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10 Fabulous Ombre Wallpaper Ideas to Soften Your Home Ambience

Perhaps you're looking to create a more calming atmosphere with your home decor? Possibly your space could use a little softening, or maybe you love the look of ombre walls. Whatever your reason, here are the top ten ombre wallpapers to ease your home ambiance.

An ombre patterned paper can create an elegant, light-filled feel to any room as it fills with color right before your eyes. It's easy to forget that many people are not familiar with the term ombre or don't know anything about this pattern until they see something like it.

Ombre wallpaper is excellent for creating an ethereal feel in any house room. It's a great way to bring in the feeling of tranquility and a sense of airiness. If you've never used wallpaper before, you should consider the idea. It's the easiest way to decorate your space, and with the right choice of pattern or color scheme, you can add some excitement to your home.

Ombre is all about bringing tranquility into your home environment by utilizing a gentle fade from one color to another. The best part is that it can be incorporated into any house room. If you're planning on redecorating, ombre can be the perfect addition to your decorating style. It can liven up a space and create a more tranquil feel. Ombre wallpapers are a trend growing in popularity, and for a good reason. They're downright classy and have a rich, sophisticated look that can't be beaten. But with so many ombre wallpaper designs on the market to choose from, narrowing down your options can be downright overwhelming.

Here are some of the top ten ombre wallpapers for you to choose from:

Ombre Land

For this wallpaper to work, it needs two colors near each other on the color wheel. The two colors used in this sample are white and blue which conveys a state of being free from turmoil or stress and peaceful, tranquil, or calm. Studing or meditating in such environment could genuinely devote to yourself.

Bright Moon

The color you want for this wallpaper is lilac which is a type of flower, typically purple or pink with hints of sage green and blue on the backdrops. This wallpaper featured with dreamy clouds and moon, has a faint shimmering quality, making for a perfectly soft wallpaper for new born baby's space.

Green Ombre

This wallpaper is a pale green shade with a hint of black and white in the backdrops. What comes to your mind when you see it? A leafy garden? A clear lake? Green ocean waves? It could be anytihng that are full of freshness and energetic. Install it in your bedroom or home office would be an excellent choice.

Ombre Forest

Above this ombre wallpaper is the pattern of continuous forest in colours from dark to light. Such change of colour so natural that create a vibe of foggy and mysterious. You can use light-coloured furniture decorate you home and add a cool and fresh ambience to the whole room

Ombre Moonlight

This wallpaper has a variety of colors from pink, orange to light green and blue. However, it's all contained in one pattern to have that nice fade from one color to another. We also can find a tree full of bare branched, upon which stands several birds. Such scenery creates a feeling of an Autumn evening which is so cozy and tranquil. Add this scenery to your space won't let you down.

Pink Dreamy Clouds

This wallpaper is soft and pretty pale in color, and it even has a pinkish tint to it. It's not too bright unless you're going for a more vibrant look. Install this wallpaper to your home, then in front of your eyes is large partial dreamy clouds and you may doubt whether you're in the heaven. And this pink aesthetic wallpaper idea is quite suitable for a feminine living room. 

Hills & Stars

This mountain peaks wallpaper mural has an ombre from light blue which is the sky to deep blue which is the nearest moutain. Continuous mountains and pervading fog can surprisingly calm you down and make you quietly enjoy the moment. It seems like you're standing at the top and feel gusts of breeze. It can be placed in your bedroom, living room or dining room, quite versatile one.

Ombre Pink Clouds

This light pink color wallpaper with lines of gold in the background. It's probably the least vibrant sample in this series, but that doesn't mean it can't be incorporated into your home nicely. This would be the perfect choice for a larger room since it's on the lighter side and the harmonious colour and tumbling clouds could effeciently soften your space's atmosphere.

Watercolour Texture

This wallpaper has a nice fade from one color to another, and it gives off a very tranquil feeling as if you were strolling down flowers in the front yard. The colour scheme of pink to dark gray looks amazingly comfortable. It's great for calming any space. You can use it as your home office wallpaper, which could improve your working efficiency.

Floating Cloud

Glow the emission of light from a luminous body. This wallpaper is one of my favorites. It's not the typical ombre wallpaper, but rather a combination of two teal colors and gold. It's more vibrant than the previous options, but it works perfectly if you're looking to bring in some color into your home.


Of course, there are many more ombre wallpapers to choose from outside of this list. If you're looking to decorate in a calming, soft, and subtle way like this one, then the ombre is definitely for you. There are different ways to go about making your ombre. The best method is choosing the wallpapers you like most from the list above and painting them onto your walls. This will give you a very orderly pattern to make the transition between colors. If you don't want to paint your walls, there are plenty of other options. You can go with a stencil like this one and paint either the stripes or the pattern directly onto your walls to maintain the same color scheme.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to ombre wallpaper. If you're looking for a change in how your home decor looks, you should think about it.