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What's the Difference Between a Mural and a Wallpaper?

If you feel sleepy from looking at the plain or boring wall and need to add texture to your space, wallpaper and mural are ideal options. The paint was used in the past to give rooms more texture. Adding fantastic design and wonderful colour to the wall's surface transforms the feel of your space. Besides, it looks renovated, and folks can make it look very trendy at an affordable price. 

In the modern era, there are numerous methods to makeover your space. Mural and wallpaper are great and becoming more popular for a DIY renovation projects. People try to make the wonderful accent wall in the living room or bedroom, making a design statement. Mural and wallpaper can drive you and your guest’s attention to the wall.

Do you desire a sense of texture and style in the accent wall? Read on to know about murals and wallpaper!

Wallpaper and mural characteristics

Both the wallpaper and mural are used interchangeably to change the room's look. Are you wondering what mural and wallpaper are? Well, here you can learn about wallpaper and murals:

What is wallpaper?

The wallpaper is one of the materials used to transform the inside walls of commercial and residential places. It is repetitive design sheets in two-dimensional. Those looking for a permanent solution for interior decoration can choose wallpaper.

With wallpaper, you can cover an entire wall or make the accent wall look different from the rest of the room’s wall. Wallpaper is a fantastic option for decorating the home simply and promptly. Besides, it offers a timeless design, which will look beautiful all over the year. Let’s see the wallpaper’s features:

  • Non-Customizable
  • Suitable to all wall sizes by trimming the panel 
  • Engraved prints and textures
  • Factory-made
  • Used as accent walls or all over a space

What is a mural?

The mural is graphic artwork and high definition pieces that offer a stunning look. A mural is a great way to spruce up your room if you need a temporary solution. You can easily apply it directly to the ceiling, wall or other areas. The mural can be a painting or a three-dimension picture.

On the other hand, the mural is custom made and printed in the panel, combined to fit the accent wall. It will fill the room with lots of colours and change any wall in the room into an animated focal point. The mural can be easily removed when you desire to update your space for the next season. Take a look at mural characteristics:

  • Digital prints
  • Customization option
  • Lessor larger repeats
  • Fit only for a feature wall
  • Exclusively printed like an artwork

Comparison of wallpaper and mural

Nowadays, it is easy to renovate the office or home with the mural and wallpaper affordably. When hanging the wallpaper or mural, you don’t want to modify the entire space. Are you confused about what is better for you? Well, here is a comparison of the mural and wallpaper that provide you with an idea:

  • Places where you use murals and wallpaper:

An important difference between the mural and wallpaper is which location they are used. Usually, the wallpaper is used for decoration that fits for living room, closet, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office, and bathroom.

The mural is used for advertising purposes so that you can hang it in the waiting room, store, cafe, shopping mall, dining room, and conference room.

  • Application procedure:

The application process can vary from installing the wallpaper and mural. It does not matter what kind of wallpaper you have chosen; you need to prepare the wall.

If you use peel and stick wallpaper, you can easily hang it on the wall. If you do not have self-adhesive wallpaper, you need to coat the wallpaper back with adhesive and apply it to the wall. Use a knife to cut the excess paper and push out the bubbles with a plastic squeegee.

Arrange the mural panel in the correct order and remove the backing from the mural. Take the first panel, position it properly, and repeat the process until the end.

  • Material:

Different kinds of materials are used to make the mural and wallpaper. You can choose the best material with high-quality paper that offers a clear look of pictures. In addition, it is easy to peel and stick on the wall's surface.

Materials used for wallpaper

  • Cellulose
  • Non-woven
  • Grasscloth
  • Lining paper
  • Fabric or Velvet-flocked paper
  • Foil

Materials used for the mural

  • Vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Polyester
  • Photo paper
  • Perforates window film
  • Design:

The mural is like a wall painting, so it has numerous patterns. But wallpaper tends to have the same pattern that feels boring sometimes. They add a pop of bold colours and textures to the wall.

The wallpaper is not available as a customized option because it is mass-produced. But you can create the custom mural from any image you desire that offers a personal touch.

