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5 Cool Wallpapers That Bring Film Feeling To Your Home

Well-placed film and game wall murals provide a lot of visual weight and appeal to an area, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. With our enormous choice of designs, graphics, and styles, you have the world of projected images at your fingertips.

If you enjoy video games and sci-fi flicks or want to add some exciting and sinister elements to your walls, this stunning wallpaper mural is a great option. These wallpapers also have a unique 3D visual effect that will make your area look more prominent. Combine it with the modern furnishings of your choice.

Bringing Games and Films Into Your Home

Because these motifs encompass the entire span of visual entertainment, our selection of film & game wall murals will surely create a lasting impression to your home. These high-quality pieces can be utilized in almost any environment, whether you want to decorate your child’s bedroom, game-room, office, or any other personal space. 

Here are some inventive ways you can employ wallpaper murals to set the tone for the area you have: 

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a Japanese sci-fi anthology media series developed and owned by Square Enix and founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game revolves around a collection of science and sci-fi role-playing video games. This specific design is great for anyone who wants to add something extraordinary to their walls. These wall murals' depth of field creates a fantastic illusion, adds a third dimension to your walls, and provides a stylish and trendy appearance.

Land of Tomorrow

In an era when climate changes make summer heat fatal, a young lady living off the grid tries to survive for her terminally sick father and their refugee visitors – explore the futuristic scenes with the Land of Tomorrow wallpaper mural. With the Land of Tomorrow design, you can create a story that will not just create a bold statement but also allowing your children to act and play!


Salvation Prophecy is a space opera with a military theme. They are all fighting for cosmic supremacy, from human and mutant to robotic forces. As space fleets converge, battles erupt. Invaders battle entrenched enemy colonies. However, the greatest threat is the coming devastation predicted by an apocalyptic prophecy. 

Make your walls your canvass and tell a story with a Salvation wallpaper mural. This design is best for your child's bedroom, loft, or even your basement. It offers some of the most incredible and unique color combinations you've ever seen! These peel and stick wall murals will appear much like the real thing without permanently ruining your walls for those who enjoy art.


Casey Newton is transported to Tomorrowland, a city filled with giant robots and futuristic structures, whenever she touches a lapel pin with the initial T on it. The bright young woman enlists the assistance of scientist Frank Walker, a past traveler to Tomorrowland who made a stunning revelation about the future years ago. The two explorers travel to the megacity together to discover the city's mysterious secrets.

Tomorrowland wallpaper murals do not only cover white walls faster but also showcase a story that is loved by many people. This design offers jaw-dropping characteristics that provide depth, color, and some spectacular views.

Snowy Night 

Snowy Night is a short, warm story that unfolds during the winter. Two individuals that met by chance and discovered that some parts of the past had to be uncovered – together. This design with a winter vibe complements the majority of your design. The illustrations are imaginative and entertaining, and the mural would look great in any restaurant, bedroom, office, or retail. Snowy Night is quite adaptable and may be used in a teen's room, a sports room, the basement, or any bedroom.

Bringing Films and Games Into Your Teen's Room With Wallpaper Murals

A child's bedroom should encourage play and imagination. This is the part of the house where your child rules supreme. So, what about encouraging your teen to experiment by installing one of our film/game wallpaper murals? With a kids' wall mural, it will be simple for them to play and create - just what a child wants to do – on their own terms.

Make your kid's room more exciting with these film and games wallpaper murals. We offer something for everyone in our selection that will suit your child's artistic ability. Whether your youngster chooses a Final Fantasy theme or a Salvation theme – there are tons of options for you and your child to choose!

Boost Artistic Expression with Wallpaper Murals

Why settle for boring white walls if there are so many opportunities to think creatively? Whenever it comes to wall decor, you have several options, including picture frames, decals, paint, and tapestries. These days, however, we're particularly fond of wallpaper—particularly mural wallpaper

Wallpaper murals bring a lot of color, depth, and character to any area, and they can completely change a place to make it look custom and one-of-a-kind. You can quickly transform a plain boring wall into a one-of-a-kind artistic statement with game/film wall murals.

Hang great pictures on huge surfaces to make the room more inviting, or use light-colored patterns to wrap the walls of small, cramped rooms to create a sense of more significant space. A patterned wall mural for the hallway, or a film-themed wallpaper for the living room, or a game-themed for a child's room—you can change the ambiance of any space with these cool wallpaper murals. 


If you want to give your office or home a unique and versatile feel, you'll adore our selection of these aesthetic wallpaper designs we listed above. These designs are great for those who wish to express their love for films and video games by creating an interior design concept that deviates from the standard, with a comprehensive choice of wallpapers to explore and some designs that can be specially made to fit your wall size.

All of our amazing wallpapers are constructed of high-quality materials, guaranteeing that our customers get the best bang for their buck. Our game/film wallpaper mural is extraordinarily robust and long-lasting. 

Due to our wallpaper's excellent print clarity and color vibrancy, these designs fit perfectly in entertainment rooms, offices, and bedrooms. We can constantly personalize the best custom cool/film wallpaper with your ideas if you're looking for the most fantastic custom cool/film wallpaper. Discover only the best at Everwallpaper.