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Bringing Classical Art To Your Home With Famous Paintings Wallpaper Mural

famous painting wallpaper mural home decor

Paintings showcase not just talent, but also discipline and attention. Museums and galleries protect these works of art to maintain both their worth and quality. That's why hand-drawn painting art wallpapers are considered the new interior design trend. Therefore, today, with the help of wallpaper murals, you can now have the best paintings in history inside your own office or your home.

With our famous painting wallpaper mural, you can finally showcase your very own classic art collection. This extensive collection includes portraits, landscape paintings, drawings, and other works by world-renowned painters.

A selection of wall murals allows you to showcase an art gallery inside your home. These classical pieces also enable you to grace your space with a historic vibe. Perhaps a beautiful wall painting of a scene from the 1800s or ladies strolling through a garden with a magnificent view of nature can recall a bygone time. Wall murals featuring the artist's self-portraits may be of appeal to both guests and homeowners who enjoy famous paintings.

Ever Wallpaper's eye-catching art murals collection comprises some of the most prolific artists, like Monet and Van Gogh's art has already been given the mural treatment. These specially-created styles offer bold brushstrokes and brilliant colors, suitable for adorning your house, including iconic prints such as The Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Almond Blossom, and many more.

Transform your wall with a work of creativity with our famous painting wallpaper murals.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

This famous painting wallpaper mural features the Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting design, one of the well-known works of the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer. This romantic painting displays a young girl with a cover in her hair and a pearl earring in her left ear. It’s known for its realistic style and rich colors of the background, making this wall art ideal in your living room while also adding an element of beauty to the space.

Girl with a Pearl Wallpaper Mural

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Almond Blossom

Bring natural beauty and peace of mind to your child's room with this blossoming flower wallpaper mural. This stunning watercolor painting design features a delicate almond blossom floral style, combined with bright earthy tones to create a striking and elegant look to your home interior. Inspired by the famous landscape painting of the same name, this wallpaper is sure to enliven the walls of your home, especially in nurseries and kids’ spaces.

Almond Blossom Wallpaper Mural

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Monet's Sunrise

This wallpaper mural will capture your heart if you enjoy the work of classical artists from this era! This design draws its inspiration from the classic Monet painting Sunrise, which is a brilliant way to give your house a modern feel. For people who like art and the beauty of natural landscapes, this charming wallpaper mural print adaptation of Monet's artwork will look wonderful on your walls and enrich the décor of your apartment.

Monet's Sunrise Wallpaper Mural

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The Nympheas Flower is a famous painting by the popular painter Claude Monet and we’ve brought this design to bring life on your walls! This flowery wallpaper design is a stunning piece of art that is the ideal complement to your hallway décor. It is an elegant and detailed oil painting of nymphets flowers in the center of a water pond. As you gaze at this lovely wall design in your house, you may revamp your room while reminiscing about some of the greatest paintings of the century.

Nympheas Wall Mural

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Olive Trees

Ageless and classic, this wallpaper mural brings the beauty of art to your home. Featuring a print of the popular Olive Trees painting by Vincent Van Gogh, this modern-day art piece is sure to become the focal point of your home decor. This design can be used as a feature wall art and accent piece in your office space as it uses warm green and blue colors that can improve your focus and concentration. There is nowhere to go but to celebrate art and beauty with this lively wallpaper design!

Olive Trees Wallpaper Mural

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Green Wheat Field

This wallpaper mural is a simple beauty of the seasons, depicting the green of an endless wheat field! With its timeless design, this wall art is sure to lift your spirits at the beginning of spring and all year round. The unique watercolor pattern and color palette create a striking picture that will give your dining room a fresh look that is certain to be noticed, producing a visually mesmerizing painting piece that lends itself to interior design projects throughout your home, office, and business space.