How they will help transform your home into a gorgeous space

If you desire to stay one step ahead of the modern trends, there is no better option than the mural. The mural and wallpaper look better on the accent wall and add texture to your space. It is the best decoration option nowadays because you can customize the mural with any pictures suitable for your wall dimension.

Besides, you would not have to hire specialized services to install wallpaper and murals. It is simple to install, and a sample picture is already on the product. Therefore you can use them to hang the mural on the wall without trouble and achieve a trendy look. Let’s see how they will help you to change your house into a dazzling space:

  • Add vibrant colour

The wallpaper and mural make it easy to add bold and vibrant colours to your space. You can find it in different colours, patterns and styles. Therefore, it takes the deduction of using the vibrant colour on the feature wall in the room. The mural and wallpaper are less dangerous than painting the wall on yourself.

  • Give amazing look

If you need to give a modern look to your space, there is no better choice than the wallpaper and mural. It is a budget-friendly way to obtain your desired look.

  • Add peacefulness to your space

The living room and bedroom can benefit from the wall decoration, which adds relaxation and a calm feel. The ambience you need in your space and filling the feature wall with floral and natural murals can achieve that.

  • Make your space modern

There are murals and wallpapers in different patterns, and everyone has a unique texture. The geometric and city design of the mural is an ideal feature of the modern décor. Adding texture and visual interest to your space can work with the monochromatic home décoras; it is more delicate than a patterned carpet. Change the look of a room with the superb wallpaper and mural!

  • Show up your taste and interests

Both are exactly the trend that can be enjoyable to makeover the home. It helps you to express your interest and personality in the room. Mural and wallpaper describe hobby, historical, science, and natural scenes that provide a peaceful feel to your area.

Popular wallpapers and murals

The accent wall is one of the effective methods of changing the room's appearance. Making the statement in your space is easy with the mural and wallpaper. A person has created to make a stunning room. The latest collection of murals and wallpapers can inspire them to do something unique and interesting without holing the pocket.

Renovating the room in a commercial or domestic place is more thrilling due to the endless decoration items. If you want to create a feature wall in the living room, dream bedroom, or modern kitchen, choose the best wallpaper or mural to decorate the space and get the best result. Here are the top 5 murals and wallpapers for home or office decoration:

5 beautiful wallpapers

Rotary Patterns

If you seek a simple way to makeover your space, the rotary pattern wallpaper is ideal. It allows you to create an inspiring and thrilling space. The rotary pattern offers a great coating effect to your space that provides a modern look. With this wallpaper, a person will get the domestic space, which stands out in the crowd.

In addition, the rotary wallpaper is suitable for the ceiling, so you can customize the rotary pattern wallpaper by changing the pattern which fits your walls. It has high complexity and abstract level, offering the home a refreshed look and new dimension.

Rotary Patterns Wallpaper Mural

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Geometric Art

The geometrical wallpaper adds a palette filled with many lines in different colours that form a unique shape. So, fun combinations intersperse work together to provide a classic look to your space. Explore the latest collections of geometric wallpaper with plenty of bold designs. It is ideal for elevating the accent wall and renovating the space.

You can find wallpaper in different colours such as white and black, blue, purple, pink and other multi-coloured designs. The geometric art design is bright and simple, which offers the feeling that the room looks wider. Geometric wallpapers come in different shapes like diamonds, triangles, prisms, etc. Make the statement in your space with a beautiful geometric pattern!

Geometric Art Wallpaper Mural

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Sketch Rainbow

If you plan to decorate your kid’s room, you can consider using sketch rainbow wallpaper. Children love rainbows, so you can hang the rainbow wallpaper to add texture to a room. Besides, it helps to brighten any space with its lovely colours and brings a positive aura to the atmosphere.

You can give the ceiling a focal point with the wallpaper featuring clouds and a rainbow. Rainbow wallpaper is an ideal solution if you don’t decide on the colour theme. Rainbow wallpaper can be used in homes and offices to add exclusive designs due to various shades, versatility and styles.

Sketch Rainbow Wall Mural

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Forest Stream

Are you a natural lover and need to make your home greener? Well, you can try the forest stream wallpaper. It is designed to work on all flat surfaces without trouble. Make the room comfortable and calm with relaxing vintage wallpaper! The wallpaper is made up of quality material that does not affect the paint of the wall surface.

