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Give Your Home a Natural Appeal With Wood Effect Wallpaper Murals

Whether you're aiming for a clean Scandinavian style or create an illusion of wood, our wood effect wallpaper mural can surely do the job for you. So put down your chainsaw and effortlessly choose your favorite wooden effects mural and finally give your home the makeover it deserves. 

Looking for a suitable wood wallpaper or log pile effect? Wood wall murals are your inexpensive and straightforward option for adding wood effect to your walls. Installing wood wallpaper murals allows you to redesign your room and give it that earthy unfinished style that will complement your decor.

Woof effect murals are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, and you can even have a great wood panel accented with gray that will provide a fashionable, sophisticated look to any space. Ever wallpaper provides you with virtually unlimited design options for your home; below are 8 special wood effect murals you can choose from: 

Growth Ring

With our Wood Effect collection as your hallway wallpaper, you can add some nature-inspired elegance to your home décor. It showcases lovely line drawings, such as a custom black tree painting on a brown backdrop. The sheet used for printing is similar to classic watercolor papers, with a matte texture that enables a broad color range. It also is acid-free, which extends the life of the colors in print. 

Wooden Wall  

A fantastic variety of wood wallpaper, perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere in your house! Wooden wallpaper is becoming a popular option for many homeowners; today, as it offers a special steady vibe to an area. No home is entirely complete unless it is appropriately decorated to represent the characteristics of the people who live in it, and this brown wallpaper has the potential to convert any house into a home!  

Wood Block

Wood Block wallpaper — everything in one wallpaper mural – a soothing blend of color, form, and contrast. The brown color wallpapers mural employs asymmetric color and geometric blocks with a wooden feel and mellow, brown tones. Crisp lines are softened by an appealing color scheme. This mural wallpaper will look great as your kitchen, living room, hallway, as well as bedroom wallpaper mural.

Splicing Wood

With this wood wallpaper mural, you can give your area a more natural appeal. The hexagonal pattern is constructed artistically with a faux wooden touch. The traditional wood grain brown tone makes the wall mural appear to be a hardwood panel as your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even bathroom wall mural. Combine it with either classic or contemporary furniture; you will surely have an interior that is both versatile and steady.

Crack Wood II

Crack Wood II collection will provide nature-inspired flair to your home décor. It showcases a lot of lovely patterns, like this natural brown tree ring painting on a brown backdrop. It would be perfect as the home office wallpaper mural. It also is acid-free, which extends the life of the colors in print.  

Colorful Woods

Create a natural vibe in your room with this wood wallpaper mural done in an imaginative style with a simulated wooden feel. The traditional natural wood brown tone gives the wall mural natural wood appearance in your bed, living room, kitchen, or even bathroom. It will look great with either classic or modern home furniture design.


With our Wood Effect collection, you can add some nature-inspired beauty to your home décor with the Burlywood design. The burlywood tone in the verticle pattern design gives the wallpaper the appearance of a solid hardwood panel as your bed, living room, kitchen wallpaper. It will look great with either classic or modern home furniture design. 

Wood Grain

With our Wood Grain design, you can add some nature-inspired beauty to your home décor. The traditional natural wood brown tone gives the wall mural the appearance of a solid hardwood panel in your bed, lounge room, kitchen, or even bathroom. Giving your guests an exceptional experience when visiting your home. 

Wood Effect Wallpaper for A Steady and Gentle Vibes

You can create a rustic barn look with an Ever wallpaper wood wallpaper mural. Immerse yourselves with natural textures today. Our wooden effect wallpaper may be combined with contemporary or classic design to create a warm and inviting environment.  

Whether you want to create a Scandinavian-style apartment or a pleasant dark brown farmhouse atmosphere, a wooden wallpaper will surprise your guests into believing its authenticity.

With our adaptable wooden wallpapers, you can get real wood effects. Everwallpaper has a variety of wood wallpaper styles to fit your taste, whether you want a smooth pine wood effect to complement a softer environment or a white-wash or blue-wash wooden panel pattern to suit a Scandinavian or nautical theme.

Why Choose Wood Wallpaper Mural? 

Many homeowners like the idea of giving their homes a pleasant rural or rustic cabin feel. It is, no doubt, one of the most aesthetic popular wallpaper mural option right now. Some incredible imitation wood designs appear 99.9% and are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, guest bathroom accent walls, master baths, corridors, and many more.

The wood aesthetic is still going strong and shows no sign of stopping down! These designs are intended to resemble the appearance of actual wood items, such as worn wood paneling and natural woodgrain boards found at a hardware store.  

We believe this design is so popular because it is fun and full of character. It allows to make design decisions and create a place that isn't sterile or cookie-cutter. This huge style pushes you to be unique, which we believe appeals to a wide range of individuals, especially in this day and age. Above all, when choosing the best design for you walls, always remember to have fun.

Mural wallpapers offer several benefits:

    • Serves as a focal point, making tiny spaces appear more prominent.
    • Helps complete the aesthetic of bigger spaces requiring a design feature.
    • Mural wallpaper that generates a statement wall is a less expensive option than wallpapering a whole room.
    • Mural wallpaper installation is a terrific do-it-yourself job for inexperienced designers.
    • Mural wallpaper is a more durable design alternative than painting or wallpapering individual walls in a room. 

A wallpaper mural is ideal for something like an office that will be converted into a nursery or a child's bedroom whose tastes may alter in a few years.