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5 Cute Sloth Wallpaper Ideas for Your Kids' Safe Haven

Playful prints and dreamy character patterns are perfect for rooms and areas for infants, toddlers, and children. These patterns carry out a light and bright atmosphere that represents innocence and joy. With these sloth-printed wallpapers, you can turn any room into a blissful angelic haven for your sweet little baby.

Kids room decor are very important aspect for babies' growth. What they see visually greatly influences their character and establishes their personality with significant impacts to their mindset. Here are sloth wallpaper murals that you can decorate your babies' and children's room to achieve an innocent and sweet appeal with:

Moon & Sloth

This sloth wallpaper is very practical for kids' room decor. With its playful execution of the sloth character handing from the dreamy moon, your room or space can have a very light and bright atmosphere. With its cute soft clouds and twinkling stars as auxiliary prints and elements, even adults can literally have a sound sleep. This sloth wallpaper brings out a cozy surroundings through its light pastel color palettes. You can apply these in every walls of your babies' or kids' room since it does not encapsulate a very heavy characteristics. It can also be pared with any kinds of furnishings and decors of any colors and shapes.

Sloth in Jungle

A very playful sloth wallpaper perfect growing kids and toddlers is the Jungle Sloth wallpaper. It comes in intricate but simple prints with a jungle-themed playful sloth characters climbing and hanging up the trees. The wallpaper mural represents nature inside a room giving an outdoor feels and a friendly aura for your kids' room. Children and infants will get curiosity out of the world inside the murals of this sloth wallpaper and will give them fun and excitement in every sight. It is mainly colored in different shades of green with streaks of playful girly colors for the flowers and leaves. This is perfect for accent walls and a backdrop of a focal furnishing or wall decor.

Sloth & Banana

Another dreamy wallpaper mural involving a friendly representation of sloth is the smiling sloth wallpaper. It has a soft pink background with random sloth hugging a branch and a banana perfect for a funny and playful environment for your kids' room. The solid-colored sloth also make a warm appeal to the whole wallpaper mural, but the white dots around the picture even makes it more cute and lighter giving the moods of a winter-wonderland outside Christmastime. Use this wallpaper for libraries, study dens, even in children's daycare classrooms. This can be paired with all kinds of kiddie furniture and dark colored decors and toys.

Sloth in Outer Space

A very exciting, fun, and dreamy sloth wallpaper is this Space Slothes wallpaper. There is so much to describe this mind-blowing wallpaper fit for children's curiosity, mind growth, inquiry, and mood provoking images. Babies and children of any age will definitely look at it to create deep emotions and imaginations in their minds. This wallpaper is also very educational and interesting. It comprises different sloth activities, one is sleeping on the moon and the other one is enjoying its travel to space. There are also constellations and different shapes to give your children a dreamy and curious approach on what they see. This wallpaper is best for playrooms. If this is used in rooms, make sure to use less furnishings, toys, decors, and furniture.

Cool Musician Sloth

Another playful and friendly wallpaper mural for your kids rooms decor is this cool musician sloth wallpaper. Children and babies will be dancing as they see the dynamic appeals of the sloth's images. This gives an exciting vibration as soon as you enter any room where walls are applied with this cute sloth wallpaper. This is perfect for libraries, daycare centers, and playrooms as it energizes and uplifts anyone's spirits in including adults'. This wallpaper can be perfectly paired with light-colored wooden furnishings and colorful mats and toys.


These wallpapers are not only exclusive for children. Its innocent and playful approach can take away stresses, anxieties, and depressions. These sloth wallpapers will always be a trend. It also brings out a classy and dashing sophisticated look in any room. A contemporary and modern wallpaper defines a well-lit room that you can use for your any purpose. You can even make a custom wallpaper by uploading your favourite animals, not only a sloth!