On the other hand, forest theme wallpaper will offer a wider look to your room. So, it is a good option for the small space. The element of nature and beauty of wallpaper take your home decoration to the next level of look. In addition, the forest wallpaper design keeps eye-relaxing and peaceful.

Forest Stream Wallpaper Mural

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Gradient Orange

With the gradient orange wallpaper, you can effortlessly create a big statement on the wall. It is the best method to turn a boring and plain wall into the stunning one. If you are looking for a light colour to decorate your space, you can use this wallpaper. You can immediately change your room into an ultra-modern setting with the orange gradient pattern.

Well-designed gradient orange wallpaper is perfectly suitable for living areas, bedrooms, study rooms, etc. When you pair this wallpaper with furniture, artwork, and other decorative items will equally look extraordinary. You can line up the wallpaper, peel the back paper and stick it on the wall where you desire.

Gradient Orange Wall Mural

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5 beautiful murals

Spring Scent

You can hang this mural if you need to smell the spring flower scent. A Mural with a variety of flowers will complete the interior perfectly. You can easily prepare the wall and attach the wallpaper mural to remake the home look immediately. The light pink wallpaper background offers a great canvas for the brightness of plants, flowers and birds.

This wallpaper offers an outstanding look to your bedroom, dining area and living room. Spring scent mural is ideal for decorating other places such as offices, restaurants, spas, schools and others. Mural design’s versatility lets people experiment with lots of furniture. 

Spring Scent Wall Mural

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If you are a nature lover and need to give a positive vibe to your space, you can try a nature wallpaper mural. It offers the contrast to the conventional layout of the office or home that makes the feature wall unique. You can install the nature mural in different places such as bedrooms, entryways, conference rooms, waiting areas and much more.

Give life to your wall with the nature wallpaper mural! After a long day of working, you can see the nature mural in your home and feel relaxed. Nature and scenery murals will turn your space into natural heaven or create an atmosphere with a calmer tone.

Nature Wall Mural

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Colourful Brick

Do you need to make your room colourful? Well, you can try a colourful brick mural. It allows you to add faux bricks to your home or office. Buy this mural and enjoy the trendy elements, which you can utilize to modify the appearance of your space.

In addition, this mural is versatile to install on any wall in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and others. Bricks are available in a different colours in the mural, such as pink, blue, yellow, green and much more. It has a matte finish that offers a realistic look and fits with any home decor.

Colourful Brick Wall Mural

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Emerald Marble

Add a sense of texture and energy to your room with an emerald marble mural! The mural can change the look of your space entirely. If you are looking for an affordable option for home decoration, an emerald marble mural is a smart option. The Green and grey-blue shades of the mural will make the bedroom eye-catching.

Besides, elegant, bold prints of murals add the stunning texture of the wall and an extra layer of luxury to your space. You have many options to install the mural, such as staircase, ceiling, etc. A mural is the perfect decoration item for the renter because it is removable.

Emerald Marble Wall Mural

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Gossiping Sparrows

Gossiping Sparrows mural is a good option for people who love birds. Sparrow is a small and cute bird that adds a positive vibe to your room. This mural is created in a soft shade that provides a charming touch. You can see the Gossiping sparrows’ mural when you feel the tension and calm.

A removable mural is a hassle-free method to make an accent wall in the home. It is an ideal mural for any room and works smoothly with decor themes and contemporary furniture. Gossiping sparrows offer a personal touch to the resident.

Gossiping Sparrows Wall Mural

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Bottom Line

You may be wondering whether a mural or wallpaper is a better option for decorating your home. We hope this post simplifies the choice for you. Modernize your room for the special event and make it hassle-free and fun with the well-designed mural or wallpaper. Both of them are easy to install and remove without damaging the wall.

Transforming the room look is now at ease thanks to numerous collections of mural and wallpaper designs. Add visual interest to your wall without spending more money and stay in the trendy décor. You can find numerous murals and wallpaper to select something which counterparts your dreams.