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12 Vibrant Space Mural Ideas To Add Stellar Touches To Your Bedroom's Walls

Planet in Dark Galaxy

Space-themed bedroom wallpaper murals have been all the rage for some time now. After all, our current fascination with space travel has infused all manner of pop culture with elements of futuristic travel by space shuttle and alien technology. While we may not be going to do any further exploration in person as far as we know, we still want to pay homage to it. And what better way of doing so than by using space wallpaper murals in the bedroom wall decals?

Interior designs inspired by celestial events, sunsets, and moonlight, our range of beautiful space wall murals with high quality for bedrooms will create your ultimate escape. And if you're adventurous, and having the chance of taking the space rocket to the outer space is on your wishlist, and want to switch up the room decor — no problem! It provides an out-of-this-world space feeling and is your ticket to the cosmos once you stare at it.

12 Intergalactic Photo Wallpaper Ideas To Make Your Space-Themed Bedroom A Galactic Adventure

Bedrooms can be an escape from the worries of the world outside your door, a place to relax and get away from it all. This is why wallpaper murals are ideal for bedrooms. With beautiful designs based on the starry sky and cosmos that we see above, these space wallpaper murals help bring out a cozy and relaxing feel that isn't cold or clinical in any way – making them perfect for creating a bedroom that you want to start sleeping in as soon as you walk through the door. Choose from these constellations, planets, and space art to create a themed bedroom based on the stars above.

Space Galaxy Wallpaper Mural

This fun galaxy wall mural makes you wake up to the beauty of outer space every morning. The cosmic designs look like a futuristic universe with bright stars in bold blue, purple, and yellow color. With this luxury space living room wallpaper, you can transform your room into a space-themed dreamscape, so your imagination can take you anywhere!

Astronaut Moon Landing Wallpaper Mural

Nothing brings back memories of childhood like the excitement about space! Add that excitement to your kid's bedroom with this black and white wallpaper mural, giving off a fantastical vibe that will entertain kids of all ages. The moon landing design features a cartoon boy astronaut floating above the moon's surface in his spaceship and experiencing the full moon, sure to create interest in your little one's bedroom wall. You can offer an out-of-this-world decorating solution with this cartoon wallpaper mural.

Outer Space Wallpaper Mural

Spend your evenings looking up at the stars and dreaming about the space around you. This outer space black and white wallpaper mural will transform your kids room into an out-of-this-world adventure. Designed to make any room into a beautiful galaxy with shooting stars and planets, this cartoon wall mural will let you take a walk in space around the twinkling stars.

Galaxy above Mountains Wallpaper Mural

Bring the stars and sky indoors with this galaxy-in-blue wallpaper mural. This galactic scene features planets, stars, and swirls in shades of blue with a black sky over icy mountain ranges. This space-themed mural would make a great addition to your bedroom, with its dreamy imagery looking like a real galaxy. This dark wall mural will captivate little imaginations and keep your walls looking like new for years to come.

Cool Bubble Nebula Wallpaper Mural

Don't let the stars be the only thing that sparkles in your bedroom. With our cool wallpaper mural in space design, you'll have a celestial backdrop that shines brightly on the night sky. The 3D wallpaper depicts a marvelous, colorful view of the Milky Way and interstellar gas clouds, ideal for all rooms in your house, from kids' bedrooms and living room.

Glowing Globe Wallpaper Mural

Take a trip worldwide in your bedroom with our glowing globe wallpaper mural set at night. The all-over globe design, featuring a cosmic journey, will take you on a trip around Asia and Australia continents, with lights lighting up each continent's cities. This modern space wall mural design is easy to hang and clean, so you can relax knowing that you're giving your family a wall that will be crowd-pleasingly cool.

Planets in Galaxy

USA at Night Wallpaper Mural

Create a relaxing and peaceful setting for your bedroom with our USA at night world map wallpaper mural. The satellite image background of this black wall mural is blanketed by glowing lights that appear to be moving over the night sky, making it the perfect addition for a kid's room and teen's room  wallpaper design. This wall art makes a great gift idea for someone who loves space-themed art, especially if they don't have much time to travel but want to feel like they're in outer space.

Cassiopeia & Cepheus Star Space Wall Mural

Bring the universe into your bedroom with this space and stars wallpaper mural featuring a stunning arrangement of Cassiopeia & Cepheus constellations in the night sky! This black and white art deco wallpaper mural updates the look of your bedroom and creates a cozy spot for a nap. As you fall asleep at night, the stars above look down on you as if they are smiling their approval at you for having such a fun bedtime.

UFO Galaxy Wallpaper Mural

This cool wallpaper mural features a space-themed bedroom design, flaunting a Galaxy UFO print! This unique adult room wallpaper for boys bedroom can create a galaxy-inspired flair to your space with a fun, bright, and excitingly energetic look that will be the talk of the neighborhood. You can have a space adventure in your private space and complement it to any decor, from classic furnishings to modern styling.

Planets outside Solar System Space Wallpaper Mural

Create a hip and cosmic space-themed design on your walls with this exciting space wallpaper mural! The planet print features planets out of our solar system from satellites, pictured in a starry night sky. You can also find Earth in space. The vibrant, intergalactic 3D wall artwork makes it easy to imagine what might be happening on faraway planets while keeping a cozy feel in your bedrooms. What's more, this photo wallpaper can also be a good learning tool in a children's room.

Rose Red Nebula Wallpaper Mural

Add a little space-themed flair to your home decor with this nebula print rose red space wallpaper mural. This multi-layer wall mural is the perfect way to make a touch of fun and create the illusion of depth and dimension in your room. With its fancy rose red color, you will create elegance and sophistication in your walls. This vintage wallpaper mural will also be perfect for nurseries and playrooms because its luminous effects are captivating for kids.

Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Red Wallpaper Mural

This contemporary space-themed bedroom wall mural is perfect for any nerd with a yen to travel. The Rho Ophiuchi cloud design features a cluster of stars and nebulae, giving this red wall art a look of faraway galaxies. You can use it as a nursery wallpaper mural so your little astronauts can love exploring the universe in their own space station and create a room full of stars.


As you can see, with some inspiration and creativity, you can bring the exciting wonder of space onto your wall decor. What’s more, our self-adhesive murals can help you have a memorable parent-child DIY time. Go ahead and make that bedroom, especially boys room, a galactic adventure.

Space-Inspired Bedroom Wallpapers Perfect for Galaxy Lovers

Galaxy wallpaper murals help bring the surreal fantasy of space into your home and onto your walls. Some people dream in black and white; others dream in colorful. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want your bedroom walls and ceiling to look like each night when you lay your head down on the pillow!

Mixing different wallpapers with an intergalactic motif will be a great way to create interesting texture in a themed bedroom. When you're thinking about how to create a galactic themed bedroom you are fond of, the best thing you can do is to think back and remember what fueled your imagination when it came to the solar system and the universe. The possibilities are endless, and if there are space-themed murals for bedroom decor that can help you accomplish the look you want, why should you miss them?