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5 Lotus Wallpaper Ideas to Grace Your Home

Everyone dreams of having an elegant artisanal lotus-flower design in their homes. Just as the lotus flower symbolizes purity, self-regeneration, and enlightenment, so is a lotus wallpaper in a home. Lotus wallpapers have made homes glow with their dramatic and abundant motif. Their enthusiastic and spirited feel radiates homes with a smell of elegance in the air. Lotus wallpapers continue to be on-trend ideas for home interior design because of their ability to bring both contemporary and traditional elegance to homes. The ability to creatively use the various patterns of lotus wallpapers makes them unique to today's home interior needs. Here are six popular lotus wallpaper ideas you can use today for your interior home design.

Pastel Golden Lotus

The Pastel Golden Lotus wallpaper will add depth, warmth, and style to your room with its vivid print and great color accuracy. This kind of wallpaper is an excellent match for your bedroom or living room because of its color vibrancy and sharp print definition. It consists of large flower petals of varied colors with a honeycomb illustration on the top right and left ends. You can find it in either medium, heavy, or peel & plastic paper type.

Green Lotus In River

You may feel claustrophobic in your small apartment but not with this catchy Green Lotus In River mural. Its green leaves and the creative background will transform your living room into a world of its own. It is a perfect selection for those who love beaming and glowing backgrounds. The stylish artisanal green lotus flowers with white ones blend to give you an ideal mural. It is a magnificent but somewhat appalling choice for your study room, bedroom, or living room.

Dark Lotus

It is a unique and breathtaking wallpaper with its subtle texture and timeless charm. Its functional layout and rustic details bring a sense of relaxed sophistication. The Dark Golden Lotus Mural marries beautiful feminine floral with creative and stylish gold details. This distinguished wallpaper will add a divine touch to your interior home decor. You can use it for your living room, study room or bedroom. Those who wish to have a feel of a traditional theme can do well to use this wallpaper.

Pink Lotus

This classic wallpaper mural comes in fluid watercolors that create a stunning effect on your room. The lotus and leaves on this mural create a positive feel to a room, instantly improving your mood. You can customize it to decorate your bedroom or living room. The Lotus Flower mural wallpaper opens up your space and adds a new element to it. The pink shade on this mural brightens up your space and creates a lively and charming feel.

Watercolour Lotus

It contains a portrait of green and red lotus flowers in a pond setting, creating a tranquil and calming feel to any space. This breathtaking mural wallpaper brings a tropical flair into the home. With this stunning oriental lotus pond wallpaper, you can transform your space into an intricate scene. The bright flowers will create blooming feelings and a relaxing space - they are recommended for your bedroom, living room, or corridors around the house. This wallpaper works well with ladies, especially because of its feminine colors.