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7 Nursery Wallpaper Mural For Your Little One’s Oasis

Babies, babies, babies. They're just wonderful and stress-inducing! You have to make multiple considerations for your child, especially when you’re a new parent. It's all up to you regarding parenting, safety, and health. So, whether you're deciding on the best car seat or whether to create your own baby food, you should never miss out on prepping the nursery room.

However, decorating a nursery can be challenging when considering all of the theme options and the color combinations. You're probably already collecting the baby blankets and cuddly toys. But how do you sort through all of this to create an environment that expresses your child's personality in a pleasant and welcoming way?

It's time to start thinking about wallpaper murals. Choosing your preferred wallpapers for the nursery can provide you with a starting point for color and pattern, as well as assist you in narrowing down whatever your theme should be. With so many wallpaper alternatives available, as a homeowner and a parent, we also have to consider our nursery renovation budget. Take a peek at these seven most fabulous nursery wallpaper patterns by Everwallpaper.

Unicorn & Princess

A Unicorn and Princess wallpaper mural in a little girl's nursery is probably the first option that comes to mind. No need to worry because we give you all the girlie glam you'll ever need with Everwallpaper's Unicorn & Princess. This unicorns and princess wallpaper mural will bring you and your baby girl to a magical world. Fulfill your baby girl's fantasy of becoming a princess from a fairy tale! Consider this wallpaper mural for your children's bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries to transform your home's decor into a delightful fantasy!

Cartoon Forest

Take the warmth and comfort of nature into your baby's nursery with the Cartoon Forest wallpaper mural. The Cartoon Forest wallpaper mural can adapt seamlessly when your baby turns into a toddler over time. This lovely green forest pattern mural wall decoration is excellent as background décor. This stunning picture of quiet grassland, wildflowers, trees, and a pink sky is ideal for your baby's bedroom or playroom. Indeed, this mural is a captivating representation of a natural atmosphere ideal for your kiddos.

Flower Gate

A Flower Gate wallpaper mural creates a calming atmosphere that will surely grow with your child. With this beautiful flower wallpaper mural, you may open the way for your baby to experience the green, fresh nature. With its unique and playful pattern, the Flower Gate wallpaper mural will transform any child's room or nursery from being plain to entertaining. Match these lovely tones by decorating your children's area with a variety of warm and soothing colors; you may keep it simple with a minimum combination of neutral and white furnishings.

Clouds & Rainbow

The secret to keeping Baby's room simple and lovely is to use subtle nursery wallpaper. Like this Clouds and Rainbow wallpaper mural that showcases smiling stars and the moon, this gender-neutral option would be perfect for any nursery décor.

Decorate your baby's room with this bright mural wallpaper. Opt for this pattern of Clouds and Rainbows and your baby surely can’t get enough of his/her room. The Clouds & Rainbow wallpaper mural is indeed adorable and colorful, filling the atmosphere with energy and happiness. This style is ideal for both children's and nursery rooms, as well as their future study room. For a cheerful and flowing aesthetic, utilize lighter decorations with this mural, such as chiffon white drapes, white decorations, and a pink carpet for a beautiful playful motif.

Panda On Moon

Give your newborn baby a fresh appearance by surprising him/her with this wonderful Panda On Moon mural wallpaper. Make your baby's nursery room place vibrant with this adorable sleepy panda. Start by removing the dull designs and allow your child to develop new recollections in his new wonderful bedroom with this Panda On Moon wallpaper design. The pattern with the light blue tones is ideal for a child's room and a nursery for a newborn baby. The color scheme is so soothing, making it ideal for your baby's eyes. Because the hues are so brilliant and light, the room appears larger and more energetic.

Blink Rabbits

With their playfulness, Blink Rabbits always seem to have a significant place in a baby's room. Blink Rabbits wallpaper mural is a gender-neutral option that offers charm for your baby's nursery room. If your children adore rabbits, this cute cartoon bunnies wallpaper mural is ideal for them. Our Blink Rabbits wallpaper is timeless and would make an excellent feature wall in your child's bedroom or playroom. It's a great wall mural for babies all the way to their toddler years.

Lovely Car & Animals

Your baby girl or boy's room will be outrageously entertaining with Everwallpaper's Lovely Car & Animals design! Create a playful ambiance with an image of bears, lions, hippos, bunnies, and balloons your toddler will surely enjoy.

This gorgeous, colorful artwork of a car and animals will look great in your kid's bedroom, nursery room, or playroom. An attractive definition of nature and wildlife is truly visible with Lovely Car & Animals wallpaper mural. With this cute design, you can take your interior design to the next level.

Designing Your Nursery Room With Everwallpaper Nursery Wallpaper Mural Collection

  • Choose The Right Color

The days of choosing pink for girls and blue for boys no longer exist today. However, if blue or pink is your favorite color, then you should go for it. Consider a gender-neutral wallpaper mural if you really want something less traditional. You might choose a pale yellow or perhaps a darker color. You may also choose between black or white. Color could then be used for the furniture if you want to boost the atmosphere in your nursery room.

  • Identify How Much Wallpaper You Need

How can you choose the best wallpaper while staying within the budget if you are unsure how much you need?  

You can't just buy the precise surface area of your walls and be done with it. Hold on tight, for this section will involve a little bit of math. A measuring tape, notepad, pencil, and calculator are needed for this step.

You'll need to know the length and width of every wall you plan to cover. Then, for each wall, compute its square footage. Add the space for every wall to get the overall square footage you'll need to cover. For the final calculation, don't forget to add 15% of the total surface area to your final number.

  • The Scale of the Pattern

Many homeowners opt for wallpaper that is too low for the size of their space. Instead, choose a strong stripe or the Panda on the Moon wallpaper mural to create more personality for your little one's bedroom.

  • Stay on Budget

Perhaps you found the ideal wallpaper for the nursery room, only to discover it's out of your price range. You still can have your dream wallpaper; you just need to be creative in how you can use it. Use the wallpaper just on one feature wall. Then, paint the remaining walls in a complementary or similar tone. You may also want to put the wallpaper on the ceiling, which is currently an interior trend.

  • Don't Be Afraid To Try.

Finally, your children's bedroom décor should represent their own personalities and preferences. If you choose peel and stick wallpaper, ensure to alter it on an annual basis to reflect your child's developing tastes and interests.

With astronomy, athletics, nautical, or science themes, wallpapers can be fantastic motivators for new interests. And if you want something that will be popular for a long time, you can always count on classics such as animal prints, flower motifs, or sky-themed wallpapers.


Welcoming a little treasure into the world is among the most beautiful events in our lifetimes, and that should be recognized by a nursery as unique as your little one. Everwallpaper's nursery wallpapers have been thoroughly developed to create the ideal environment for babies and toddlers.

Nursery peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent choice for your decoration needs. Are you set to decorate your children's bedrooms? Check out our other collection to find designs that will surprise your children, assist them in sleeping in non-toxic environments, and ensure you have fun while decorating!