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How to Choose A perfect Wallpaper Mural for Interior Space in 2022

 A good and suitable wallpaper, determines the level of  your home decoration. So how to pick a suitable wallpaper mural is essential. There are two main aspects - one is you need to build a certain aesthetic ability, followed by some simple with the skills, and two, you need to  have a general understanding of wallpaper materials. Today, I'm going to introduce you how to buy the right wallpaper to decorate the walls for your home.

First of all, we need to recognize and understand the material of wallpaper.

Materials of wallpaper

1.Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is currently the most popular new environmental-friendly wallpaper material, mostly with cotton and linen and other natural fibers through the non-woven molding of a wallpaper.

 Non-woven wallpaper

In construction, in order to avoid overflow glue, you can use the protection tape. And if there is an overflow of glue, deal with the same way and pure paper wallpaper. In addition, the price of non-woven wallpaper will be slightly more expensive, but whether it is printed or solid color, with its decoration, can bring people an elegant feeling.


2.PVC wallpaper

The surface of the wallpaper is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, with a concave and convex pattern will have a certain sound-absorbing effect. For instance, glass fiber as a substrate is commonly used in the bathroom water-resistant wallpaper; asbestos paper as a substrate, but also in the PVC resin to add flame retardant materials is commonly used in the kitchen fire wallpaper.

Overall, PVC wallpaper is water resistant, has a wide range of patterns and is easy to construct. The disadvantage is that it may have smell in the very beginning.

 PVC wallpaper

3.Plain paper wallpaper

Plain, or pure color paper wallpaper, is one paper type we see very often. Because it is made of pulp, environmental performance is outstanding, and pure paper wallpaper pattern is made of printing process, so the image is realistic.

The disadvantage is that the water resistance is poor, and it is best not to have an overflow of glue on the surface during construction. In case it happens, it cannot be wiped, but absorbed with a sponge or towel. And if not done properly, easy to produce obvious seams.


4.Suede wallpaper

Suede wallpaper is a short fiber implanted into the base paper, producing an excellent textured velvet effect, comfortable and soft to the touch without a cold feeling. The short fibers on the paper base can play a certain sound-deadening, fireproof, wear-resistant role, slightly higher prices.

But velvet wallpaper in terms of color most of the luxury and aristocratic large pattern-based, simple understanding is that its characteristics are more in line with the American or European style.

 suede wallpaper

Criteria for selecting wallpaper

1.Environmental protection index

When choosing wallpaper, you can first look at the wallpaper has no odor, it is best to burn a small section on the spot, high environmental protection index of wallpaper burning full and is no pungent smell and smoke.

 protect the earth

2.Wear resistance

The strength of the degree of wear resistance can directly reflect the good or bad wallpaper. Premium quality wallpaper can be simply scrubbed and scrubbed on the whole without impact, in contrast, some poor quality wallpaper, a little scrubbing will be broken or water stains. So in the purchase to use a pencil in the selected wallpaper scratch, and then use like skin off, after rubbing did not leave traces of the top product, leaving traces of the second product.

 wear resistant wallpaper


If the wallpaper is not waterproof, not only the wallpaper itself will be affected, or even mould the wall. Therefore, when buying wallpaper in the selected drop of water, wait 2 to 3 minutes, if the water is not soaked through, it means that this wallpaper waterproof performance is good, and vice versa for the second best.

 water resistant wallpaper

4.Color persistence

After seeing the pattern is clear, let's take a look at the color lasting degree. The method is very simple: just use a wet paper towel to scrub the wallpaper, if the color does not fall off then this wallpaper is the top product. This is particularly important when buying wallpaper with a three-dimensional pattern and light colors. Because the strong color fastness of the wallpaper, easy to clean, but also to maintain the wallpaper itself for a long time, the color is not easy to yellow.

how to clean your wallpaper


The quality of wallpaper is mainly related to the quality of the paper, process, resistance. When buying wallpaper, you should touch to feel the wallpaper carefully. Top quality domestic wallpaper is generally softer and more durable; and foreign imports of wallpaper, because of its greater density, is relatively tighter compared to the domestic wallpaper.

wallpaper material


a.Wallpaper pattern directly affects the atmosphere of the space, large flower pattern reduces the sense of constraint in the living room. Some floral patterns are realistic, strong colors, suitable for European American decoration style houses.

Flower pattern wallpaper

b.For rooms with limited space or poor light, it is appropriate to buy pattern smaller or solid color wallpaper. Besides, modern minimalist style or Nordic mix and match style houses are also suitable for solid color wallpaper.

c.Vertical striped pattern wallpaper can increase the height of the living room. The long striped patterned wallpaper is the unity of various characteristics such as classic, modernity and tradition, and is one of the most successful choices. It can spread the color in the most effective way throughout the wall and is simple and elegant, very easy to match with other patterns with each other.


Generally speaking, wallpaper choice of cool or warm tones is closely related to the room light.

a.Towards the south or east of the room is well-lit, even a little bright wobbly feeling, wallpaper color can be appropriate to deepen a little to comprehensive light intensity, so as to avoid wallpaper in the strong light under the mapping of white. Facing north or light shades of the room, wallpaper should be mainly warm, so as not to overuse dark colors to emphasize the heavy, so that people produce a depressing feeling.

  room with warm light

b.If the room originally appeared tall, you can choose a larger width of the pattern or a slightly wider type of long stripes (and the reason for wearing clothes is the same), this type of wallpaper is suitable for use in a large, smooth space, can make the original tall room to produce the effect of extending to the left and right, balancing the visual. If the room itself is short, you can choose a long striped design, with a narrower graphic pattern that can make a shorter room produce the effect of leading upwards.

c.In addition, it is not advisable to use large areas of wallpaper with reflective dots or reflective patterns, if too much is used, it will look like a lot of small lenses on the wall, making people feel shaky.