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6 Dog Wallpaper Mural Designs to Put Creativity Up The Walls

Remember those times when we hear the word "wallpaper," and we immediately mirror it with "old, ugly, and traditional"? The good days are here now that wallpaper has finally evolved into sophisticated and classy designs that complement just about any interior! Our team is especially excited to give your homes a variety of playful and creative dog designs to fill up your walls.

Dogs have always been man's best friend, and in a lot of ways, we show this affection to our favorite pets. Consider a series of Ever wallpaper's dog wallpaper collection, either from your favorite breeds, characters, and even your own pet at home. A wall with adorable pictures of dogs can be ideal in your workspace, living area, kid's playroom, and even bedrooms. 

Enjoy the adorable view through abstract or photographic sketches. Whatever your favorite breed is, we have a dog wallpaper for every pet lover like you, including Schnauzers, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, and many more! Indeed, Pet groomers, vets, kennels, rescue centers, and other businesses will benefit from Everwallpaper's dog collection. Take a look at our six dog wallpaper murals below:

Schnauzer With Flowers

How can anyone dislike Schnauzer when they are just so adorable? If you own a Schnauzer or want to have a picture of it on your wall, then this amusing Schnauzer With Flowers wallpaper mural will make a great option for you. This wallpaper mural in dark colour, digitally printed on high-quality eco-friendly peel and stick wallpaper mural, will dramatically transform any place, whether a child's playroom, a dog-themed cafe, or even a dog groomer's salon.

Spotted Dog

We give you this magnificent Spotted Dog wallpaper mural that features a unique circular pattern, and black and white components, creating a playful, eye-catching design. This dog wallpaper has a dynamic way that makes it simple to enjoy your favorite spotted animal. The light cream backdrop of the Spotted Dog wallpaper goes excellent with any kids' room wallpaper, bringing out lively black and white tones. The dog on this design wallpaper mural is all looking at you as though they're ready for a walk!

Boston Bulldog

This beautiful Boston Bulldog wallpaper will look surely look great in a variety of spaces like veterinarian clinic, dog grooming salon, your child's bedroom, and even on the bathroom wall. To replicate the outdoor vibe of this Boston Bulldog wallpaper, paint the surrounding walls white or light sage-green and use natural woods in your furnishings.

Dog Chasing Insects

This wallpaper design combines the energetic and the beautiful aspects of nature, bringing out diverse energy that calms your space. This pastel-coloured wallpaper mural has a very peaceful background tone that brings simplicity into your home. Other than that, this design can give your room a trendy and creative appeal. This wallpaper is ideal for many areas of your house, as well as a veterinarian's office, dog salon, or a dog-themed cafe. You may also use it in the living room, kids' room, or bedroom if you wish to produce something more distinctive with this design. 

Dogs With Thoughts

This Dogs With Thoughts Wallpaper Mural showcases different dog breeds that many dog lovers out there will surely enjoy. This unique dog wallpaper design, created in-house, includes a variety of dogs such as bulldogs, pugs, sausage dogs, Labradors, Chihuahuas, and more, so there's bound to be one you like. Everwallpaper's Dogs With Thoughts is a trendy pet wallpaper, available in various hues to fit your interior design and may bring your passion for animals to your home or office wall.

Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmatian Puppies wallpaper mural is a fun and colorful design that adds a modern spin to pet wallpaper. This design has a 1950s simplicity, contributing to its upbeat, creative, and cheerful attitude. The adorable Dalmatians rest on a yellow background. A fun designer wallpaper that will brighten up any space. Create a notable wall with Everwallpaper's Dalmatian Puppies wallpaper mural to show your appreciation for animals!

Designing Your Bedroom With A Dog Wallpaper Mural

Everwallpaper provides a fantastic choice of wall murals with incredible designs that will transform your plain and boring walls into something spectacular. Our Dog collection wall murals are among the lovely wall murals that will fill in the gaps in your homes. Dogs' wall murals deliver adorable designs that make any room lively and flashy, including different types of dogs from all over the world. 

Take, for example, the bedroom. As we all know, among the other rooms in the house, the bedroom is one of the most popular. It can be used for sleeping, resting, working, and studying, among other things. These reasons make designing a bedroom so much fun. The space is adaptable and can accommodate any mural design you choose. Dogs' wall murals may entirely modify the appearance of a child's bedroom or playroom. 

Kids can also learn about dogs and their natural environment. Help your children learn more about these fascinating animals, and they will inevitably want you to provide them with real dogs to keep them company. These incredible murals can also be used as the living room wall mural to help it look even more spectacular.


Man’s best friend is not just your ordinary loyal companion; they can also be charming wallpaper design that creates a fun, creative, lighthearted mood in various spaces. Playful designs are a natural fit in your child’s room, but a clever or graphic rendition will earn much appreciation in other spaces such as the bathroom, office space, or powder room.

We all love showing photos of our dogs, and fortunately, we can now show them off in a full-wall dog wallpaper mural in the most fantastic way possible! Pet groomers, vets, rescue centers, and other businesses will also benefit from our cute dog wallpaper mural collection. These fun dog wall murals from Everwallpaper will help you create an iconic feature wall for any place, keep your guests in awe by staying creative with our dog wallpaper murals!