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5 Geode Wallpaper Ideas for a More Vibrant Home

For many years, the hues of gems and amethysts and details of other valuable stones have already been replicated in walls, furniture, and lampshades. This is what makes Crystal Geode mural wallpapers prominent in many interior elements since they add a feeling of well-being and style to many houses. Most importantly, they give a fresh, versatile feeling to one's home. 

With their contrasting color bands and hollow, glittering crystal center, Geode mural wallpapers offer a lot of great designs. Ask yourself: do you want the story of your room written on the walls? If the answer is a big "yes," then a geode wall mural may be a top choice for your space. 

Crystal Geode Wallpaper Mural

Crystal Geode Wallpaper Mural wallpapers are typically utilized in high-traffic rooms. With this in mind, guests and homeowners can enjoy a fresh and luxurious display, and this is due to the dramatic appearance of geode wallpapers. The increased availability of picturesque wallpaper also aids homeowners in resolving a variety of standard design issues. 

Anywhere you have a feature wall is an excellent spot to try a mural. It's also a simple method to add flair to a specific area, especially if it lacks architectural detail. A mural adds a lot of character to a room and reveals a great deal about the person who sets it. Below are five choices of crystal geode wallpaper mural that we offer here at Everwallpaper. Explore these five pieces and discover which makes the best mural option for your home:

Dark Blue Crystal Geode

Your visitors will be astonished by the elegance of a Dark Blue Crystal Geode. This blue wallpaper mural is a good option if you want something mysterious and exquisite. The enigmatic dark blue color, as well as its distinctive texture, may provide an attractive touch to your décor. The Dark Blue Crystal Geode wallpaper mural may be used in your bedroom, home office, or living room.

Quartz Stone

This quartz stone in beautiful watercolor wall mural is reminiscent of a summer sunset. The polished stone has a lot of textural appeal and comes in relaxing colors of pale green with traces of dusky orange. Quarts Stone are available as removable peel-and-stick wallpapers as well as permanent wallpapers. Other than that, the Quartz Stone is printed using kid-friendly inks to ensure the safety of your children. 

Crack Covered Stone

These wallpaper patterns are incredibly versatile and look fantastic in any area of your home. This essential yet diversified collection of wall art instantly distinguishes itself among decorative objects and transforms your home in an instant. You can surely relax and witness how well this art complements and completes any space. This wallpaper assortment is ideal for every area, thanks to its ease of installation and high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Cloudy Crystal Geode

The Cloudy Crystal Geode would make an excellent centerpiece as a living room wallpaper. It is intended to provide a fashionable touch and grace your home vibe. This Azure Cloudy Skies Landscape Wallpaper can bring the beautiful blue sky into your house without using a skylight! These wallpapers are based on real-life life and created through meticulous design thought processes. Our wallpapers are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that will last for years!

Gilt Marble

The Glit Marble wallpaper delivers a fresh and excellent centerpiece for any space. These wallpapers are intended to provide a fashionable touch to any room. This Gilt Jazzy White Marble Wallpaper has the necessary tones to uplift a specific area in your home. These wallpapers have been inspired by real-life and are created through a meticulous design thought process. Our Gilt Marble Wallpapers are made of top-notch, durable materials that will serve your home for many years to come. 

Geode Crystal Wallpaper Murals For a Fresher Look

Murals with large-scale paintings appear in living rooms, powder rooms, dining rooms, and other locations. They feature breathtaking landscapes, beautiful floral or botanical themes, and different, more comprehensive designs that add drama and complexity to walls. Without a doubt, a wallpaper mural is an eye-catching way to add color and design to many homeowners, but a geode crystal design trend is even more popular among the young generation. 

The primary distinction between murals and other forms of wallpaper is the availability of a crystal pattern. They depict a bold statement instead of regular wallpaper, which often contains a smoothly repeating print. Scenes of nature, a perhaps most popular motif for murals, provide a means to bring the surroundings in that have been increasingly common in the last year.

How to Install your Geode Wallpaper Mural?

Many experts suggest buying the next larger size from your actual wall dimensions when ordering the mural. This is because you will lose 1" for every two pieces that overlap, owing to the necessity to cut the seam twice. Most murals are designed to account for this loss, and you may find yourself a few inches shy of covering the complete wall if you fail to do so.

Gather The Necessary Tools

The tools required to install a mural are identical to those needed for any wallpaper installation. You might want to look into E-Z Hang as it improves stickiness while imparting "slip" to the paper, making the panels more straightforward to handle and slide into place. Below are the necessary tools needed for the job:

    • A sponge and a bucket 
    • Pencil and a carpenter's level
    • Break-off blade utility knife
    • All-purpose wallpaper primer
    • Wallpaper adhesive
    • Seam roller
    • Wallpaper smoother
    • A paint container
    • Roller frame 
    • Rollers
    • Paintbrush
    • Step ladder

Prep The Walls

You won't be capable of achieving a good finish if the wall isn't adequately prepped. The walls must be neat, smooth, and dry. Fill any gaps with drywall paste and smooth with a sanding block. Brush down the overall wall to ensure that any dust has been gone. For this task, gently wet sponges or tack cloth can be used.

Install Your New Crystal Geode Wallpaper Mural

The first step is to organize your mural on the floor to confirm that the layout on the paper fits the picture you purchased and that it will position appropriately on the wall. If the mural has full-length panels, you can usually begin in the left corner and then work your way to the right. 

Most enormous murals will have top and bottom panels. To ensure an exact pattern matches on neighboring pieces, always follow the instructions on the packaging.

The most uncomplicated installation technique and the most effective for the DIYer is when pasting it on the wall. Begin by drawing a perpendicular reference point with the carpenter's level. If you begin in a corner, extend the corner to maintain the wallpaper consistent with your line. When you're done, you can cut the excess. The panels must be sufficiently long, at least one or two inches for the piece's top and bottom. Apply the wallpaper adhesive in a slightly wider strip than the length of the panel you are working with.

Why Choose Mural Wallpapers To Help Improve Your Home Interior? 

Murals are digital graphics created from images or illustrations that are typically more massive than wallpaper patterns. A mural's purpose would be to stick out while also fitting in with the style and design. The prints are enormous enough to not look repetitious and are often used as an accent wall. Another great advantage of mural wallpapers is that they do not overpower or consume the room when matched to another décor. We suggest that the accent wall only have minimum decor so that there isn't too much going on, but rather to produce balance in the room.

Wall murals are an excellent addition to your room if you want something unusual and exciting. They are great for visual interest, unique colors, patterns, and textures. Consider the amount of space you have. What style, textures, color scheme, and mood do you want? This will aid in selecting a suitable wall mural for the room. Allow your design choices to stand out and be unique. 

Everwallpaper has a great selection of geode crystal wallpaper murals. We have a variety of choices not just in terms of patterns and images but also in terms of the murals' material. When selecting a mural from Everwallpaper, you can also choose from canvas, paper, vinyl, and other options. All sizes are available. Some require pasting, while others are ready to hang right away. With an engaging and entertaining wall mural, you can jazz up your home's interior!