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8 Marvelous Marble Wallpapers That Make Your Room Gorgeous

Whether it's elegance or minimalism you are looking for, a good marble wallpaper mural makes a room more gorgeous. It doesn't just give a beautiful touch to the surroundings, but it's also a cost-effective way to liven up your personal space. Opting for marble wallpaper murals is an excellent way to make a bold statement but also allows you to experience something different for a change. You don't have to worry if you don't have what it takes to redecorate your room because your marble wallpaper mural can spice up things for you. Meanwhile, it gives you the option to change designs whenever you want.

What Is A Marble Wallpaper Mural?

The use of marbles is a staple in the design industry. Many people have constantly used it because it is something associated with luxury and elegance. However, as technological advancements dawned, the traditional way of decorating using marble slowly transitioned to a more accessible and cost-effective manner, as to how marble wallpaper murals came to light.

Marble wallpapers are becoming quite a trend now because even non-interior design people can liven up a space with just a good marble wallpaper design. Since numerous companies or designers offer marble wallpaper murals, choosing which one to install on your walls could be overwhelming. Here are some of the characteristics of marble wallpaper that you should check out if you plan to get some:

  • Highly adhesive - if you want to install a marble wallpaper mural in your room, make sure they have high-adhesive power. Strong enough to overcome the test of time.
  • Water-resistant - Yes, almost every wallpaper nowadays is water-resistant. However, you can't be too sure. Only choose resistant ones, as exposure to water may cause the adhesive of your marble wallpaper mural to weaken
  • Odorless - Some marble wallpaper murals have chemical-like odors. If you are sensitive to smell, choosing a marble wallpaper mural with no unpleasant or strong odors is wise. Here, the company everwallpaper produces wallpapers with non-toxic materials, holding the spirit of environmental friendliness.

Why Getting A Marble Wallpaper Mural Is The Best Option?

A marble wallpaper mural is becoming hot with interior decorating. Aside from the elegance it gives to the entire room, it is also cost-effective and easy to apply. Using a marble wallpaper mural is becoming a trend. The vibe of these wallpapers reminds someone of the classic antiquity style while still leaving the impression of modern and classy wall decoration.

This reason is also why marble wallpaper murals always make it to the top-best sellers of wallpaper decoration. They are an excellent representation of contemporary and classic designs combined. If you're planning to upgrade your wall decor from plain colors to aesthetic ones, going for a marble wallpaper mural could never be wrong.

Advantages Of Using Marble Wallpaper Mural

Aside from the aesthetic it gives your room, there are also several advantages of using marble wallpaper murals. We will try to identify each one of them.

  • Cost-friendly - one of the many reasons people love these wallpaper murals is their cost. They are much more inexpensive than actual marbles and, on some occasions, could be even cheaper than paints or other wall decors.
  • Peel-and-stick - aside from being a cheaper alternative, these wallpaper murals are also very easy to install. You won't have to go through so much hassle and stick them to your wall. All you need is your marble wallpaper murals and the set of instructions that came with it.
  • Customizable - another advantage of using marble wallpaper murals is the option to customize your wall freely. If you get tired of a design, you can find another style and stick them to your wall. Unlike using authentic marble or paint, taking out a marble wallpaper mural is so much easier.

Purple And Gold Marble

Purple and marble go perfectly well together. Moreover, this design's gold linings on the cracks and veins help accentuate the entire style. Aside from being elegant, the whole concept is chic, and almost every girl would love to have this in their rooms. Notice how the designer incorporated gold lines in the cracks and veins to accentuate the patterns. The color combinations help in making the design look classic yet luxe.

Textured Marbles

This design is similar to the purple and gold marble wallpaper above, only its texture. It also incorporates gold lines to accentuate the cracks and veins of the wallpaper mural design. This is perfect for people who don't really like purple but prefer the design.

Pink Colored Marble

Here is another perfectly designed marble wallpaper mural that pink lovers would definitely love. It has the elements with the other two above but instead of gold lines, the designer decided to opt for a less shimmery hue and went for a yellow. Aside from this, there are also hints of blue and purple colors on the design, and of course, the cracks and veins make the design look modern yet classy.

Pinky Red Marble Watercolor

Here is a marble wallpaper mural that differs from the other three. Compared to the other three, the design of this marble wallpaper mural resembles that of a watercolor effect. One of the main factors that add to the beauty and the design is the gold lines and the choice of color the designer made. When placed with different decoratives, the colors won't look too overwhelming and would even highlight them.

Colorful Geometric Marble

The use of geometric patterns isn't new. It's something timeless. In this particular design, the geometric patterns and different colors add grace to the entire output. The choices of colors aren't clashing, and they are something that you can associate with almost any decoration. To give your wall a better look, you can try pairing the wallpaper mural with decorations with lighter colors.


This marble wallpaper mural has a unique look and an ultra-modern vibe, ideal for people looking for something newer than the usual pink, purple, or blue patterns. Irregularity goes perfectly well with wall designs. This design, in particular, has neutral and soft tones to blend out modern and elegant looks flawlessly.

Geometric Marble

White and gold colors are the way to go if you want something classy for your room. This design uses a geometric pattern with gold lines and dark cracks and veins. Another design that's excellent for people who want something stylish yet minimal.

Black & White Marble

If you're not too sure which color to choose for your marble wallpaper mural, black and white is the safest combination to go. They go well with any other wall decoration and won't overpower them.


Choosing a marble wallpaper mural for your wall decor is a wise choice and has many benefits. It is cost-effective and gives the best value for your money. They can be easily installed or taken down and you don’t need to take much effort. If you want to get a marble wallpaper mural for your walls, choose which design you are most comfortable with. After all, design is just as important as the cost of the product.