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7 Minimalist Wallpaper Idea for A Simple Elegant Living Room

We all love to go simple at some point, we love colors and trends but what about having the colors mixed with simplicity and following the trend and the decorations latest vibes? it is the living room where the whole house gathers and meet. The place that everyone’s’ share and everyone’s talk and laugh and has his/her best moments and also the whispers and chats. If you are looking for the best decoration to your living room but going to tackle minimality and simplicity in your choice for a unique taste to cove your place we will help you set up a very charming living room with simple designs that will make your place speak with modernity and simplicity and elegance that will surprise all your friends with the charming taste you have.

Creamy Shadow

For those who love the simplicity to be the main theme of their home. We have designed this piece of at with the calming soft pastel colors palette that will make your living room feel so charming and so relaxing. This Creamy Shadow mural wallpaper will make your living room look so chic with simple lite colors that will make you feel the place look so calm and will be full of warm effect. We recommend neutral colors and simple plain decoration so the place will not feel overloaded and to keep the minimal effect of the design over the room with charm and tender.

Sloth in Jungle

A very playful sloth wallpaper perfect growing kids and toddlers is the Jungle Sloth wallpaper. It comes in intricate but simple prints with a jungle-themed playful sloth characters climbing and hanging up the trees. The wallpaper mural represents nature inside a room giving an outdoor feels and a friendly aura for your kids' room. Children and infants will get curiosity out of the world inside the murals of this sloth wallpaper and will give them fun and excitement in every sight. It is mainly colored in different shades of green with streaks of playful girly colors for the flowers and leaves. This is perfect for accent walls and a backdrop of a focal furnishing or wall decor.

Floating Cloud II

Enjoy the feeling of the relaxing sunset feeling with the Floating Cloud II mural wallpaper. This warm wall paper is a unique painting that exudes both simplicity and modernity. This mixed sunset shades wallpaper with a floating cloud as if it hugs the sky will make you so relaxed in your reading corner imagine sitting next to this painting thinking or reading your favorite book. This mural wallpaper with powder pink shades and cold shades of blue will also be a perfect choice to add the charming minimalism theme to the heart of your home. Add it to your living room for more calmness and modernity. A master piece that will revamp your living room with warmness and charm.

Gradient Desert

In our Gradient Desert, feel the waves and unleash your mind to think about what could be the design exactly. The simplicity of the design will make you dive between the waves of the brush. This painting piece is so chic and so elegant and will make your living room full of art and modernity. This mural wallpaper perfect for your living room if you are looking for a simple design to renovate your place with the minimalism effect. This design with the curves of the brush mixing these lite pastel colors will give you the space and will make your living room look bigger and calm. It is the design that will make you feel relaxed so keep the decoration so simple and don’t over load your living room with details to keep the vibes of the place simple and relaxing.

Geometric Marble II

Looking for a new renovative style for your living room? with this Geometric Marble II mural wallpaper, the place will look so neat so elegant and also so simple. If you are looking for bright colors with no loaded details to fill your living area, we recommend this design that has marble effect and works so good with modern couches in velvet baby blue and light chiffon white curtains and beige or off-white fluffy carpet for a very soft looking living room with the minimal details that makes the place look so chic and so relaxing.

Geometrical Line III

Have the moment to contemplate about owning this master piece that lately strongly taking the whole trend to a new place of elegance and specialty. The design is so simple and so chic. Simple gematrical integrated lines and triangles in gold with the creamy color at the back ground will make your living room look so modern and so elegant. This mural wallpaper will show all your guest and everyone enters your living room how elegant your taste is and how unique and modernity trend. The design is so lite so you can use both modern and semi modern furniture at your living room, and your place will speak up the elegance so loud.

Letter E

Two colours only can design a style to go and a theme to spread over your living room. In our design here, we have managed to create the simple catchy living room wallpaper that will take your living room to the next level of modernity with simple shades and design. Two colors of the mural wallpaper that will make you keep your living room in the neutral palette and will make the place feel so lite and calm. These light colors will give the feeling that the place look wider and more relaxing. Do you see it like Letter E? or how you feel the design from your perspective? Contemplate this mural wallpaper and give the place the sense of lightness and softness in one look.


Add the charm and the colourful simple details to your living room and revamp you whole place to an energetic space full of life with simplicity and elegance. The design of Tahiti mural wallpaper will increase the theme of minimalism and simplicity with the modernity as well. The white at the background with the pastel color shades makes the mural so relaxing and charming that will keep your living room look so fresh with relaxing colors and refreshing effect. The design looks so fresh and will give the feeling that your living room looks wider and catchier and give a comfort to the eye with the lite colours.If you haven’t found any wallpaper products that you love, no problem! You can send us an image (except natural landscape pictures) of what you want to turn into a custom wallpaper and we’ll do the rest! 


Last thing to take care of, is the whole colors palette that you use in the whole house, keep the integrity in the whole house not just the living room to make sure your lovely living room walks on the same rhythm with the rest of your home. Feeling the simplicity increases the integrity and the bond between your details and decorations. It is the calmness and relaxation that we always call for in our homes so keep it so simple and minimal to keep the charm of your house and to maintain the energy at your place always. Choose what design and what style you want to go for, is it the dusty shades, or is it the simple ombre, or is it the simple geometrical designs or what that will make you feel comfortable and will give relaxation to your eye and will get the house out of the ordinality and will make you not bored about how your living room look.