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Natural Forest Wallpaper Murals for Interior Design: 13 Top Ideas to Get Inspired

A full wall of stunning natural forest wallpaper can help you create the perfect atmosphere at home. It's not a new trend. In fact, it has been done for years by many interior designers and artists and therefore it has become a part of traditional and classic interior design.

Natural Forest Landscape



Natural forest wallpaper murals are one of the most popular choices in home decoration today. This is due to their ability to fit in with both contemporary and traditional decor while still offering the versatility of being able to complement both light and dark hues. Usually in deep green tones, they can create a refreshing and calming living space and can also be used in walls, ceilings, or even staircases, - wherever there is a space that needs enhancement with your own personal touches.

So, we’ve collected some of the best and most popular natural forest backdrop designs from our selection, including a collection of different styles and patterns to find exactly what you want to make your room look like an inside forest!

Sunshine Through Forest

This green landscape wallpaper mural features a forest scene with sunshine streaming through the trees, giving it an idyllic feel. It's the perfect home decor for adding warmth, light, and texture to your home because of the beautiful sunrise through the trees, a sunny sky, and warm sun details in the background. With its vibrant hues and striking patterns, this hotel wallpaper will astonish you and effortlessly infuse your hotel room with happiness, which is what every guest desires at a lodging.

Sunshine Through Forest Wallpaper

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Sunshine Through Twigs

A bright, cheerful, and colorful wall mural to breathe life into your room. This 3D landscape wallpaper portrays an energetic and lovely day in the vast, unspoiled forest environment. This design is a great option for a living room wall mural since it will add some foliage and give the interior of your home a cozy woodland vibe. It will have a soothing effect and be snug enough for you to sit down in your own living area when you watch the television or entertain your guests.

Sunshine Through Twigs Wallpaper

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Snowy Mountain Lane

A forest jungle wallpaper with a snow-covered mountain road, trees coated in snow, and a dense winter forest! This realistic image of a pine forest covered in snow from the harsh winter appears on this snow ice wall mural. You may use this magnificent forest landscape as a productive home office wallpaper! It will brighten up and give a lot of color to your workplace or study area while also offering it a roomier, cozier appearance. If you have a small room, then you can choose this wall design and make your area look bigger than it actually is.

Snowy Mountain Lane Wallpaper

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Bamboo Forest

Your home's interior decor will be refreshed with the help of this green art deco wallpaper! This dining room wall mural features hundreds of bamboo plants that appear to be sprouting out of the ground, and it shows a serene natural setting with a clear blue sky above and lush green grass below. Using this natural forest wallpaper mural in their dining area would be great for individuals who enjoy dining out in restaurants and cafes since it creates the sense that you are in the middle of a tropical bamboo forest as you eat.

Bamboo Forest Wallpaper

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Thickly Snowy Path

A black and white wallpaper that will not only beautify your home interior but will also provide a cooling effect to your space! This snow forest icy landscape scene has an open and spacious appearance that will give your walls an intriguing and mysterious vibe. For people who have small or limited spaces, this design can be an excellent apartment wall mural because of its open and wide print that creates an airy and spacious appeal.

Thickly Snowy Path Wallpaper

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Frozen Forest Path

With the help of this winter forest wallpaper mural, bring the enchantment of the forest into your home space! Because of the desaturated woodland background that will lend your home a feeling of depth, its distinctive pattern is guaranteed to offer a little something more to your interior design. Due to the warm and inviting vibe, it will give off to your cooking area, this ice blue wallpaper will make a fantastic accent wall piece or kitchen wall mural.

Frozen Forest Path Wallpaper

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Thick Fog Mountain

Those who enjoy nature and the blissful scene of a misty mountain in the fall will love this mountain wallpaper! This kids' wallpaper mural's design incorporates a variety of organic tones and textures, giving your home's interior a cozy, country feel. Due to its vibrant colors and wonderful image that will introduce your children to the outside world, this style of wallpaper is ideal for cottages and barns as well as making a terrific kids' wall mural.

Thick Fog Mountain Wallpaper

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Forest Sunshine

This green forest-style wallpaper mural features a large forest with various trees and plants that have been painted in a warm woody tone. The colors of the trees and plants are bright and bold, making them stand out against the backdrop of the forest. This powder room wallpaper is perfect to be placed behind a mirror to create a little bit of greenery in the space. It can be hung on the wall or placed behind furniture to make the place more refreshing and cozy.

