Bringing Classical Art To Your Home With Famous Paintings Wallpaper Mural

Paintings showcase not just talent, but also discipline and attention. Museums and galleries protect these work of art to maintain both their worth and quality. But today, with the help of wallpaper murals, you can now have the best paintings in history inside your own office or your home.

With our famous painting wallpaper mural, you can finally showcase your very own classic art collection. This extensive collection includes portraits, landscape paintings, drawings, and other works by world-renowned painters.

A selection of wall murals allows you to showcase an art gallery inside your home. Perhaps a beautiful wall painting of a scene from the 1800s or ladies strolling through a garden with a magnificent view of nature can recall a bygone time. Wall murals featuring the artist's self-portraits may be of appeal to both guests and homeowners who enjoy famous paintings.

Everwallpaper's eye-catching art murals collection comprises some of the most prolific artists, like Monet, and Van Gogh's art has already been given the mural treatment. These specially-created styles offer bold brushstrokes and brilliant colors, suitable for adorning your house, including iconic prints such as The Starry Night, The Ponny Field, Almond Blossom, and many more. Transform your wall with a work of creativity with our famous painting wallpaper murals.

Famous Painting Wallpaper Murals

Starry Night

The famous painting, Starry Night, is an oil-on-canvas painting by the well-known impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Starry Night was painted in June 1889, drawing the view from the east-facing window of Van Gogh's asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

With this oil painting wallpaper mural, you can brighten up your room with some of history's most revered artwork. Bring home Van Gogh's most famous painting, 'Starry Night.', while adding some furniture and home decors next to the walls.

Starry Night Wallpaper Mural

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Almond Blossom

Having this art in your office will surely become the focal point of your commercial or residential space. Almond Blossom is constructed of high-quality material and printed with finely detailed, premium printing technology.

In our popular category, you'll find a plethora of intriguing motifs that complement this unique, gorgeous wall art. Almond Blossom can surely modify your interior by producing a bold and classical tone.

This incredible, artistic portrayal of nautre will have the most visual impact on any interior decor in your property. Leave a lasting impression and evoke passionate, intense feelings in your desired space with Almond Blossom wallpaper mural.

Almond Blossom Wallpaper Mural

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Poppy Field Near Argenteuil

Monet's art poster portrays a scene of colors, vegetation, and people. This is a timeless art painting that never goes out of style, making it an ideal print to have in your home.

Claude Monet depicts a beautiful summer day in the Wild Poppies Near Argenteuil. Vibrant poppies complement the wispy clouds in the blue sky, a mother and child walk among the flowers with a parasol in hand. If you've ever dreamt of bringing a masterpiece into your home office, this wallpaper mural is the perfect option for you.

Poppy Field Near Argenteuil Wall Mural

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Monet's Sunrise

Because of its rich intricacies and soothing colors, our Sunrise by Monet Wallpaper Mural is a must-have for art and nature lovers. In April 1874, Claude Monet's work was presented initially at what became known as the "Exhibition of the Impressionists" in Paris. The artwork is credited to the influence of the Impressionist movement; the painting showcases the port of Le Havre (Monet's hometown).

Turn your dull walls into a classical work with this wallpaper design; surely, you and your guests will never want to leave the room again. This wallpaper mural is best for any home, office, and even establishment.

Monet's Sunrise Wallpaper Mural

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The Nympheas 1914-17 wall mural is a perfect addition to any room and space with its rich, vibrant colors and beautiful paint-stroke textures. Painted by Claude Monet, this impressionist painting showcases the artist's flower garden at his home in Giverny. With this immersive art mural as your accent wall, you may create a room inspired by the beauty of nature.

We've created a high-quality wallpaper mural of Claude Monet's magnificent Nympheas painting, complete with lovely paintbrush textures and deep green and teal tones. It's easy to see why Nympheas is one of Monet's most iconic pieces – the view fills every inch of the scene for a soothing experience. And as a wall mural, the water-lily pond comes to life on a large scale, giving your room the feeling of a more open and natural environment.

Nympheas Wall Mural

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Olive Trees

Van Gogh found the olive trees of Saint-Rémy to be a rewarding subject. He was drawn to the ever-changing color of the olive trees and attempted to paint their uneven growth. His key was swirling brushstrokes, stylized blue shadows, and bold contours around the trunks. This classic art is indeed a great masterpiece, and to have one in your room as big as the wall in art wallpaper style surely creates not just a statement but an experience for all of your guests.

Olive Trees Wallpaper Mural

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Creating A Classical Vibe With Famous Painting Wallpaper Mural

Installing a striking piece of art on your property is a risky move, but doing so with a wallpaper mural allows you to deliver a genuinely magnificent environment with an accent wall that will elevate your room's interior design to the next level.

These paintings, transformed into dramatic backdrops, can make an average room look exceptional, and when decorated with elegant furniture and a few accessories, you are left with a setting that will leave you and all of your visitors speechless.

A wallpaper inspired by art is the best way to show off your artistic side, so why not consider getting a mural design that has a great story and meaning behind it. The designs listed above are classical pieces that will serve as focal points in your space. Ensure that your furniture complements your feature wall, helping it set the tone for your room.

Artistic and Quality Wall Murals From Everwallpaper

Classic art does not have to be restricted to galleries and museums. These art murals provide an easy method to bring the beauty of the artwork into your office or your home. With thorough design and planning, you may produce an aesthetically appealing and classic masterpiece in your area that you and your family can admire at any moment.

Would you like to bring museums into your home? We will assist you in bringing the best of classical paintings that will astound everybody who sees it! And all of this without the inconvenience of a renovation! Activate your imagination and allow us to make your most daring home design visions a reality.