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4 Ways To Decorate Empty Walls If You Don't Feel Like Painting

No matter how much money and effort you put into building your home, it will still feel incomplete and lifeless without elements of personal touch. A lot of creative work and sentiment goes into creating the essence and soul you could call home. 

While some ways to do this may be a one-time effort, others can be an ongoing process like taking care of indoor plants. There's nothing like greenery to make your surroundings come to life. 

While that can be fun, you need a base to start planning your interiors. One such one-time investment for your interior spaces is decorating your walls. While many are enthusiastic and have the time to paint murals, let’s look at some ready-made options like beautiful wallpapers. 

In this post, we will see four thematic wall decor combinations that can liven up your overall living experiences.

A Collection Of World Experiences On Your Wall

You must be familiar with the fact that a lot of young people are turning to the new age concept of outdoor living. By outdoor living, we don’t just mean going camping for a while but making real-life decisions to live in custom vans or cabins and work off the grid. 

People are starting to realise how important it is to create amazing experiences more than anything else in life. An asset that can guarantee a lifetime of appreciation. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, you could at least get inspired from different personal experiences and other notable people in the world. 

One way to materialise and cherish such experiences is to turn your living space into an abstract of it. You can use collectables, decor pieces, souvenirs, interior design styles and combine them all in perfect harmony to recreate those moments you cherish in life. Let’s look at a couple of examples that can inspire you to come up with your own unique ideas. 

Have you ever seen those motor enthusiasts hanging up vintage bikes onto the walls of their living room? Rich people sometimes go overboard with such things, but we aren’t talking about that. The cafe racer legacy and tradition represent a lot of historical events and hold significance for a lot of enthusiasts. 

Combining these spectacular pieces with suitable interior design accents will create a space that you will love forever. A great idea would be to apply a world map wallpaper on the wall on which you have the motorcycle fixed or an adjacent one with race wins marked on the respective locations with little chequered flags or dates.

Yet another example that would go with the concept of world travel would be displaying a collection of music records across the walls.

The Boho Style With Tons Of Wood, Plants And Beautiful Graffiti

A lot of people love to be close to nature. While wonders devised by man inspire many people, it is impossible to compare them to the natural beauty and awe of our planet.

The Bohemian gipsy design style, popularly known as the Boho style, is one of the most loved and followed interior design trends of our time. 

The ambience created by this design style exudes earthy vibes and allows a ton of natural light into the interior space. It comprises a healthy combination of natural elements such as wood, indoor plants, pottery and a complementing wall with suitable frames or artworks. Garner your home with Boho design, and you’ll have a place you will never want to leave. 

As we know, plain white walls suit this style very well. However, there are many examples where the Boho style is coupled with brick walls or surfaces that have some texture to them. If you want to recreate these effects on clean walls, several wallpapers are available in the market that will help you get that grunge look. 

Yet another combination that will give you a stunning result is a good amount of street or gipsy accents mixed with graffiti wallpaper. The obvious and common thing about gipsy and graffiti is that they are outdoor features that have an unusual aesthetic that many love. This combination for an interior will create an everlasting and energy-boosting experience for you and your family. 

A Serene Combination Of Abstract Background, Patterns And Photo Frames

It is not new to find walls bombarded with photo frames. Today, you can even get a full room size printed photo wallpaper. People love to cherish their memories by fixing up old pictures in new ways and stacking them up on their living room walls. Another popular trend is hanging up beautifully framed quotes that create inspirational environments. 

Take this style a notch up with frames that create interesting patterns. A wall of this sort can include elements other than just photo frames, such as beautiful wall-mounted mirrors, hanging plants, wooden fixtures like floating shelves etc.

 An interesting way to do this is to pre-plan and create unique wall structures which can act as a base for decor. This way you can easily put up decor items later without having to tamper with the function or form of the structure. 

As a result, you will have a beautifully put together room interior that looks like art which is more complex (in a good way) than it actually is. If you want a simple wall, just choose a minimalistic wallpaper design with minimal or no decor additions and be done with it. 

There are a ton of modern living room wallpaper options that you could check out and come up with a million ideas. Art and design technologies have come really far where the possibilities for custom design has become unlimited. If you don’t like what you see online, there are facilities out there that can help you make visual representations of what you have in mind and send them for quality printing right away.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Now that we have discussed some unique styles, we also should understand that getting these do require a good amount of creative and complex work. However, we should also note that it doesn’t have to follow specific style rules. Be free to experiment with all the endless options available. Use the conveniences that technological advancements provide you to create new combinations as mentioned above. Take your time and treat it as a lifelong project. After all, that’s what your home and family is. Something to work on and protect for your entire lives. Let’s look at a few simpler interior or wall decor combinations that can add value to your home and set you off to create beautiful memories. 

Vintage Outlook And Ambience: The vintage look is yet another very popular design trend that represents historical subjects and allows room for simplicity. It inspires a sense of 60s to 90s freedom that’s hard to achieve in today’s fast world. However, the same world offers you numerous outlets that let you buy old items in good condition. Couple them with suitable lighting, furniture, and a wall with vintage wallpaper will definitely bring back your grandpa’s memories. 

Cartoon Theme For Kids: Sometimes, you want to create an environment that is something more than just child friendly. If you are still building your home, remember to add interesting elements to the kid's rooms. A great way to do this is to use cartoon wallpaper along with other elements. Once done, furnish it with items that kids would love and make sure the room has the right vibe. 

Contemporary Geometrics: Sharp angles, bold lines, and geometric shapes are artistic fundamentals that create wonders in the art and design industry. If you check out new generation workspaces, you’ll find a ton of contemporary art rich in geometrics. It can give you a variety of angles to think and feel. This style can go well in your bedroom, living room, study etc., provided that they are in combination with suitable elements.

Food Drink Wallpapers: An obvious but very interesting thing to do with your dining room would be applying food and drink wallpapers depending upon the kind of feel you want. Be it exquisite or something that can create frenzy and fun, you will find countless designs that can turn your dining area into a lively and interesting place to be.


So that wraps up our four different ways to decorate bland walls when you don't have the time to experiment with your own artistic talent. Also, with all the technological advancements in material engineering, we can confidently assume these products to practically last for decades if not forever. 

Finally, we recommend you choose your wallpaper materials with extreme care with respect to the usage of different rooms, so that you avoid unnecessary problems such as water damage, permanent staining, tears, etc. Material like vinyl and other protective film layers make sure your home’s newness lasts long while being tougher than paper and are easily washable. That way, you can enjoy the uniqueness of your beautiful new home interiors probably even for generations to come.