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5 Cream Wallpapers You'll Love for A Cozy Room

Cream wallpaper adds warmth and elegance to any room. It uses tones of pastel white, yellow, pink, blue, grey or green to captivate its audience. The cream color is closer to white in appearance and has low saturation. The timeless color pallet allows for versatility in design. It enables homeowners to choose accessories in a variety of colors. Moreover, a room decorated in cream wallpapers gives individuals more security over their design choices. In other words, starting with neutral walls provides a greater chance of merging your other decor choices in a cohesive way.

Wallpaper, both permanent and peel and stick, provides a quick way to transform a room. A combination of creamy colors gives depth to a room and provides a spacious and airy feel. Hence, cream wallpaper appears friendlier than other colors: mood greys and cool white toned walls. The following wallpaper designs take the color cream from understated to fabulous with little effort.

1. Marble Texture

Muted neutral tones interact well with almost any color pallet; however, sometimes, designers pull subordinate color combinations from the undertones present in the wallpaper. For example, it would be easy to grab pink undertones from the Marble Wallpaper Mural to find a chair color. After all, inspiration comes from many places, including previously mentioned wall decor. The bold marble wallpaper certainly inspires with its soothing colors and striking texture. The pink layers provide visual interest, while the soft creamy pallet creates a calming atmosphere.

2. Letter E

Wallpaper can be a room decor statement. Pastel colors can be just as bold as vivid colors. For instance, Pastel Letter E wallpaper uses ivory and gray to cultivate a whimsical yet modern aesthetic. The funky repeated E design gives off energy and demands attention. Because of this, the wallpaper can move into the background when paired with bright accessories or act as a stand-alone art piece.

3. Wood Grain

Interior designers use cream wallpapers to hide stains and general wear in high-traffic areas. For this reason, wallpaper like Contemporary Pastel Wood design works well in living rooms and mudrooms. The graphic diagonal interlocking wood slats pattern and the delicate faux wood grain hide imperfections accumulated through daily living. The gold hues connote warmth with its rustic yet modern design suitable for contemporary and traditional homes.

4. Geometrical Lines

Bold geometrical designs, balanced with soft cream tones, add pizzazz to small spaces. The pattern simultaneously projects a feeling of airiness and warmth. For example, the Geometrical Lines III print uses neutral hue variations to play with light. The intersecting gold lines draw the eye, while the subtle beige background creates a needed softness. Moreover, the blend of a bold pattern with a varied cream pallet creates depth and interest in small rooms: hallways and bedrooms.

5. Jungle Sloth

A children's bedroom can be challenging to decorate. Bright colors and visually stimulating art grab kids' interests during the day. At night, kids need rest, not stimulation. Kids' bedrooms serve dual purposes. For this reason, parents need to find a balance between daytime and nighttime activities. One way to accomplish this task is by choosing wall decorations that speak to both purposes. The Jungle Sloth wall mural provides a harmonious relationship between day and night. The print combines a muted grey pallet with a repeated jungle graphic under creamy tone background. The sloth swinging through the trees provides a muted way to introduce fun into a kid's bedroom.

Cream wallpaper mural provides a warm backdrop for any room. Renters and homeowners benefit from selecting a muted cream wall foundation. Drawing inspiration from your wallpaper selection can help flesh out your furniture and accessory choices. Hence, light wall decor opens up your space and available options. Selecting a neutral base provides less stress at the beginning of the process.