Green Wheat Field Wallpaper Mural

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You will enjoy this yet another masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh! His oil painting of the vibrant Zinnia blossoms enclosed in a vase is featured in this wallpaper mural. This colorful flower wallpaper will win the hearts of your guests when you hang it in the kitchen and guest rooms. It is meant to appear in both still life and landscape styles and is placed on a core textured backdrop. Your walls and the inside of your home will look nicer with this artwork in a delicate painting technique.

Zinnias Wallpaper Mural

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Starry Night

This wallpaper mural is inspired by the decorative masterpiece of the one and only Vincent Van Gogh! This renowned painting wallpaper mural portrays the all-time classic The Starry Night scene, one of the most iconic paintings in history. This creative masterpiece will make your house more appealing while adding a touch of class to your decor idea. You may create a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere in your bedroom with this design that is likely to have a significant influence on the interior decor of your home. This oil painting's powerful cold blue hues will make you gasp in awe and beam wherever you display it.

Starry Night Wallpaper Mural

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Creating A Classical Vibe With Famous Painting Wallpaper Mural

Installing a striking piece of art on your property is a risky move, but doing so with a wallpaper mural allows you to deliver a genuinely magnificent environment with an accent wall that will elevate your room's interior design to the next level.

The main goal of the classical painting wallpaper mural is to give an element of luxury and sophistication to your home interior. This is achieved by using the colors of the painting as well as its composition. The colors used in classical paintings are usually dark, muted tones such as black, brown, cream, and blue.

These paintings, transformed into dramatic backdrops, have subtle yet powerful beauty that can make an average room look exceptional, and when decorated with elegant furniture and a few accessories, you are left with a setting that will leave you and all of your visitors speechless.

A wallpaper inspired by art is the best way to show off your artistic side, so why not consider getting a mural design that has a great story and meaning behind it? The designs listed above are classical pieces that will serve as focal points in your space. Ensure that your furniture complements your feature wall, helping it set the tone for your room.

The best way to create a classic vibe with a famous painting wallpaper mural is by choosing paintings that have a similar color palette as that of your walls. This will help you create a harmonious look in your home interiors and make it feel like a living space rather than just another room.

Ways to Incorporate Famous Painting Wallpapers into Creative and Classical Interior Design

For some people, painting walls is too much work. So, there has become a rise in alternative ways of decorating the house and office walls if you don’t feel like painting. With that, wallpaper murals with famous artwork and watercolor designs are the most in-demand substitute. These two wallpaper categories are proven to bring a fresh and colorful effect to your interior design.

Famous paintings are a great way to incorporate art into your home, especially if you live in an area where there aren't many opportunities to see works of art in person. These paintings are often used in classical and creative interior design to liven up spaces with their bold colors and creative compositions. If you're looking for ways to incorporate the famous painting of wallpaper murals into your existing home decor, here are some different ideas.

One of the most common ways that this can be done is by using it as a background for a room. For example, if you have a large wall in your living room with either a fireplace or some other focal point and want to add a bit of personality and interest to the room, then hanging a famous painting design would be a good choice. This will help create an overall look that is more intricate and delicate than if you were just using plain patterned wallpaper.

Another good reason why decorating your walls with famous paintings makes sense is because it gives them an interesting focal point. If you have multiple rooms in your home, then having one big centerpiece in each room can be very distracting and even unappealing. This is why having different focal points throughout each room is much better than having only one, which will leave people constantly looking at it instead of everything else around them! Because of this, the designs can be used to add some interesting texture and detail to your home as you create a theme or decorating scheme for your room decor.

Artistic and Quality Wall Murals From Everwallpaper

Classic art does not have to be restricted to galleries and museums. These art murals provide an easy method to bring the beauty of the artwork into your office or your home. With thorough design and planning, you may produce an aesthetically appealing and classic masterpiece in your area that you and your family can admire at any moment.

Would you like to bring museums into your home? We will assist you in bringing the best of classical paintings that will astound everybody who sees it! And all of this without the inconvenience of a renovation! Activate your imagination and allow us to make your most daring home design visions a reality.