or hallway.

Creating A Productive Office With Wallpaper Murals 

  • Review Your Patterns

They may appear stylish, but too many patterns may turn off some of your clients. If you choose patterned wallpaper, try not to hang a different design on each wall. You certainly would not want your clients or staff to experience too much sensory overload.

  • Create a Feature Wall

Choosing one wall to create that statement with is a remarkable option for many businesses. If you're concerned that your customers may see patterned wallpaper adversely, place it on one wall and hang regular colored sheets on the other areas to minimize conflicting designs.

  • Opt For Cozy Accessories

Unless you're trying for a modern minimalist desigh, consider items that add to the coziness of your home offices, such as a mug that serves as a pencil holder, stylish notepads and sticky notes, and a beautiful trash can. Wrap a beautiful cloth around your bulletin board and conceal functional bookshelves behind curtains made of the same material. Whether it's your children's framed artwork or a great painting, hang encouraging posters on the walls.

  • Find The Best Location

You'll most likely be spending a lot of time in your office, so don't skimp on space. Don't miss out on traffic congestion and your capacity to deal with distractions. Do you work best in a bustling environment, or do you prefer a more relaxing and quiet workspace? If clients visit, don't forget to prepare for a secluded area with plenty of sitting spaces.

A comfortable yet elegant area is fantastic for resting and reducing distractions, but go big if you really need your office to wake you up and get you ready for the day. Bright colors and energetic geometrics may energize you and your team. To keep you and your staff's minds busy and produce new and creative thoughts, use an exciting hue with a lot of visual action.  

In terms of home offices, the most difficult challenge for any worker is balancing work and family life. It's crucial to keep work at work, but this gets more difficult when your workspace is also a part of your home. If you have a specific space for your home workstation, make it stand out with unusual wallpaper contrasting with the rest of the house. Consider a color that isn't commonly used or a design that relates to the nature of your job. Even a new theme in the same color scheme will help you be productive and creative.