Forest Sunshine Wallpaper

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Sunshine Through Fog

A forest wallpaper mural featuring a tranquil scene of a magical woodland with a sliver of daylight peeking through a wall of fog! Your home will feel cozy with this green wall mural! This design will undoubtedly make the best bedroom wallpaper mural at home because of its naturally peaceful and serene appeal. Because of their natural elements, you can also use them as a background for artwork and photographs or to give adult bedrooms a breath of refreshing and relaxing fresh air outdoors.

Sunshine Through Fog Wallpaper

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Haze Bare Forest

The spot in your home that needs some color and excitement is perfect for this rich green forest wall mural! The peaceful influence of the appealing jungle design will give your room an eerie appearance and cause you to daydream. It will be a fantastic idea to use one of these wood images as the centerpiece of your bathroom wallpaper, especially if the rest of your home décor matches it. You can definitely create a lovely ornamental space beneath your sink or toilet in the bathroom with this wallpaper!

Haze Bare Forest Wallpaper

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Autumn Mountain Life

Another mountain wallpaper mural that is perfect for your home interior or office space! With a bird's-eye perspective of the spectacular panorama, this brown wallpaper mural depicts a stunning alpine environment reaching its height in the fall. The golden hour's warm light, the distant pine trees, and the quiet neighborhood below all wonderfully capture the scene. In order to add a fresh perspective to the image, this iconic landmark wall design is also available with a hue covered in a blanket of green. This gives you the option to select the style that will go best with your home project plan.

Autumn Mountain Life Wallpaper

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Misty Forest Under Sunshine

With yet another natural misty forest wallpaper mural with an overlooking view of a green alpine forest and wonderful natural sunlight above, you may give your home a clean, contemporary style. This wood motif would make a lovely and cozy hallway wallpaper mural and breathe life into a room that might otherwise be lifeless. This image may be used as a wall decoration or framed art piece to hang in your hallways and entryways.

Misty Forest Under Sunshine Wallpaper

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Woods in Chilliness

A fantastic wallpaper mural with a woodsy design. This mural of gray wallpaper depicts a woodland landscape with snow-covered trees and bushes. It's a terrific method to incorporate cold hues into your interior design while also establishing an eerie ambiance to your home decor. This headboard wallpaper is fantastic for tiny bedrooms since it gives the impression that the room is larger and more open than it really is.

Woods in Chilliness Wallpaper

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Depicting natural scenes related to the forest is quite popular among designers because this type of home decor can bring a sense of peace and harmony to the house. Blending beautifully with almost every color palette imaginable, the mentioned natural forest wallpapers will make you want to find the nearest forest to run into right in the comfort of your home.

Ways to Spruce up Your Home Interior With Natural Forest Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals are an excellent way to add color, texture, and personality to any room in your house. In fact, they have become quite popular over the years because they are easy to install and can be applied to almost any surface that you want from wood, concrete, and even marble.

There are many different types of natural forest wallpaper murals with trendy tropical vibes available on the market today. If you want to bring nature into your home without having to worry about painting it yourself, then these are definitely the right type of wallpapers for you! I know you just want to get started at this point, so here are the best ways to spruce up your home interior using natural forest wallpaper murals!

    • Natural forest wallpaper murals will help you make your home feel more open and bright, which is perfect for those who want to relax in their living spaces. They can be used to create a more personalized look, especially if you have other natural elements in your home such as plants, ornaments, and furniture;
    • You can also create a pattern by combining different types of natural designs together in order to create an even more unique look for your home interior;
    • This natural forest wallpaper design collection is the best way to add beauty and charm to your living room, bedroom, and other interior spaces. They are not only attractive, but they can certainly make the overall ambiance of your home more relaxing and comfortable.

Natural forest wallpaper murals have actually been proven to enhance relaxation, better guest experience, and increase productivity in time spent at your home while making any space more beautiful and unique. Whether you're looking to add a touch of nature to an interior or give your space the illusion of being surrounded by greenery, natural forest wallpaper murals can accomplish these goals successfully and in a wide variety of styles.

There’s No Reason Why You Can’t Have the World’s Greatest Forest in Your Home With Natural Forest Wallpaper

Misty Forest Landscape

Natural forest wallpaper murals can bring the relaxing power of nature to your home. For sure, it works to match your decor, but it also provides a change of scenery, just as it would if you were by a forest in the wild. If you want to find an original idea that offers everything, then these natural forest wallpapers are the right choice for you.

There are numerous colors and patterns to be found, so no matter what your style may be, there is surely something here you can use. Wallpaper murals are the latest trend in the home decor industry, and they will only grow in popularity and acceptance. You might find yourself wanting to bring a certain tree wallpaper into your living room, or an entire forest wall decal complete with woodland creatures. Let inspiration strike with these natural forest wallpaper mural ideas right before your eyes!