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Bring The Best out of Your Daughter with Pink Themed Wallpaper Murals

There are plenty of options for girl bedroom wallpaper ideas, whether you want a nature-themed mural design, an eye-catching pattern, or a classic design that will grow with your child. With Everwallpaper's large variety of  bedroom wallpaper, you can make her room as brilliant as she is! Our wallpaper collection includes one-of-a-kind designs that will make her fall in love with her space. You may turn her room into a space with florals, marbles, or creative space with adorable cat drawings. Our extensive and fun collection will undoubtedly satisfy your daughter's preferences!

Check out these popular pink aesthetic wallpaper design ideas for the ladies in your household. We have the best design ideas for her bedroom—whether your girls enjoy all things floral or fashion, whether they're toddlers or teens, you'll discover something they'll love! You can immediately remove the pattern after they grow out of it or find something else they prefer with removable wallpaper or a detachable mural.

How do I choose a wallpaper for a girl?

Consider a wallpaper design that will grow together with your child by avoiding too-themed wallpapers. Your daughter will surely grow up quickly, so choose a wallpaper that will grow with her. Most importantly, choose a design that will motivate her and represent her personality.

Below are 7 recommended repeating pattern wall murals in pink to get you inspired.

Pine Leaves

Bold, vivid florals are a natural choice for girls' bedroom wallpaper. Rather than sticking with the traditional flower designs of the past, opt for a design that is bold and colorful and match it with neutral furniture and linens. The Pine Leaves wallpaper mural complements best with a lighter rug or bedspread. Alternatively, utilize a subdued color from the wallpaper as an accent color throughout the space. This lovely Pine Leaves wallpaper mural will transport you to the splendor of living amid nature. The pastel leaf pattern is the ideal way to bring nature inside. You may also use the Pinea Leaves wallpaper mural to enhance a feature wall in your living room, dining room, or hallway for an instant new feeling.

Repeat Marble

The Repeat Marble Wallpaper Mural is a modern wall effect design that will impress your guests by adding a sophisticated touch to your space. This unique design of the Repeat Marble design features a three-color backdrop with beautiful white marble tiles scaled up from the bottom to offer an eye-catching accent to your theme. The contemporary style of the fresh white, black, and pink tones is ideal for modern kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Pink Fragments

The lovely pastel wallpaper mural on this list will give your walls the basic look of terrazzo tiles. This on-trend Pink Fragments wallpaper mural will add simple grace to various spaces such as the living room, hallway, bathroom, and children's room by creating a relaxing impression. The Pink Fragments is an ideal wall mural that goes with any kind of furniture.

Little Terrazzo

If your older daughter is in her tweens or teens, a classic approach to bedroom design may be the best option. This lovely Little Terrazo wallpaper mural will give your walls the basic look of terrazzo tiles. This Little Terrazzo wallpaper will add simple grace to your dining room, bathroom, and nursery room by creating a relaxing impression. The Little Terrazo is your perfect wall mural that goes with any kind of interior design and furniture.

Greeting Cat

The Greeting Cat wallpaper mural is an ideal design for your child who loves animals. This cartoon wallpaper mural is adorable and ideal for various spaces, including the bathroom, hallway, and nursery room. The Greeting Cat wallpaper is timeless and would make a great feature wall in your child's bedroom or playroom. It's a great wall mural for everyone from newborns to teenagers.

Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon mural wallpaper will add a quirky touch to your walls. You may create a dreamlike retreat from the everyday reality of work and home life with this colorful mural design of a Hot Air Balloon against a rainbow and foggy background. This pinky wallpaper mural will give your space a festive ambiance and a fun makeover, making it ideal for children's rooms and nurseries. With your creativity, you can create a world of Hot Air Balloons in your girl's bedroom.

Fashion Perfume

Are you a fashionista who loves fast fashion and the latest trends? The Fashion wallpaper mural is an ideal option for your trendy daughter. Bring this design to your girl's bedroom or powder room and make her feel like a princess by channeling perfume throughout the space. Spoil your little girl with the feminine motif and complement it with light-colored furnishings for a complete look.

Designing Your Girl's Bedroom:

    • Take Not of The Linens

If you're unsure about putting up a mural on the walls, you can still add color to a bedroom with the textiles and linens you choose. Use your daughter's favorite color when choosing sheets, whether you go for a stylish monochromatic look or a fully patterned design. Her bed will be the first thing her friends see when they enter the room, so you must take the time to decorate her bedroom to suit her wants and preferences. Try to strike a balance between style, quality, and budget, because no matter how lovely a bedding set is, if the fabrics aren't as comfortable and of good quality, your little girl's sleep will surely be compromised. Consider using Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton, for they are considered the most comfortable fabrics.

    • Don't Forget Rugs

You can bring color, character, and texture to space by maximizing the floors. Remember that kids will spend more time on their knees, playing with their toys, friends, and their siblings. So it is important not to overlook the floors. It's crucial to match their playful personalities with some thoughtful choices, such as a thick, high-quality rug that will provide your youngster with comfort and safety. Choose natural fiber carpets made of sheepskin or wool/sisal, which are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and naturally flame resistant.


For modern house interiors, wallpapers are the best and simple decor elements. They're simple to set up, maintain, and replace. They also add a new depth to wall designs that might not be attainable with traditional wall paints. Wallpapers are ideal for a child's room since they can be readily replaced if your kids damage them. So go and delve into the world of kids' room wallpaper patterns; there are hundreds of thousands to choose from. Also, if you require additional assistance with the design of your child's room, don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away.