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8 Pink Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for A Feminine Living Room Design

No matter how big is your home, it is always the living room is where we meet and we spend most of the time. It is the place where the family and the friends usually prefer to spend most of the time. It is the place that we are making memories, taking pictures, and having our phone calls, family gathering and side talks as well. it is the heart or the home, and it is always the warmest place of any house with giggles, happiness and memories.
If you are a group of friends, girls or a mom who wants to make her home looks so trendy and marvelous. It is the time for an attractive renovation for your living room.

Decorating your living room with more inspirational themes will make it vibrant and so trendy that will impress everyone and will make the moments fun and unforgettable. Let’s give you some tips for a fantastic feminine living room that will inspire you and will complete your marvelous taste. We have a wide range of pinkish mural wallpapers that will fit all your needs and will offer your various options in which it suits all your dreams check our Pink Wallpaper Mural collection to get inspired and to decide your favorite style.

Why to choose the pink palette at your living room?

First of all, decide your mode board and what style you are looking for:

      • It is so important that you decide what your living room will have a vibe of?
      • Is it the nature? So, are you looking for the shades of pink in nature?
      • Is it bohemian that has pinkish style?
      • Or is it art style with the pink effect?
      • Or is it ombre that has degrading pink shades?
      • By deciding your mood board, you almost finished half of the mission to design your living room:

So, put in mind first, how you want your living room to look like? If you are looking for a simple design with the shades of pink but you also want some shimmery touches to give it more life and to take it out of ordinality.

Pink Dreamy Clouds

If you are looking for a light design in your living room with some shimmery touches then this pink dreamy clouds’ mural should be at the top of your list. The shades of the dusty pinks mixed with the glittery golden unregular lines add elegancy and give the feeling that the place looks wider, the horizontal golden lines makes the space looks bigger and upscale the area, so your living room will look wider and still keep its warmness and coziness. This feminine simple pinkish design will make your living room full of positivity that will vibe up the femininity and elegancy out of your place.

Pink Dreamy Clouds Wallpaper Mural

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Pink Portrait

Give a simple vibe of modernity to your living room with these pink portrait mural wallpaper that give a trending style to your living room and a mix between modernity and bohemian. This pinky wallpaper mural will give the living room w aider look and will allow it look larger. As this light pink shade is in the background full of line faces portraits the design needs to be completed with simple caramel color furniture of beige to nude palette to give a nice contrast.

Pink Portrait Wallpaper Mural

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Pink Oil Painting

Enjoy having a modern living room area with a stylish view with this mural of Pink Oil Painting from our unique pinkish collection. The mural wallpaper will vibe up your living room with positivity and lightness. The art mural wallpapers give spectacular effect to the living areas where they suit different styles of decorations and they fit both modern and semi modern furniture. They are also perfect fit with leathered couches and velvet ones.

Pink Oil Painting Wall Mural

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Floating Cloud

This Floating Cloud mural wallpaper is the style for single element focus that can be so perfect for your living room. these kinds of designs focus on single catchy element and the rest of the design gives a relaxing vibe. This cloud design is an elegant sky captured moment during the sunset that makes your living room feels so calm and modern. It will make your guests and friends feel so relaxing in this area of your house where most of the talks and family chats get held. You will have variety of option while decorating and styling furniture with this design because it matches different pallets of colors; beige, nude, caramel, and off white.

Floating Cloud Wallpaper Mural

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Dreamy Mountains

Add a natural view with faded horizons to your living room with these pinkish Dreamy Mountains mixed with the clouds and covered in snow for more rich and broad view that will make your living room look wider with this opened landscape design. this design is so perfect for a modern furnished living room, and will give a lively vibe to the place.

Dreamy Mountains Wall Mural

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Pink Fragments

With this bright pinkish design, you will make your living room full of life and positivity. This Pink Fragments. This design is considered on the bohemian art decoration styles that gives the place vibes of simplicity and lightness. The living room will love so colorful and bright and so stylish and will open the choices while using this wallpaper for different decoration colors like: black and white, dark navy blue, caramel and light brown and beige which will make you not committed for specific color palette if you are one of those who loves renovating from time to time.

Pink Fragments Wall Mural

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Pink Growth Ring

Escape from the ordinality with this lovely pinkish mural wallpaper of pink growth ring that will look so attractive at your living room. The design is so simple yet speaks so loud with modernity. These tree rings in white give so lite taste to the pinkish shade at the background makes it so soft and so stylish that will make your living room. the design is made of just two colors yet it is so unique and full of depth and energy. The light shade of the pink makes the place look relaxing and the area appears wider. It can be styled with the different shades of beige, caramel and also the blues for more string contrast.

Pink Growth Ring Wall Mural

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Fragrance Leaves

The pattern with natural shapes gives feelings of realistic and keeps the place chic yet simple and full of authenticity. So, in this mural wallpaper of Fragrance Leaves you will sense the simplicity and the elegance of the design without any complications. The colored leaves and the repeated pattern of these branches covered with leaves give the space larger overview, and makes you feel your living room looks spacious. The pallet of the wallpaper opens a perfect match with the caramel and brown colors, which we usually recommend with lite pinks for more elegancy to add.

Fragrance Leaves Wall Mural

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So at the end, as presented it is all about the way you want to see your living room looks like, the mood board and the timing you want living area to look like, is it modern that matches the fashion with the up to date tastes? or is it the bohemian style that is not committed to time frame? or is it a basic design that will never get old. And the second party is to choose the color and then the rest will be so easy. At the presented ideas we have covered how styling the pink at your living room will give it more life and will make it bright and look very feminine and eye comfort. The pink with its dusty shades and hazy cashmere degrading shades is so trending and makes the place looks so different and modern to match the up to date styles.